Religion or Relationship?…It’s our choice


Psalm 42:8
By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.

Being a Christian means having an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Being a Christian does not mean that we have a set of doctrines to follow and believe, prescribed prayers we must pray, special rules we must act upon, or special habits and sins we must avoid. Everything that God has commanded us in His Word is for our benefit, to grow and enhance the relation in love we have with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Worship was designed by God see we could experience Him in His glory and to respond to him with love and affection. But for many people being a Christian has degenerated into “religious habits, or being “religious” something that they do out of habit. God designed us to give freely to Him, so that we as believers in Christ could share and show our love to Him. But much of the  time in trying to appease our guilty conscience we take away from and diminish our worship experience with Him by following habits of relationship instead of taking it to a “personal” and intimate level with our Creator.

Prayer was given to us as gift so we could have intimate conversations with Him. Can you imagine? The Creator of the universe, in whom everything exists and has always been, cares and loves us enough, that he give us an opportunity to talk one on one with Him. He gives us an opportunity to be heard, and to receive and hear His voice in return, and the privilege to develop an intimate personal relationship with our Him as our God. Wow.

But sometimes we take this opportunity for granted. We either do not even take the time to even speak to Him in prayer or conversation, or even take the time to praise Him for the love and goodness He gives to us in life. Sometimes through habit we find ourselves by saying “canned” prayers, having a one way conversation as we rush off after reciting a prayer without taking the time to sit back and listen to our heavenly Father to speak and share His heart with us. 

 And if we can’t establish any kind of good two-way communication and dialogue with the Lord – then no real close personal relationship is ever going to develop between Him and us.   The way that to develop  a good personal relationship between you and God,  is through good, personal, free-flowing conversation and dialogue where both you and your Lord are able to express all thoughts, opinions and feelings with one another. This is what develops that “best friend” relationship that we have been given to us by God so special, unique and so wonderful. We are able to have an intimate conversation with our best friend and so comfortable with our Lord and Savior. By having this intimacy you are free and comfortable to be yourself and to release God to working our lived so that we might reach our full potential.

Thankfully, God through His Word shows us in history how to avoid letting our personal relationship with Him become one of habit. The people of Jeremiah’s day we satisfied having rituals and practicing habits of worship without experiencing the manifest presence of God. The Israelites became so complacent in their “religion” that they did not even realize that the experience and relationship with God was absent in their lives.

Jeremiah 2:6 

        Where is the LORD,
       who brought us up out of Egypt
       and led us through the barren wilderness?

Is it possible to pray, go to church, give an offering, recite a prayer and not have a personal relationship with Him, or experience His presence? You better believe it is. And that it what is so sad, that many of us practice “religion”, and completely miss out on a one on one personal relationship with our Lord. So don’t let yourself just settle for being “religious” reach out to God, talk with Him personally. Take the time to let Him respond to you in kind, He will. This is vital to a Christian’s experience with God, and when that happens the difference that personal relationship with Him makes, will completely transform your life. He is amazing in that He will reach out to you, talk to you in His wondrous love and walk with you hand in hand, to guide you through life.

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8 replies

  1. Great thought to start my day. Thanks, Darrell.

  2. Brother Darrell you are completely correct on our relationship with the Lord Jesus . If we dont take time with Him and wait on Him to respond to us and stop organizing Him ourt of our lives we will never have a true relationship with Him. We must study for ourselves His word and talk with not “at ” Him , for He desires our worship and comunication ,but wants to respond in kind. Thank you for truth you speak. Thank you Lord for letting me find this brother.
    your sis
    sheila white

  3. I’m your friend here in the Philippines. You are absolutely correct we should develop more intimacy with our God. IF we don’t develop a close relationship with our God we can easily be tempted. So thank you for reminding us with our relationship with God. God Bless.

  4. you are so right but the problem,, is with letting go of reciting canned prayers..I sometimes let go of all the distorted connection that is already there,, so there wont be any connection at all,,and still if we continue on these prayers,,they were firstly so meaningful but now they are just ” CANNED ”
    I dont know,,but I really know that Satan is completely taking advantage of this..
    SO any help ?

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