You Said It And It Was So….JOE!

A MIRACULOUS STORY…. I was privileged to witness…Oh yes…. I remember Pastor Joe. We were associate pastors together at Calvary Temple in Denver. He was a quiet man, humble and loving. As a member of the pastoral staff, I would visit hospitalized members of the congregation in rotation with other pastors. As there were many thousands of members it was a long tumultuous task when it came my time to serve. There were 18 pastors on staff, and we went out in pairs of two….Not all the pastors visited the hospital so it was on my schedule at least once a week. I had partnered up with Pastor Joe. He had previously been a Catholic priest, before converting, and coming to work at a Protestant church. He was a good amount older than I. He had come out of the charismatic Catholic movement, and I loved to follow him along and have him teach me a lot of different things, including Latin. We would visit and pray with the members of the church in the hospital, going out two at a time, to keep each other company and to encourage one another. I loved going with Joe, as I loved to listen to him pray for the sick, there was something about the way he prayed, the strength of his faith, his deep sense of caring that made me want to develop the same in my heart. Many times as he prayed, his heart felt sincerity would move me to tears.

One day while we were visiting in a hospital, we walked by a room and Joe said, “Hold on a second, I want to go in this room and pray for this man”. I told him that the man was not on our list, and he said, yes he is, as the Spirit just instructed me to pray for him. I said OK. I followed him in as he began to speak to a man who was in a coma, and had been in a coma for many weeks. Joe spoke with him and prayed with him, and we left. Over the next couple of months I accompanied Pastor Joe, and every time we had hospital visitation, we would visit Frank, the man in the coma. Every time Joe would pray with him, even inviting him to pray the sinner’s prayer with him. I told him Joe, “Why did you keep doing that, he is in a coma, he can’t see you or hear you, you are wasting your time”. He said “I don’t pay attention to what my eyes see, or the nurses say, I pay attention to what the Spirit tells me”. He would always say to me…”So..Pay attention, listen to the fat man and learn”…LOL

On Wednesday nights we had LIFT at the church, (Lay Institute For Training) and on one Wednesday night there came a phone call to the church and one of the ushers came up to Joe, who I happened to be seated next to, and told him that there was a phone call for him from the hospital, regarding someone named Frank. As I followed Joe to the phone, I stood and listened not believing what my ears were hearing. On the other end of the phone speaking with the assistance of a nurse was Frank, the man who had been in the coma. Even though he had never seen Joe, he knew his name, knew that he was a pastor, and the hospital knew Joe by name and was able to contact him. Upon hanging the phone up, Joe turns to me and says, “Frank is awake and is asking for me by name”. Not understanding how or what I was hearing, I quickly headed with Joe to the hospital.

Upon arrival to the hospital there was Frank, his eyes wide open, alert, a huge smile on his face and full of excitement to meet Joe. There were two of us as we walked in, but his eyes immediately looked at Joe, and not at me, as if they were old friends.  Joe rushed to his bedside and they embraced, weeping. As he wept, Frank said that during the time that he was in a coma that he heard every word that Pastor Joe had said, in fact they were the only words he had heard during his coma. Not only had he prayed the sinners prayer with Joe, he began quoting scriptures that he had memorized from hearing Joe speak and pray with him, over and over again. I stood there stunned, crying along with Joe and Frank.  I was witnessing what was to me the greatest thing I had ever seen. It has been an event that has changed my life, and my thought process and faith when it comes to prayer and healing.

I have prayed for the sick many times since then in my life, and when I pray…In my head, quietly to the Lord I say an extra small prayer….I say,”Lord help me have the faith that Joe had, and let my heart be sensitive to your Spirit, so that I may be able to hear your instruction, see, minister to and be aware of all the Franks of this world that need You”.

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  1. Darrell, That is one awesome story.. or testimonial. There is so much that we don’t know. Is there a way for me to save that story for future reference or to pass along? Thanks, DG

  2. This story really ministered to me D.
    Canaan. I love you!

  3. Good to get to know you better as well brother Darrell. I am going to post your website to my page on facebook. I’m thinking this site may be one of my favorites. Any time Jesus is lifted up and His children can inspire others, I’m all for it. It’s all about the Kingdom and The King. God bless you richly. Love in Christ Jesus, cheryl.

    • Thanks Cheryl, Thanks for the inspiration. Writing this blog has been a tremendous blessing to me. I enjoy the interaction with the readers and like talking about my Lord. My the Lord richly bless you also, In His service Darrell

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing story.But we know we serve an amazing God.Nothing surprising me when it comes to God.Is there a page where people can share their testamonies?I would love to hear about other miracles as well.And I would like to share mine.

  5. God bless you by God’s grace I am assured my Dad is in heaven now as when He was in coma we sent peopleto pray for Him in Jesus name.

  6. I am soo thrilled by this story I also wish I could keep this story but as I only have a mob. phone I don’t know how to save it, I have no comp. yet and only new to FB this is mine and my husband STEPHEN’S favourite site. THANK U and GOD’S RICHEST BLESSINGS.

  7. Darrell, Happy we became friends Yesterday, I prayed for your guidance towards your congregation. The bible is the only true book we have to read everyone can write one but we need to rwemember the Bible is a done Thing. Revelation reminds us This book is a done thing you may not add anything to it!

  8. I have known a few people who were comatose. Once, a friend had a sister that was in a coma for 5 years. I had just learned about it and the spirit moved on me with compassion for her. At the time, she was in AL. and I was in Ga. I prayed and ask God to allow her a chance to get right; and if she was not going to wake up to allow her to go home and not allow her to suffer any more. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me she would come out of her coma and go home. (heaven) She did just that.

    Then there was a man I heard about on line from S. C. who was in a coma. The Holy Spirit had me to decree and have him to wake up; and said he would wake up in 3 days. He woke up the 3rd day. There has been more cases, it just seem like there was a period I flowed in calling folks out of comas for the glory of God. It’s not a special gift, it’s just acting on His word; and being obedient to act on the Holy Spirits’ instructions. I haven’t heard of any cases lately to pray for.

    I have always heard that people in a coma can hear what is being said in their state. That we should be careful what we say in their room. I also know at times, comas are induced to save a life as well. I have often wondered, what a night mare it would be, to hear and not be able to move; or talk back. I love hearing about a success stories of miracles of faith; and obedience from Gods’ servants. Jesus healed in different ways. Speaking a word, a touch, by instruction, etc… And sometimes we just have to speak the word, other times we touch a person as a prayer of agreement to Gods word. This Pastor Joe is a 10 /8 person in my book. It pays to be a listener and a doer of any instruction that the Holy Spirit gives us. Folks just need to trust God and move out in faith when the Holy Spirit gives us an instruction.

    Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.(NIV)

    Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;
    18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”(NIV)

  9. i was awed by that story!Jesus rrally DOES heal,please pray for me,am in a situation which is in commatose,i need God to restore me,oh please,and thank you very much and God bless

  10. plzpray for grace children home basic needs for the months of June
    pray for food and shelter for kids
    and school uniform ,foot wear , school bags , books , note books ,pen , etc .
    pray we needed a house as a rented
    we have to pay the house rent and staff salary
    pray pay at food material bills at food shop
    pray for new land and building for grace children home .
    praise the Lord
    plz keep praying for us

  11. Inspiring story of love and God’s love for His people.


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