A Guy from the FBI taught me a Lesson …

Embarrassingly, Darrell Creswell 1987

More and more the Lord has enabled me to share embarrassing moments in my past when I left the ministry for a while. These are hard for me to share, as there is a part of me that is ashamed of the way I behaved. As I have shared, readers have written and told me that they too had stories in their past, and my article blessed them. The following is another such story.

Back in the late 1980s, I was lost. I had backslidden, I had a warped ego, and I was headed the wrong direction in life. Just a few years before, the Lord had tremendously blessed me financially in the oil business. I rewarded His love and mercy by rejecting him completely.

I had been an associate in some of America’s largest churches, and had started preaching the gospel at age 13. But here I was completely away from God. Even now I find it amazing, but it happened. I had just finished recording along with many “real celebrities” the song “Stop the Madness”, the first anti-drug song for the Reagan administration. I had an artist development with CBS records (which would be a flop), was receiving a fair amount of press, and as a result at the time I thought I was something special.

I was spending a lot of time in LA, doing small parts in TV shows and movies, being another wanna- be star. So now that you know the background, let me tell you the story. I had left LA, and I was back in Texas for a while, drilling some wells. But on this particular occasion, the local skating rink had invited me to perform for the local kids. I had this comical get-up I would wear when performing, a whip snake jacket(shown above), leather pants and color coordinated boots. It was an eighties thing, I guess. My hair as you see in the picture for this piece was a rat’s nest to say the least.

So after the performance, I decided to drive down to a friend’s bar and grill down at the lake. I was still wearing my outfit, as I thought then that it made some kind of a statement. What I realize now is, it made a statement alright, just not the one I thought it did. I had quite a few people at my table and was signing a few autographs when a young man dressed in a sharp suit, with his young son in hand came up to my table. I told him I would be with him in a moment.

After about a minute, I finally turned to him and asked if he wanted an autograph. He said, “No Pastor Darrell”. Pastor Darrell, wow I thought to myself, now that’s something I haven’t heard in a while. I told him that I was not a pastor anymore. He snidely indicated to me that was clear. A bit irritated I asked the young man if I knew him.

He said to me, “I guess you don’t remember me, but you led me to the Lord”. I indicated that I did not remember Him. He reminded me of the day of his salvation when I prayed with him at the back of the bus, after coming home from an out-of-town football game. I remembered the occasion then. He was a young man that was rebellious, in a little trouble now and then with school and parents. He had used drugs. I said to him,”Oh yes, I remember you now”.

At this point, I was quite uneasy, as the whole table had stopped talking and carrying on and was paying astute attention to my conversation with the young man. The man indicated that my relationship with him as a pastor had changed his life. He began telling me how that after I left 1st Assembly (I went to work for Tommy Barnett) God had turned his life around. He told me that as he had come from a broken home, I had been the first male figure in His life that had shown him any love. By this time, not only my table, but others beside us were paying attention.

As I now sit in total silence, he continued to tell me about his life after accepting the Lord. He indicated that he had finished college, had attended the FBI academy, and was now a FBI agent. He said that if not for the Lord, he would not be where he was. I told him I was proud of him and trying to change the subject, I said to him,”Oh I see you have a young boy with you. Is this your son? He says to me, as a matter of fact it is. He says that he has looked forward to introducing his son to me since the day he was born. He turns to his son and says to him,”Darrell I want you to meet Darrell”. I said” Excuse me”? He tells me that I had such an impact on his life that he named his son after me. He had prayed to the Lord to give him the opportunity to see me again so he could introduce me to his son, he knew I would be proud. He turn to me and says, “But sitting here looking at you, I am ashamed of naming him after you”. He turned and walked with his son out the door and left.

I sat there for a minute or two, attempting to gather myself. Unable to do so, I got up and walked out to the unoccupied patio. I was really shook up. It was the first time that I had felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit in quite some time. I was feeling ashamed. I went out to my car, and without returning to the table I went home.

I did not return back to Christ that night, but he planted a seed in my heart that would never go away. Coming back to Christ would come later. I write about it in (https://darrellcreswell.wordpress.com/category/stories-of-grace/)At Death’s door, Grandma Pulled me from the Gates of Hell, but this night was the beginning. The Holy Spirit has never let me forget that night, as He reminds me of it even now. I guess of all the compliments I have every received or things I have accomplished, having a man named his son after me, as the result of my sharing my Lord with him is at the top.

To this very day, when I pray, I ask the Lord to keep in me the humility that began to grow in me that night. I want to be the kind of man now that he saw in me then. I want to be the kind of man who would make him give me such a great honor.  So let me say to you in the close of this piece, if you are going to share God’s love and reach out and touch people’s lives, make sure you life mirrors your testimony. You never know when someone is going to name their kid after you!

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18 replies

  1. Oh wow, how touching, I got chills when I read, “Darrell, I want you to meet Darrell.”. I don’t believe I have heard this story! You are truly amazing, Dad. 🙂

  2. This is the Darrell I kept praying for thru the years ~~ Thank God for the person you have become at this stage of your life. So, proud of you DC ~

  3. Living in Graham Texas, is easy to loose sight of what GOD can really do but I thank GOD that i have gotten back on track with him , and I must say you have really helped, and I THANK YOU

  4. Hi Darrell,
    Amazing testimony which clearly demonstrates the principles of sowing and reaping spiritual seed whether good or bad…our words are indeed containers of power! God Bless.

  5. That’s good! You will be a blessing to the internet world as you write your stories!

  6. Dear Rev Darrell

    You are so special. What an extraordinary experience you have. Like the prodical son who have gone astray in the bible you have return to the Father’s side by His grace. It took great courage and determination for you to be able to come back to God and stay close to Him. I am so happy you made the right choice. God bless you Darell. You have encouraged me and bless me by your living testimony. May the Lord use you greatly as you serve Him.

    In Christ
    Eve Ling

    • Thank you…Like the old song says..Once I was lost, but now I am found. Is 53:6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all….I am humbled to be His servant..

  7. Oh, the days of … I am so glad that Darrell is back, and on the right path. There are those of us who have always known the heart of the man you are…even when you didn’t. And thank God for those who prayed us through the lost times. Blessings…

    • Thank you Shari…Coming from someone who has known me my whole life and watched me backslide into sin and then pick myself back up again, and dust myself off by the Grace of my Savior,. I take great honor in your words…I want to live my life as to always make your Dad proud of me, he meant so much to my life….Thanks for praying for me back then…Darrell

  8. Wow–is all I can say. There are no words to wrap around the effects of that testimony. Thank you so much for being humble enough to share this, Darrell. To understand the gift of humility is the brightest of blessings. And the timing, as usual, is perfect–just what I needed to hear (Jonah of Nineveh). God speaks in such incredible ways.

    Our Lord has used you so mightily, Darrell–as an example to others that it is okay to be human, to be imperfect, to fail as sinners and to fall, over and over again. Do not be ashamed that you were not perfect to carry the cross the entire way without being tempted back into the sinfulness of human pleasures (the ego, drugs, fame, wealth and material indulgences). Jesus, our Savior, is the only one who is perfect. That is why He is our example to follow.

    Life is a learning experience for all of us. God forgives us when we slip away and fail and loves us just as much–not because we are perfect but because we are His creations. What matters is that we realize it and return to serve Him in the biggest of ways, which is exactly what you are doing now, by carrying your cross high.

    It is easy to say that people’s opinions of us don’t matter but another thing to live it. Ultimately, God’s love and forgiveness is what counts. I hope and pray the man you guided toward Christ, who named his son after you, has read this and forgives you and loves you, just the same. The lesson was meant for all three of you. God works in mysterious ways.

  9. Bro Darrell Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift, I am so glad that you returned to the God of your calling. I too have had babies named after me. There is Karen Rowden Watson who is on facebook , my niece, who happens to have been born on my Birthday and also my great nephew, who was also born on my Birthday and whose name is Caleb they both have my middle name Kay I feel like it is such an honor to have someone named after you. My desire is that you will be blessed and that I will always hold the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ , high so that these two people will one day find Him in their lives. God Bless I was amazed at your little granddaughters name Mia Kate. Her name rhymes with mine That is awesome. Yours in Christ Jesus Nedia kay

  10. Looks like your friend may have been “saved”, but apparently needed some lessons in manners. An amusing dichotomy that many of the righteous seem to excel at.

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