Flyleaf, Facebook, and a Whole Lot of Grace….

                                                               Nardeen Adel first came to my attention, when she left me a comment on my “What is a Facebook Friend, Really, Part 2. blog. She wrote….So right and true. I agree with you. Facebook can be a means of blessing even to those who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ yet. That’s how the message was delivered to me.
God bless you, Nardeen Adel

Nardeen is a young lady in her late teens from Egypt. We have been in contact since she left the comment on my story, and she has a story to tell that shakes the very gates of Hell with the power of God’s wonderful saving Grace.One of the neatest things about her story to me is, as much as it is about her, it is about you. It is about the believers on Facebook. She came to the foot of the cross by the ministry of FB believers. She was from a Christian home, but lost. The Lord used Facebook and the ministry of FB to rescue her, and I do mean rescue. Every Tom, Mary, Paul, Jim, Sharon, whatever their names were that shared the Lord with her here on FB, saved her life.

This is her story below. We have written back and forth and I have written her story in first person as if she is speaking directly to you. These are her words as told to me in her testimony, it is powerful, and it is moving. It is a “Story of Grace”.

Hi I am Nadden Adel. To speak to you and to tell you my story really gives me joy. I am happy to tell you of the Lord’s hand in my life and how He is glorified, and now abides with me every day in my life. Yes Facebook really helped me. God used it as well as other things combined, all together to get me to this place. I am happy to share my story, to tell of the Glory of God and tell you and others how He touched me, reached out in love to me, and saved my life. I don’t know when all of it began. I am 18 years old from Egypt. I was born into a religious family and here in the society all around me, every one almost every single Christian around me that I knew was religious.  I never really was touched by God, and never knew what it was like to be saved, or to feel the touch of the Lord. I had blinded eyes, and my family would try to get me to go to church, and get into a deeper relationship with Jesus. But I wasn’t interested at all.

I never seemed to understand it. I mocked and laughed at every single Christian I ever met. I never had any bonds, friendships, or any kind of social relations with any Christians. I didn’t see or understand any of this, or the impact it was having in my life until I was 14. That is when the struggle began. I was completely numb inside.  I never understood, or paid any attention to what was going on in my life for those 14 years. It’s like God was sending me so many signs over those 14 years, but I never noticed Him, or them. I went to go to church regularly for most of my childhood. But I never had that seed of the Gospel planted inside of me. So religion was just some kind of a  tradition to me, and it became a habit just to go to church, just so I could mock and make fun of every one. I would go because of the pressures my family put on me. But in the society I was born into, it is not unusual not to go to church at all.

There was a stage in my life, I guess I was about 12 when it all began. I was hanging around with these friends at school, and they had a huge negative impact and effect on me. All of them were Muslims and piece by piece they pulled me farther and farther away from my family, and the faith of my family. I felt all alone at this stage of my life and I was looking for affection, and needed to feel a sense of belonging. So I found solace in my friends, and started learning everything from them. As a result, my morals changed 180 degrees and I begin to have distorted and strained relations with my family. I totally lost the relationship I had with my family, and any communication and touch with my brother whom I didn’t literary talk to for more than 7 months. The situation was getting worse and worse, tightening like a rope around my neck, so I just threw myself into my unhealthy cycle of friends.

They affected my view of God so much that I didn’t go to church anymore. It was at this point I had a great interest that I thought filled a huge spot, and that was music, actually metal music.  That music, to some extent at first affected me negatively, making me get to know even worst friends than I had in the first place. I started going to concerts with these new friends, I would sneak out of the house, and exposing myself to real dangers, that I was too young to understand at the time.I don’t even know how I am still alive, if not for God’s care, looking over me even when I didn’t even care for myself.  But when things were getting worse, God reached out to me. There was this band. It was a band that I found playing on TV, I felt something different inside as I listened to their music, but I didn’t know what it was at the time. So I Googled them online; their name was Flyleaf. They were a Christian metal band. I know now, that it was not a coincidence that God led me to actually hear this band. I expected them to be so different as they were a Christian band so I was like whatever, I knew I would not like them. But I was completely surprised. As they sang, I felt an amazing pure touch go through me the first time I heard them. It was so miraculous as I had never felt that feeling before. I started seeing hope again. But it still felt like I was missing something inside of me and after a while I lost this excitement.
I had the opportunity to hear the lead singer of the band talking about her testimony. It was for me the first time for me to ever to hear about some one’s testimony, I was really shocked because she talked about exactly the same things I had gone through. About her fight with family, bad friends, drugs about everything.  It was just like she was speaking just to me. Then she began talking about God interacting with everything in her life. Something spoke to me. As my brother were estranged and fighting, and I was losing my family and every single person I knew around me, something had to change. Bad friends, bad choices, I sliding over the edge, but God spoke to me in my heart through the ministry of Flyleaf, so I decided to go to church. What happened next with me is that God reached down and touched me…deliberately, intentionally and definitely.

The first time I went back to church, I met that friend, and I felt like she was of God. There was just this divine thing that attached me to her. I saw God through her eyes, and I began to how everything was like with God in a person’s life.  I joined the church choir, and through Facebook, I started seeing so many great things that God was doing in the lives of my friends in the choir and in the lives of believers on Facebook. I had never really interacted with Christians before, on Facebook the people didn’t act retarded. They weren’t close-minded. They had gone thru everything I had. They were loving, sharing, and caring and yet they didn’t know that I didn’t know God, but they loved me just the same.
I was just trying to fit in and not to show any signs of not knowing Him, but little by little through fellowship on Facebook, I was given these great bonds of love as I met so many great friends. The friends I interacted with on Facebook, they opened my eyes to so many things, and I knew that there was a hope for me. That hope I learned from them was Jesus Christ. But again, young in my faith, I kept my faith attached to them, not to the source from whom they got their hope and faith.

It was at this time that my life went into a tailspin. After joining the choir, I got into this relationship without my parents knowing, and I exposed myself to dangers without even caring. I sneaked out and went out on this date, very far away from home. It was only by the grace of God, that I reached home safely, it was miracle. I had exposed myself to real dangers, especially seeing that this man who I went out with was much older than me!! But I didn’t care , I felt like I needed affection and I decided I’d get it by any means I could. I was looking for love, but all I ended up receiving was total abandonment. I was hurt, and broken by this man who I went out with. I was far beyond being broken-hearted and disappointed, I had lost all hope.I felt like I have lost the purity within, I had lost everything, family, friends, I even lost myself. At this time I was SO CLOSE to committing suicide. I had made up my mind what I was going to do, and that was to kill myself.  I opened my Facebook as I struggled through my emotions; I had songs of Christian groups and music shared through my friends on Facebook. Music always has had a great effect on me. It was through Facebook, that I had met all these friends and they had helped me in my many times of need. What I had learned of God was through them, and through their relationships with me on Facebook. I have learned so many things about God through them.
As I was doing this on Facebook, suddenly something changed inside me. On the same day that I was down and broken-hearted and having extreme thoughts of suicide, God opened my eyes and I saw this book in front of me. It was not by coincidence, that it was there. I don’t know what it is called in English:) there was Al Agbya”(Author’s Note..A Christian book of prayers, mainly from Psalms) on my desk. I felt like I needed to pray and, I don’t know what encouraged me, but I suddenly rose to my feet. I was holding the Agbya and starting praying, it had been so long since I last prayed. Like a flood, tears and tears came out just like rain, and I was crying uncontrollably. And I tell you, at that moment, He touched me.  I felt His touch, and suddenly this great comfort from God flooded my being. I had made up my mind that this was the day that I would die, and as I was going to kill myself at that very moment, something happened to me, suddenly I felt hope again. God touched my heart and soul deep inside of me in a place I did not know existed. I prayed and prayed, and as I was talking to God, minutes and minutes went by. And as I prayed, He changed my heart and He changed the way I saw myself as I looked deep inside myself, through the eyes of a loving God. It was a miracle from God, the suicidal thoughts suddenly DISAPPEARED. He removed them. I was at peace and I was at rest.

I woke up the next day went to church just to meet with friends, but as the minister was teaching from the Bible, from the Book of James…and suddenly it was God speaking directly to me, I was shocked, but God’s voice was too clear to deny.
I went home and saw how everything worked together for my own good. And as time passed, little by little, piece by piece, and bit by bit, God healed me inside. I started having hope and faith in him and seeing how religion is supposed to be, not in customs and traditions, but in a real close personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve gotten to know him better and better, and He’s the one who kept me, held me, healed me and saved me from myself. He vanquished all the emptiness inside of me that had resulted from depending on people emotionally. And as I have surrendered and turned everything over to Him, I depend on only Him in this relationship.  It didn’t happen by coincidence that I had joined the choir; it was not by coincidence that I met my first friend at church. And it was not a coincidence to join this choir and sing about God through the hymns. I joined because of the need of socializing, but God changed all of this, little by little, small steps at a time, and led me to him through this group of friends. First through Flyleaf, then through Facebook, where everything changed as I had fellowship and shared with Christians for the very first time. I  now realize why I always felt like I was thirsty, until I drank of the living water, now I know I will never thirst again.

Seriously, without Flyleaf planting a seed, my Facebook friends reaching out in Christ and then God reaching down and touching me, and rescuing me at my darkest hour I wouldn’t be alive today.     Blessed is our God and Our Lord , Savior and Redeemer  In Christ Nardeen Adel.

You can go to my friends list and add Nardeen Ardel as a FB friend or do a search under her name..She will be a blessing to your life.

I end this story with an excerpt from the original story that connected Nardeen and I in the first place, What is a Facebook Friend, Really? Part 2. I used the following words to end that story, as I will use them again today……….

We can use  Facebook tremendously, as a unique and POWERFUL arm of the body of Christ. We can to use this website not only as an opportunity to make friends and connect and fellowship but as a weapon against the enemy. And as we love one another, we can seize this tremendous opportunity to use Facebook as a salve to heal wounds, as a life-preserver to one who is drowning and as loving arms to someone who is lost or hurting. I will try, because that person might end up being me, or that person might end up being you. We need to personally connect, know and love one another, so that if, or when something should happen to one of us…..We can honestly say….”I am here really here for you, my Facebook friend”.

Job 16:20   My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God.

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21 replies

  1. I believe lots of my facebook friends need gods loving arms and his healing touch and when they read the commitment of nardeen i hope she touches their hearts as she did mine i am a born again christian but i havent been to church for quite some time but i believe reaching out to my friemds on facebook i will be planting the seeds of gods everlasting love i know i have to tread carefully because in the past when i spoke about the lord my immediate family thought i was pushing religion at them which stopped them from visiting me for awhile so now i have to be careful how i approach them but there distance made me even stronger in the love of god and he uses me to get through to them in other ways and i tell them every day that i love them and ask the lord to gove them guidance and keep them safe every day god bless you in the work you are doing and thankyou

    • Hi Shirley…Nardeen has a stong dedicated walk with God, and she touched my heart too. We all need to reach out in our lives and here on FB for Christ. Nardeen has helped me realize just how important it is to share the love of Christ with all those I come in contact with.I invite you to add her as a friend on FB, I know she would love it, she is on my friends list Nardeen Adel, blessings

    • Shirely ,May God guide your immediate family ,and may His light shine upon them and that their eyes be opened…Thank you for your comment and may God strengthen you through your work with your family..
      I would love it if we could correspond through Facebook ..

  2. Thank you so much my brother for sharing the testimony of this precious young woman. I pray that my life and my testimony will reach out and grab the heart of one lost soul, then I will feel that my time spent on facebook is well worth it. Thanks again for sharing this beautiful testimony. Our God is still alive and working in the hearts of men and women everywhere. God bless you as you minister my brother. :O}

    • Hi Darlene…She is precious..she blesses my heart…God bless you too…I invite you to add her as a friend on FB, I know she would love it, she is on my friends list Nardeen Adel

      • Darlene : Our God is a wonderful God 🙂 God blesses you with the power to reach many lost souls as possible..
        I would love if we could correspond through Facebook
        and thank you Darrel for your words,,Though I dont deserve it ..God is all in all ..

    • Thank you Deborah for your sweet comment,,for reading this,I would sure love to communicate with my brothers and sisters in Christ through Facebook 🙂
      Darrel : thank you for compliments though I dont deserve it ,God is really all in all 🙂
      Your blog is really blessed,,May God bless it even more and more..

      • Im sorry ,I ment : Darlene 🙂 I need to get enough sleep :))
        May God bless you with the power to reach many lost souls as possible ,,
        Our God is a wonderful God ..

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. It literally brought me to tears. But at the same time, I thought, isn’t just like God to bring people together in the word. Facebook has been the ultimate tool for spreading seeds and sharing the gospel. Thank you Jesus. Thank you, Darrell for your wonderful ministry. May the Lord bless you and yours abundantly.

    • I thank the Lord also, Deborah…Nardeen has been a blessing to me, as she can be to you. Invite her to be your FB friend, you will be blessed.She is on my friends list, or on a FB search. Nardeen Adel..Egypt..May He bless you in all things

    • Thank you Deborah for your comment , I really Hope that when people read this,,It ‘ll accomplish the purpose for which it was published..
      If this story emphasizes anything,,It’d emphasize how I was a complete fool, blacking out my eyes away from the Truth,and how wonderful is God’s grace,,How He was always there.
      And I ‘d surely welcome and love your FB friendship

  4. Hey ,
    I don’t know how to start .. 1st am so happy cause you found the light and felt the real touch of God , & till now you didn’t lose it and i know that you wont lose it .
    Am one of Nardeen’s Friends .. Not that old one but close one , she now hw much i suffered and still doing , i started losing my faith in 19 and nw am 22 . and till now i seek the light of god ,I don’t know why its easy to be away from God I tried a lot to keep my happiness while being with him but every time i fail and go back to the life of doubt & Questions which turning my life into hell every time i think about it ! till the time i lost my faith completely ! and became an Atheist . I don’t know how to be back and feel my real happiness again : ( .. i think that god wont accept me if he is exist : ( .. I know that he is Exist and he sent Nardeen to me again in this moment by this link to make me think again & search for his mercy . but inside me something tellin me it will be so hard to be with god again .. !

    i know that i need help but i used to refuse asking for it .. but now am asking you all to pray for me .

    thanks for the blogger , thank you Nardeen .

    • Thank you for your post Maged…You will be in my prayers..Know that God loves you very much, God always stands by raedt to accept you with all His love and mercy. We all have questions and doubts sometimes, it is our human nature…But He alaways sends us confirmation of His love and existance, letting us know that He cares for us and that His love encompasses all and eveything. I will keep you in my prayers and the love of God will raise you up, touch your spirit, and make you whole again…Blessings Darrell

    • Maged, Thanks so mushc for your comment..God will never NOT accept you.He created you He loves you as who you are ..And he has always been there,,ALWAYS and knows every single feeling you have inside of you that no one could ever reach..
      God bless you and I’ll keep you in my prayers knowing that You WILL find the light Someday..

  5. Hey There
    I just wanted to say God bless you all. I’m also a friend of Nardine.
    We have lost touch for a while, but now we started talking again.
    And reading this, I was reminded of a situation that happened to my in particular.
    Even though I’m barely 13 now, I have been through many mental stages in my life. At a point, I wouldn’t say I lost faith, but more likely gave up. Everything just became black and I no longer saw anything. I was a very pessimistic person, with lots of suicidal tendencies and horrible thoughts of self-destruction. For that time, I took it all out in poems, but the darkness still eroded me. Just about 1 or 2 years ago, I met this girl in my class. Although I sometimes disagree with some of her views, I found her faith extremely strong. Then, little by little I started to feel that light coming out of me. And I started to think that maybe life is actually worth living. Just then, I started praying regularly, and then I BELIEVED that life IS worth living, if only you get to know God. Just then my heart was open and everything seemed to come to life again. And I felt alive.
    Although Nardine and I maybe very different, we had the same problem and dealt with it in the same way. And that is by trusting God to your life and knowing that he’ll never give up on you.
    The reason to why I was a little bit surprised when I read this, was because I’m a Muslim and Nardine is a Christian. I never thought of that as a difference, of course, since I already know a lot of Christian people. But now, when I read this, I was like shocked. That we had the same tendencies, and the prayers changed us.
    I’ve never been more proud of you Nardine, or even more proud to be your friend.
    God bless you all and have a great life.

    • Wow Laila…Your words bless me…

    • Oh Laila,I am so happy that the dark scene in your life is coming to an end dear,,I remember talking to you and when you kinda mentioned stuff that referred to your suicidal tendencies , it ‘d break my heart bit by bit that I couldnt help..It’s something above, higher,wider than what any human fulfillment can do..Just supernatural..Thank GOD for reaching out to you . and though we may be different,It delighted me to read your comment and relieve :).
      God bless you throughout your whole life dear..

  6. If only more people could read about this!

  7.’s done it once again! Amazing post!

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