It was very early in my ministry many years ago, and I was young, working for a small salary. It seemed I was always praying to the Lord to help supply some needs financially I had, just get by. I had just gotten engaged and trying to come up with all the money it takes pay bills, keep the lights on, afford to get married and so on. I was desperately seeking the Lord for assistance with my finances. I was claiming every promise in the Word I could think of concerning the same, when He spoke to me. He instructed me to get up and walk to the convenience store that was a couple blocks from my apartment.

 He spoke to my heart and promised me that I would find money along the way. I knew in no uncertain terms, that I had heard the voice of God. I thought to myself, that’s it! Oh Yea! That was easy, WOW thanks God.  You know what I am talking about if you are a believer, how sometimes he speaks so clear to you, and it is as if he is standing right next to you, whispering in your ear. It was one of those kinds of times. So I jump up off my knees, throw on my shoes and bounce out the door. I am walking full of excitement, with a be-bop in my step, searching all around me.

Soon I have walked 1 block, looking everywhere around me. There was this large patch of open field between my apartment at the time and the store. I walk slower as I scan the open field everywhere…Nothing. Another block and I am at the store. But I can’t go in and buy anything anyhow, because I am broke. Starting to grumble somewhat to myself, I turn for home. I cross the street, and I am back to the open field. I am still looking, walking, but not so bouncy now, but in a slow shuffle. My feet are slowly dragging the ground. I am scanning the vacant lot everywhere in front of me, to the side of me, behind me, everywhere, desperately looking to and fro for my bounty.

Suddenly, out the corner of my right eye I see what looks like a $100 dollar bill stuck in a small bush about 25 feet away, near the curb. I am instantly energized, I am suddenly full of JOY, and I bolt as fast as I can towards the bill. I am shouting, jumping, and pumping my fist in the air, yelling Yes, Yes….. I reach down, and pick it up. As my eyes adjust to the denomination, I quickly realize to my dismay that it is only a $1 dollar bill. I am at first stunned, so I think there is more. I spend another 20 minutes or so looking for the rest. I cannot find any more. It finally sinks in that one dollar is all there is. At first I am hurt, and then I am mad at God. I stand in the middle of this field and look up and yell at God, “What is wrong with you, a dollar does me NO good, this isn’t even funny”.

I stuff it in my pocket, and stomp angrily toward home….Mad at God…….I am walking, mumbling to myself, complaining to God about His lack of a sense of humor, in my opinion. Suddenly His Spirit speaks to me, gently, lovingly to my heart… the same way as before, as if he was standing right next to me, whispering in my ear ….”Son, before I can give you the greater things in life that I have for you in life, according to my will for you, you need to learn to thank me for the small things in life first”.

 I stop in my tracks, and I stand there for a quite some time and let my spiritual man catch up with my stupid flesh which had taken off like a rocket. After a few moments, it was then that the conviction of the Holy Spirit came over me. Tears that always follow,  began to well up in my eyes and His Word came alive in my heart and mind, …1 Thess 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Slowly walking back to my apartment, I thank Him for what he had given me, and for his mercy and goodness to me.

Just to let you know. He did supply what I needed that month and He has every month thereafter. He always has and He always will. I have learned to trust always, without question in Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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  1. Another amazing well-written inspirational entry and great reminder for us, as we do continue struggling with finances, ever since we got married only 7 months ago. My father is a pastor and married us, noting a few key scriptures and Phil 4:19 was one of them. God help us to continue trusting Him to supply all our needs and to be grateful for all we do have. Thank you.

  2. What Word Press theme do you use?

  3. Yes dear brother Jehovah Jireh God is our provider.Me alone and also in our family,ministry life we are see such great things of God through faith.He is unchanging God and Powerful to lead us through all the ways that He chose for us.Some time the path seems difficult to go through but when we go trusting and having faith in Him then every thing works good in such difficulty and finds a pleasure and fruitful in our life of Faith.God loves you and me.God bless you.Amen

  4. Yes, when we trust God in everything and be faithful in what He has given us , He will give us greater ones. Just trust and obey Him

  5. I really loved this story very much. God bless you!

  6. i like God so much… very good

  7. I thank him for the blessings i have today and still trust him for full supply ofmy needs…Amen

  8. Blessing on me God

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