Where is the LOVE?


Mark 11: And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.
“Luke 6:37″Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

As I have traveled extensively, I get the opportunity to see Christian’s that have been saved from all walks of life, from all races, colors and creed. The following is a message from a FB friend who read my blog recently. The following are comments she sent to me and I asked her if I could share them with my readers. I will comment at the end.
Hi Darrell….I just wanted to drop a note and say that your most recent article really blessed me. I was born in a Sikh family…came to know Christ I don’t 15 years ago but even up until this point I get Christians who treat me so weird I guess cause I “look” Indian by no fault of my own of course like this one white Christian lady she chose to unfriend me and tell me that she sees the bindi spirit on me I don’t know what that is and I am sure she doesn’t either and the reason I say that really blesses me is because a lot of “white” (and I don’t say that as a put-down of course my husband is white) do not know how to relate with Christians who look different, as in they are from a different nationality………Often times arrogant people like that what they don’t know is often the price someone like me or another sister who converted from Islam that I know…they don’t know what price we have had to pay to stand in Christ and they can simply judge by a looking at a picture and say stuff that is soooo outrageous.

What ends up happening over here anyway is if you are different color and you go to one of these churches, they basically treat you like a second class Christian (which is a honor anyway right), it’s really sad so what ends up happening is the person who needs the support from their sisters their brothers, eventually they just end up in isolation and quit….for myself the Lord hasn’t allowed me to be that weak, because He Is STRONG!! *****
Hi *****,
It would be a blessing for my readers to see your message. I think you will find that most Christians do not feel that way. If you like you can post it in comments or post it on my page. If not I could post the message on my page with your name or leave your name out of it if you wish, but your message is powerful, the body of Christ could learn from you.
Blessings Darrell

******OH of course brother……I know there is lots of good Christians, I mean I know them but I had very bad experiences at churches but I just tell myself that I am not going to church for anyone, I am going for God and myself……I suppose no matter how much how people feel that the truth is that we are all sinful….and sometimes Satan uses Christians to attack other Christians……yah lemme get back to you on sharing that…..thanks dear friend, God bless you!

Hi Darrell
Yes hi….yah I suppose you may share that if you like, If you could kindly just leave it anonymous. Well I guess what I would have added is that not all my church experiences have been this way but something like that has happened often enough. I do continue to serve the Lord though but need major healing my brother…..May our heavenly Father bless you dear Darrell….. Have a good night
When I receive messages like this dear brothers and sisters, it breaks my heart. This is only one of 6 or 7 messages I have received along the same lines. Let us please be reminded that the Cross is a gift that we were given and that God has adopted us as His own by the gift of His Son Jesus. I hurt for this sister who came from a different religion, accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, and now stands in need of healing from the treatment she has received from some in the Body of Christ. Let us always be humble in our faith lifting up our brothers and sister, putting them before ourselves, standing not in judgment, but as servant in love, such is the example given to us by our Lord that we are commanded to follow.
1 John 3:16
16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren

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  1. To everyone , I am not perfected yet . I say and do , some really stupid stuff.
    In the bible it says , ” God did not choose the wise ” ; He chose to use the foolish things to confound the wise.
    Christians are not necessarily the cream of the crop. On the contrary , we were the least , that God chose to exalt in due time.
    When we get to heaven we will be like Him. Down here , we are not much different then everyone else.
    Christians mean well but they do not know how to a humble servant most of the time.
    It is easy top think of ourselves as special because we are saved. Our heads and ego’s can get inflated as in spiritual pride and a sanctimonious ” better than everyone else ” air that eveeryone picks up on , but the christian that is sooo self-righteous.
    None of us is perfect , it is hard to forgive especially when it’s our brothers and sisters that we feel should know better.
    Ahh, then we are put to the test , are we willing to forgive when our brothers and sisters offend us.
    First , we need to communicate to them that we were offended and why we were offended. If we do not share with them our true feelings are we being honest, They need to hear about their actions or else they will keep offending people.
    In the end everyone should be willing to forgive because we have been forgiven much by God.
    Open rebuke is better than hidden love.

    I hope everyone hears this in the spirit of love , I am not trying to judge anyone , we all need to learn from one another. Slow to anger , not to judge but love always.

    I would appreciate your comments too , I’m not real good at communication or relationships.
    And I need to practice being non-judgmental , it is not easy for me. Because the jobs I’ve had , I had to judge a lot in order to determine children’s safe welfare in their home,
    I had to remove 2 young children from their home because of parental neglect.
    That was very difficult to do. walter

  2. Welcome anonymous. I got word of your dilemma from Darrell on Facebook on a group called “The Bible”. Any true Christian would not treat a brother in Christ like they have you. If you have a desire you join the group on Facebook, please join us. I pray that things will go more smoothly for you. Just keep the faith. And also 1Corinthians 10:13: ” There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with …the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. “

  3. hi darrell, thank you for sharing with me. My name is not important but i think my story is. As a child, I was raised Catholic, in a home with its problems. 6 siblings and a father that didnt really put his heart into our upbringing. When I was only twelve I mistook affection and lust for love and found myself pregnant with complications. I went through an enormous amount of painful soul searching and ended up getting an abortion. Now at the tender age of 12, I found myself to be a “murderer” with a really big heart. I struggled with this for years, where do u go after THAT. I ve generally been a lover of my neighbor ( no i dont mean sexually) I try to help the underdog and have tons of compassion for those who have found themselves in bad circumstances, even knowing that alot of the time they ve put themselves there, yet i didnt realize that God hadnt given up on me. about ten years ago, I found myself doing flooring work at a large church. Dont get me wrong, i had worked on many churches over the years but, I was drawn to some of the members of this particular church. so i started going there, taking the kids even tho the husband wasnt into it and wouldnt go. I received the Holy Spirit into my heart at that church and it was so HUGE I felt transformed. I started to make God a part of my everyday conversations and was truly uplifted. Then, after a short time it began to change, the people of the church were pushing me to further commit to their church to “make” my husband go…. Soon church began to b a hassle.. i’d go yet it wasnt the same and by mon morning i had a heavy heart and getting started on the week didnt go smoothly.i gradually dropped off of church service and ended up back in that same church for work and the preacher that i revered so much looked at me and out of his mouth came judgement, not from God but from his preacher I then gave God a lesser role in my life. and life went on… less than a year ago i found myself in a deeply personal trial, it had to do with my son coming of age and the changes in his life forcing me to look at my own. and i went to God with it,” God fix my family”, i didnt know what i was asking, first i ended up looking at my marriage and MY FAULTS in the marriage and things started looking better than they had in a long time. there has been pitfalls and times of despair but i now know God has my back. then recently i found out that over a year ago my husband was unfaithful to me. here i am studying forgiveness and working on what MY part of the problem is and HE DID THIS where do i go with this God. i talked to several people i know and they tell me that divorce is OK in the case of infidelity. i ve asked God and im not seeing that. im being told that im NOT to suffer but I chose him and i cant give up if there is hope. so without the (usual for the old me) drama i went to my husband with a compromise i told him i CAN forgive him and as long as his heart is being cleansed of the negatives we can stay married and we can be stronger and happier than we have been in a long time. i ve asked him to move out for a couple months to decide what is in his heart and i dont know where its going but i DO KNOW that God has my back and i need to look to Him for MY answers and not to HIS people, for people are full of sin and corruption and God will never do me wrong… there are so many people i have met and reminded that “God still loves u” to that i believe that all the trials in my life were meant to bring me to this understanding and all to bring glory to HIM

    • all I can say is to seek the Lord, do not let a “church” discourage you, man is not God…Let him speak to your heart…He will bring you comfort, and He will guide you…blessings and good luck..Darrell

  4. I enjoyed going to your webiste. I rarely leave comments, but

    you definately deserve a thumbs up!

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