Unaware, I met an Angel, with a cane in his hand

 It has been many years ago. But on a Saturday night in the 1980’s, I believe I crossed paths with an angel.

I do not consider myself an expert on angels. I have never seen one in an angelic state. But one night when I was the associate Pastor for Dr. Charles Blair at Calvary Temple in Denver Colorado, I believe an angel crossed my path in a human form.

Amy Grant was performing that night at my church. I had a busy day preparing for the service. The concert was a sellout and our youth and singles groups were excited about having her perform at the church.

After opening the service, and introducing Amy, I went back stage and joined my wife. I was all excited, anticipating what Christ was going to do that evening as we had raised funds and gave away about 800 tickets to friends and family of church members that were lost. I was looking forward to seeing souls born in the Kingdom as I would share the gospel with the audience at the end of the concert.

My wife asked me if I had eaten anything that day, as I tend to get hyper when I don’t eat. I indicated that I had not eaten, so I decided to run over to Burger King and grab a quick bite to eat to calm my nerves. As I was sitting in my car, awaiting my food in the drive through, I saw a man looking through all the newspaper rack coin returns, searching for change. He then went to all the pay phones and did the same. He seemed like an elderly man, as he walked with a noticeable limp, steadying himself as he walked slowly with a cane.

I started toward the church, but my hunger overtook me and I pulled over halfway up the street to eat. I had pulled over to the curb and was eating my burger, when I saw him slowly walk by me on the sidewalk, headed up the street in a residential neighborhood. He had walked about 75 feet past my car when I felt conviction in my heart to give him some money. But all I had left in my wallet was a 20 dollar bill. Nevertheless, I got out of my car, and sprinted toward him, saying “Sir, Sir”. He stopped walking, and I caught up to him. As I got up to him he was standing there stoic. The street was dim, as the only lights were on the street corners at the end of the street. He was wearing a dark jacket, with a hood that covered all of his head and most of his face. He had a beard that would rival that of Santa Clause, and all I could make out of his face were these eyes that were warm and gentle.

I said “sir, I saw you looking for change back at the Burger King, and the Lord wants you to have this”. I reached out and handed him the $20 bill. He took it in his hand, grasping the end of it and without saying a word, or without showing any gesture of thankfulness toward me continued walking slowly up the street. I walked back toward the car, walking kind of sideways watching him walk with $20 bill still in his hand.

I was grumbling to myself about giving him the money as he had not shown any gratitude toward me, and was irritated about it. I was saying to myself, “I shouldn’t have given him the money, he didn’t even appreciate it”. I was watching him as he turned the corner about 50 feet away from me. Under the well lit street lamp, I could see the $20 bill fall from his fingertips and float toward the sidewalk. I immediately turned around, calling out to him and sprinted toward where I had seen him drop the bill. Before I could get there an elderly woman with a walker had turned the corner in the same spot where he had been and had seen the $20 dollar bill. By the time I reached her she had it in her hand. I immediately looked down the street where I had seen the man turn. I looked on both sides of the street. He was nowhere to be found. It had only been about 30 seconds since I had seen him drop the bill, and he was gone.

My attention turned to the elderly woman holding the $20 bill. I asked her,”Did you just pass a man walking with a cane?” She indicated to me that she had seen not seen him, and had passed no one since she left her apartment. I noticed she was weeping with joy. She told me that she couldn’t believe that she had found $20 dollars. She said she was on a fixed income and was behind in paying for the room she rented, and was going to be evicted the next day if she couldn’t pay the rent. She informed me she had been praying earnestly to God all week to provide the $20 dollars so she would have enough money to pay her rent, as she had nowhere or no one else to turn to.

Still trying to grasp what was happening I asked her again,”Are you sure you didn’t pass anyone?”No, she I have not seen anyone.  She then tucked the money into her purse, closed it and headed on her way. I stood there speechless. As she continued walking down the street she was humming to herself joyfully some tune that I was not familiar with. I stood there under the street light dumbfounded looking up and down the street, wondering what had happened to the old man. He couldn’t have gone anywhere that fast, only a few seconds had passed. There was no way she would have not seen him, as she would have had to pass him, as only a few seconds had passed from the time he dropped the bill, until the time she picked it up.

I walked slowly toward the car trying to figure out what I had just experienced when the Lord quickened my spirit, Hebrews 13:2 came to my mind.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

I thought to myself, could that be what just happened. There seemed to be no other explanation then, as there is no other explanation now. I was there, I saw what happened with my own eyes .I saw the blessing the woman received as her prayer was answered exactly in the way she had asked, and in the nick of time. God is faithful.

 I was there in God’s timing and I truly believe that on a dimly lit street in Denver Colorado, standing on a sidewalk, with a cane in his hand, I encountered the supernatural, as I met an angel unaware.


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  1. Those are special times God gives to us and these experiences never seem to leave us.
    God’s leading never fails us does it Darrell.
    Good post!

    • Thanks Jo….God is good, that is for sure

      • It has happened to me many times and recently. However one day I was full of meds and did not wish to be bothered. An elderly white man was ringing my bell and stated that he was hungry. I cooked him a full course meal with juices ,etc..When he walked off the porch I went inside to grab a few dollars. He was gone and no one saw him. They come in all races.

  2. Amen on angel unaware.

    Story 1.
    Darrell, the same thing happened to me just a week ago. I was standing in front of the hospital catching a bus to go home from having some test done. I saw a male and female teen. The make approached me saying his mother was dying and he needed to go see her before she died; but he didn’t have enough money to ride the bus. So I felt compelled to give him my last $2.00. He allowed me to pray with him, then he parted. I turned to ask him one more question, and they both had disappeared! Not even the woman that was on the beach with me saw where he went. He was on a bike, and it had only been no more than 3 seconds since he walked away. I jumped up to look for him. He couldn’t have took the bike in the hospital; and he wasn’t no where across the street. There was no way he could have disappeared that fast. I believe they could have angels. He Bless me before he left. You never know when your not enough will be God enough!

    Story 2.
    Pride and Arrogance…. Don’t ever Bet with God! You will loose!

    I had one incident where I had “foolishly” made a challenge to God. I bet Him that my spirit was so sharp that He couldn’t get over having an angel come in my presence without me knowing it. LOL I lost that bet big time! He heee. Now let me just inform everyone, God don’t bet! And really, I’m not a betting person either. That was just a one time thing with me.

    Any way, the story goes like this… After I made that bet, I was sitting in Church and toward the end of the worship service and right before the offering was taken up, I opened my eyes up and saw that some men had set on the platform in meddle folding chairs.

    Now I was thinking, hum… a guest speaker today. There were a line of chairs line up with men in suits. The one closest to the pull-pit was in all white. Really, he kind of struck me as being a COG Minister. Mind you, I was having a pity party all morning long. And thought to my self… oh boy… I can almost see how this sermon will be like.

    With the offering being taken up and the choir being dismissed, there was a lot of moving around going on. After this, I thought…well. just any time now and we are going to hear the guess speaker. Then the Pastor gets up to speak.

    You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was shocked! I turned behind me and ask the couple… Did you see where that man that was sitting on the platform sat when the choir dismissed? They said no. So I turned to the people beside and in front of me and ask them. They also said no. So I got the ushers to go around the Church looking for the man in a white suit. No one saw them!

    They were there for a long time, so I know I wasn’t imagining them. I watched him as he looked off into the congregation as if was observing something. He kept a solemn look on his face at all times. None of the men moved at all. They just watched. I feel they were taking mental notes to report on. I pray I don’t have to read that report one day about me sitting there all puffed up in self pity. Laugh with me folks.

    BTW… It was winter? No one wears white in the winter! That should have been a dead give away. But nooooo… I was too much into me to notice anything spiritual that morning. Oh, I am always serious about my worship… But this sure woke my up from sulking.

  3. I love walking in the supernatural. If I may share my more resent miracle. I pray it brings encouragement of the promises of God that we would see signs and wonders as God pours out His flesh on all flesh.

    Miracle gold dust

    04/ 04/10 I just want to share with you a Resurrection Miracle that I had. I’m sitting in front of the computer and I noticed hat I was covered with a Multi Colored Gold dust that looked like a glitter. It happened around 3 P.M. that lasted for a 7 day period. I wiped some off my arm, and went back to typing. Later, I noticed it came back. So I jumped up and went to a neighbor to show them. I whipped off a spot and they witnessed it return again. I raised my quarter sleeve when there wasn’t any showing, and then it appeared before our eyes. I could see a gold liquid form as if it was coming out of the pours of my skin; but it wasn’t. It was just supernaturally appearing on my skin. I have a signed witness list from any neighbor who saw it. Jesus loves me soooo much…. and just wanted to show His glory by manifesting Him self for us all to see. It was an outward sign & wonder to those who believe. I believe we will see a grater manifestation of His Spirit being poured out according to Joel 2:28-29 Jesus is just looking for righteous vessels to manifest through.

  4. 12/16/09 The Cloud Miracle.

    It was around noon or so, I went to the bus stop to go to an appointment. There was a black lady sitting there long before me and a Spanish man. After sitting there for 5 min.’s, I just couldn’t take the heat and sun. So I got to praising the LORD and telling Him how good He is; The anointing got stirred up and I started quoting scripture back to God and calling those things as though they were. I calling forth the clouds from every direction to shade the sun that was shinning so bright. There was not a cloud in sight within sight. I went back to praising the LORD from the back of the bus stand at that time. I notice it started getting shady. So I went back to the front and set down. As I sat there waiting for the bus. The clouds came from every direction and covered the sun. However; it was still stagnate and neither of ladies could hardly breath. So, I called forth the east winds…and they came forth. By that time, I had the other lady praising the LORD… But the man ran off. It scared him so bad he left. :} but not before getting on his cell phone to tell others.

    After we got on the bus, I ask her how long it took the cloud to come after I prayed. 5 Min.’s? She said not even that long. She said the sun had been beating down on her for more than an hour and a half before I got there. Those clouds were no where near the sun before then; and they were not moving. All the sudden she saw a huge cloud coming from the east; and it gave us both relief immediately. The sun was facing the bus stop; and there was shade at all. The humidity in FL. was awfully that day. She gave me her name to testify with me of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Yes sir, Myrtle and I believe this was a divine intervention on our behalf. Call it a Christmas miracle or what… it was awesome! You would have just had to been there.

    Romans 4:17 (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, [even] God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.(KJV)

    John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.(KJV)

    This Same Jesus operates through His yielded vessels who believes in calling those things that are not as though they were. You may not always get what you what when you want it… but one thing for sure. He is an on time God! Thank God for His mercy and Grace!

  5. I was searching the net for ‘paranormal happenings’ and ‘met an angel’ when I found your blog. I suppose I was seeking some kind of assurance that I wasn’t ‘the only one’. For the past year, my life has been turned upside down. All because I started reciting a prayer nightly. I was hoping for protection from spirit disturbances. Well, I got what I was praying for but there were side effects I didn’t bargain for.

    Such as a never-ending line of people suddenly coming up to me to ask for help with spiritual stuff. If helping them was as simple as praying for them or passing them some prayers, I suppose I wouldn’t feel so ‘panicky’ sometimes. However helping them also invited trouble to my life. Now I have to be on guard against demonic attacks and disturbances. I thank the Good Lord for my rebirth (I am no longer a ‘not hot, not cold’ Christian). I am so grateful for His Saving Grace. But I suddenly see so much of the deceiver’s activities at work in our world. Has it always been that way and have I just ‘awakened’? Or is the deceiver becoming more active now?

    • being awakened in God is always a good thing….maybe the Lord is wanting to use you in a greater way…blessings Darrell

    • Now that you fully see the Truth, you are a threat to Satan who will try to trick you and topple you off God’s path. Stand strong, keep your armor on and continue to serve the Lord in glory–you will bring many others to know Him.

  6. Would love to network with your ministry

  7. This was truely a blessing to read. People do not believe that we really, from time to time have supernatraul experiences. These things happen to boost our faith more in the lord. Thanks for sharing and God Bless you and family.

  8. Speechless……can only weep. They are around us everyday and we don’t even know it. Love you Pastor D!

  9. angels walk among us. i know it. shame be to the person that doesnt know it… i am glad for it

  10. i have had like a ton of people ask me for money today, i was like a bum magnet
    well i went to the liqour store to buy some vodka and a man asked me for a dollar
    i gave hime the dollar, then a girl asked me for money for gas for her car and i just gave her the last 5 i had on my pump so she could have some gas… i bought my liqour and was leaving then as i was pulling out i saw a man lying on the concrete desperate for help
    i helped him up, he was so heavy but not fat i had to use all my might to pick him up. he had a hip surgery and could not move
    he told me he was waiting for a cab and i told him i would wait for him. the cab came we had talked for awhile and he told me not anyone would help him. i said i would. the cab came and i had to struggle to help him in it was hard but i was determined. the cab driver asked him were he was going and he said….. to my fathers house. he was at least 70 or older and no way a man could help him move i had trouble…. he looked at me and said thank you.

  11. the strange thing was is how did he get there. he couldnt even walk. i had to lean him on a wall. and he was homeless… his clothing was filthy and caked with dust and dirt but yet he did not smell and he had on shiny new shoes. wen he said he was going to his fathers house, i understood what he meant…. it will stay with me forever

  12. God bless you for your post anout the encounter with a stranger and it was an angel it really helped me, i woke up this morning and was led to your post everyday i pray that God will send me and angel to show the right direction to go and help me along my way because im jobless and homeless and i need God’s help right now all i have to hold on to is my faith in God please keep me in your prayers if God helped the elderly lady i know if i hold on and wait he will help me and i will meet my angel thanks crystal

  13. I believe I have met angels in human form more than once. I am certain, in my very bones that these meetings were a gift and entirely different to any other meetings w people I have ever had. There were some elements similar to those in your tale each time, though the purpose was different. I never share these moments or the stories with anyone bc speculation would nOt suit and as a non religious and non new age person, I would get a very odd reception… nevertheless, on meeting these “people” I felt something specIal (exactly the same w each) and just “knew” with utter certainty (despite being non religious, without superstition and not a new ager), that I had just encountered an angel (or whatever it is we have come to call angels). Life, spirit and heart changing. I feel very blessed. I could readily bask forever in that presence/feeling/awareness/joy that came from connecting with them. I wonder why I was lucky enough to meet with them. Maybe everyone does and my good fortune or blessing was in being aware of their specialness and receiving the joy and assurance of us not being alone that their existence brings with it.

  14. I believe I had an ancounter with an angel or something that made me feel some type of connection. I was just leaving a beauty supply store around 8:30 pm, my younger sister was with me. We got in my car and as I’m looking for a lighter I seen someone who appeared to be a homeless man walking by. My sister rolled down her window and asked if he had a lighter all he said was yes as he stared at us, he reached in his jacket pocket and moved his hand around as if he was looking for it, it took him 30-45 seconds. He handed us a lighter still staring, didn’t seem to look away once. I handed back the lighter and said thank you and God bless and rode off. All the sudden I felt it may have been an angel and my sister felt it was creepy. But she’s not spiritual or religous, atleast yet. As she was telling her boyfriend this story I overheard her say that it felt loke he was gazing out our soul.. like I said she is not spiritual or religious, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her even saying something like “gazing at our soul”? Could it be?

    • Hi Lacey, It could be. The Bible tells us that we entertain angels unaware. Maybe the Lord speaking to you and your sisters heart. You do not have to be religious for God to reach out to you, in fact He doesn’t like religion that much. The Bible tells us that all of heaven rejoices when 1 person accepts Jesus as Savior, so maybe that’s why the angel was there, looking for Jesus in your souls. It could be. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Blessings, In Christ Darrell

  15. Angel visit the beach I go to once in a while. Their always singing. Holy holy is the lord god almighty who was and is and is to come. But they sing different songs too some I’ve never heard in church but are beautiful non the less. One sings in hebrew. I never see a big bundle of them just one or two each time I walk down myrtle beach. Their presence is strong and takes your breath away and tears came up when I stopped to talk to one once. I felt so weak in the presence and without a word to him he said, when the flesh of man encounters the fire of god it cannot stand up to the anointing and all must bow. I started crying and he walked off. I just knew and felt not to follow him cause it wouldn’t do any good to chase him or what not. I can still see him in my head and he nodded when I passed him about a year later. I remember the smell of roses about him and not really his looks as much as his presence and anointing. He was only about 5 ft 9 in and not built but muscular lean type. Green eyes and common hair that was brown with tiny specs of grey.he loved to sing and talk about heaven and the anointing and everything he said related and pointed to god.

  16. I am “assuming” angels come in all forms. Was this angel a light skinned black man with beautiful blue eyes, maybe 5’10, greyish hair and beard and a simple rounded end cane?

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