It was a few years ago when I awakened from a dream I had just had. As I sat up in the bed from my slumber my body was drenched in a cold sweat. I sat for a minute or two trying to separate fantasy from reality. As my mind began to clear, I realized I had been dreaming………the events of my incredible dream began to replay in my mind like a movie trailer…..In this dream, I was standing surrounded by fog….I was slowly walking not able to see for more than a foot or so. My hands were out in front of me feeling my way, lest I run into something.

              I could see the blur of lights ahead.  I bumped into a sign in front of me that had an arrow pointing toward the light. As I followed the direction of the arrow, I walked suddenly out of the fog into a great room, with walls hundreds of feet high. I walked slowly into the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see in front of me, standing, maybe 100 feet away, a giant warrior. He stood at least 12-15 feet tall. He had his arms crossed, his eyes fixed straight ahead. He had in his right hand, laying across his shoulder a mighty sword that seemed to be at least 8 to 10 feet long.

          I stopped, standing very quiet and still, hoping he had not noticed me. It seemed to me that I was oblivious to him so I turned slowly to leave, but the fog had now dissipated and behind me there was now a wall. I was surrounded on all sides by these great walls, and the only outlet was a large door 25-30 feet high, and it was guarded by the mighty warrior. I stood there for the longest time in mortal fear that the giant would see me and slay me for trespassing.

          As I surveyed the room, I noticed a small bench across the room from the door, attached to the wall. I slowly crept my way toward it, all the time keeping my eyes fixed on the warrior. I made my way to the seat and was relieved that the warrior had not seen me. In fact he never moved or flinched a muscle. I slowly sat down. As I was seated, from this angle, for the first time I could see that behind the first door a series of doors stretching as far as I could see. In front of every door, there was an identical warrior guarding each entrance.

           Not knowing what to do, I decided to sit there and wait until someone else came. I thought maybe they would know what was going on, what rules to follow, or what protocol that was needed to enter through the door. A fair amount of time passed, no one came. Whether it was days or years, I do not know. In all the time I sat there, the warrior had never moved, so one day I decided to slowly creep toward the door and see what would happen. Maybe he wasn’t real I began to tell myself, or maybe I could sneak by him. I got closer and closer to the door, and then the warrior suddenly sprang to life, his sword drawn. He fixed his eyes directly into mine, he then surveyed all around me as if he were looking for accomplices of some kind. Seeing that I was alone, his eyes turned back and fixed directly into mine. I stood there my knees shaking, I was too afraid to speak or move.

          I was standing a mere 30 feet from the door, but I was too afraid to make a run for it. He stood as if he were made of stone, never moving, eyes fixed on me, sword drawn as if it were ready to take my life. So I started backing away, slowly. As I backed away, he slowly returned to his earlier position, arms crossed, his eyes straight ahead, and laid his sword back across his shoulder. I returned to my seat. Again time passed, very quickly this time it seemed.

          Decades passed as I sat there. I kept looking at my hands. They were getting older and older, covered with age spots. I could see they were getting old and wrinkled. I could feel my body becoming very aged. My eyesight was beginning to fade and I could feel that my body was not far from death. I made the decision that I would walk toward the door and invite my own execution. I no longer had the fear of being slain, as my life had passed and was now was almost gone.

          As I once again neared the door, the warrior sprang into action drawing his sword, he looked first at me, and then around me and then back at me. This time I showed no fear; I walked directly toward him and engaged him. I said to him, “Slay me if you must, I no longer have the fear of dying, as there is no longer any value to my life. All these years I have sat here waiting for someone, anyone to walk through that door so I would know what to do. And in all the years I have sat here, no one, not one single person has entered into this place. There has been no one but me”. He said to me in a booming but gentle voice, “Darrell my son, this door and all the others in succession were placed here by God for you and for you alone. I have been placed here as your guardian angel to protect you from anything or anyone that would hinder your passage through the open door God had for your life”.

              Somewhat confused and now angry, I shouted back at him, “You are lying, I saw you draw your sword to slay me the first time I attempted to walk toward the door”.  He said “I drew my sword only to protect you for your safe passage that is why once you approached the open door God had for your life, I immediately looked all around you surveying the situation to protect you from the enemy, as I was created by God to protect your journey through this door”.

            As I stood there, my mind trying to assess what I had just heard, my legs buckled out from under me and I fell to the floor. As I lay there the angel continued speaking to me, “Because of your fear and lack of faith, you have wasted your life away.  Behind this door and many other were opportunities God had prepared for you; Many blessings, great joy and many lives that you would have touched, but because of your fear and lack of trust in God, you have entirely missed the life God had intended for you, and spent your life sitting here wasting away, doing nothing……I immediately was awake after hearing those words……..

              As I said in the beginning it was a few years ago when I awakened from this dream. I have spent many years in ministry working for God, but I had taken a sabbatical from the ministry and developed businesses that the Lord had richly, tremendously blessed and I have greatly seeded back into the kingdom. But I had forgotten my first calling. The Lord has directed me to get my house in order, set aside and sell my business interests and return to full time ministry.

            As I have been obedient to the Lord, I now realize are there doors and doors and doors, waiting for me, and I am walking toward and through each of them boldly in faith, knowing that at every door there stands protection and guidance for my passage. I am fulfilling what God has intended for my life; with His grace and mercy…..…That is why Revelation 3:8 has become my favorite verse in the Bible and a guide for my journey…. “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name……

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  1. Great Post! May we all have the faith to face the unknown opportunities that God has for each of us.

  2. Thanks for the story it really ministered to me more than you will ever know. Well maybe you will know.

  3. LOL… The Holy Spirit knows how to get us to surrender our will to Him…. Doesn’t He? Quote: “Slay me if you must”…

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