What the Word of God is Actually Intended For…Do You Know?

Many Christians misunderstand the honor we have of possessing God’s Word, and for lack of understanding and knowledge they miss out because they do not really understand what the Bible is actually intended for. His living Word should be to every believer as motherhood, apple pie and baseball is to the American way.

When I am troubled, as we all are from time to time I like to return to a place of refuge, a place with a great deal of meaning to me. It is a place where my spirit feels at home. It is a place where the longing of my soul is assured of being able to connect with God. When in my flesh all avenues are blocked, I am always comforted by His Word.

That we should feel so at home in His Word should not be a shock to anyone. Countless men, over many centuries, their pens skillful under the anointing of His Spirit wrote His words so that we could know the voice and will of God.

When I am troubled, in doubt, confused, needing guidance, direction, correction or instruction, I turn to His Word. I always find that the living word of God feeds my soul in ways I didn’t even know that I was hungry for.

His Word speaks for me when I struggle to find words. His Word enables me to realize deeper truths about myself that transcends all of my human logic and fleshly explanations.

His Word brings tears of joy to my soul that washes away stress and sorrow from my being. There is an unseen language in His word that I understand, my spirit comprehends, even though I cannot explain it with my human tongue, even though I speak and understand perfect in my language. His word transcends my human knowledge to communicate all of its glory and wonder. As I find myself lost in the depth of His word, I am like a child just learning to read, compelled by His Spirit, I am amazed at everything I encounter.

I am consumed with the richness of His glory; the comfort of His promises in His Word, my soul feels so at home. As I search the scriptures His spirit brings me to my knees. There are times the conviction of His word flattens me to the ground as I lay prostate before Him. There are even times when I do not fully understand His Word, yet His Spirit still stirs in me as I read, bringing my soul strength, activating His power within me, and  I have no explanation, but God.

As I bury myself in His Word, my own spirit is liberated. This is what His Word does. It opens doors and avenues inside of me that I never even knew existed. It is like continually finding new rooms in a small home that I have been living in all your life, where do they keep coming from, as I am amazed and bewildered by His word. By His Word I am renewed spiritually.

And yet even though His word opens new doors and rooms in my life, I am met with a familiarity in every new place given by His Spirit and delivered by His Word. Something about His Word always draws me closer, His Spirit guiding me to dig deeper. And the more I do the closer I am to God.

There was a time in my life when I was separated from God. I had been wandering in my own private desert, lost in sin for some time. I was in a hotel in Phoenix Arizona. I was lost, I had been on drugs. I was in despair, I was scared, I was lonely, and I was hurting. I needed love, I needed help, I needed hope…I needed something. I cried out in a hotel room “Help me God”. I remember reaching over pulling the Bible from the nightstand drawer. No matter who you are or what you think you know, you will never convince me that the next step I took was not led by the Spirit of the Lord. You will never convince me He did not lead my hand. It may not seem spiritual to you, but I closed my eyes and I said God, “I am going to open this Bible and put my finger down. If you really love me and can help me, and if you want to really help me you will speak to me right now where my finger lands”. I opened the Bible, put my finger down and opened my eyes. The scripture read

Isaiah 35:4

Energize your limp hands,
Strengthen your rubbery knees.
Tell your fearful soul,  Have Courage! Take heart!
God is here, right here,
He is on his way to put things right
And redress all wrongs.
He’s on his way! He’ll save you!”

I knew at that moment, He had heard me. I began to weep then, even as I do now reliving the moment. All of a sudden I wasn’t lost anymore, I wasn’t afraid, I wanted to live. I knew that I had found Him again, and I would serve Him for the rest of my life. He spoke to me by His Spirit in a still, small but powerful voice that said to me, “Darrell you are finally home, you are at peace now”. And just like that, it was done through His Spirit, and by His Word.  And every moment since then, His Word has been a source of comfort and strength for me. And even though I may have taken the wrong way to get where I am, His Word has returned me to the place in Grace that I now occupy. I was finally at peace; His Word had brought me home. To this day I carry the entire 35th chapter of Isaiah in my wallet, and take it out and read it on a regular basis to remind myself how His word rescued me, and secures my present, my hope, and my future. The wonderful living Word of God.

His Word will bring you a greater sense of peace and well being. There is nothing on this earth that can inspire you like His word, and with His Word comes a new sense of freedom and joy.

As you find yourself in His Word you will find that you feel rested. You body will be more at ease, you will breathe easier. His Word will teach you to let go of your burdens, let go of the cares and worries that occupy your thoughts and weigh you down.

Without His Word, your life will begin to become a wilderness; your spiritual life will become parched and dry, thirsting for something that the flesh cannot supply. His Word is the only water that will quench the thirst in your soul.

If you will spend time in His Word, you will come to know Him better every day, and in doing so you will find Him, in you in a new way. This will be accomplished by just taking time each and every day to spend intimately with Him in His Word. Get alone, open His word. As you do new spiritual doors will open between your spirit and His Spirit. This will allow more of Him to flow into you, strengthening your spirit, and reducing your flesh, as His Word renews your mind in Christ Jesus.

The Word of God is more than a bunch of stories, or something that happened a long time ago. His Word is alive today. His Word is intimate and very personal. It is captured in great miracles and in very tiny moments. It is these tiny moments that are waiting for you, and they have been reserved for you since the time that God spoke the words,” let there be life”.

If you will submit yourself, and take the time to find Him in His word and begin to fellowship with God in His Word, you will feel His Spirit, His love, His compassion, His glory, His joy and you will find yourself walking in step with Him. And if you will allow it, you will go to places only His Word can take you, as the Lord invites you to expand your spirit and see things beyond what your human eyes can behold and you begin to see things through your spirit. This is where the fullness and richness of God lies and awaits you, in His Word.

Regarding the title of this piece, “What the Word of God is actually intended for…Do You Know?

The Word of God is intended for YOU, that you might know Him. And in knowing Him, you be redeemed by the gift of His Son upon the cross , The Lord Jesus Christ…Blessings.

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11 replies

  1. Praise God He rescued you out of the miry clay. Good article Darrell. The living Word that became flesh Jn 1 also desires to make His Home in us Jn !4:17, 20 & 23. That is truly a Living Word, that never changes, never contradicts His inspired written Word. Our body is the Temple of our Living Lord & Savior. We are to be mere vessels that allow His Will to work through us. Therefore it is not I who lives but Christ in me. All for His good pleasure.
    Blessing Darrell.

  2. Thank you so much for this encouraging note about the power of the Word. Thank you also for your informational note about the meeting at Pastor Ted’s. I received a blessing and I want to tell you that I appreciate you and your strong belief in our Lord.

  3. Such beautiful words, Darrell–poetic, peaceful, prophetic… you have stirred my heart. Thank you. Having broken and cut my toe earlier this evening, I very much appreciate receiving your post during an evening of discomfort.

    There is a knowingness Christians share because we have received the gift of God’s Word. Non-believers say, “There is no proof of God,” or “Jesus was a person who might have been a healer at the time, but his story has just become grander and more blown out of proportion over the generations,” or “The bible is fabricated–written words by men who were pushing their own strange religious ideology onto others,” or “Church is for the birds. It is just an easy way to make money off of people,” and finally, my personal favorite, “How can you say God is real? There is no proof!”

    Believers say, “God is the Creator of all things. God is evident in every thing. God is what we feel and know, deeply in our hearts, and vastly in our souls. This knowingness is like nothing else that can be explained. Once you receive it, you understand it–it is the truth–it is all that is real. God is built on our faith and is a gift we receive from His grace.”

    This knowingness of God that Christians share together is explained by Jesus, Himself, in Matthew 13:31-32: He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.”

    I pray the blinders may be lifted off the eyes of non-believers so that they will see the magnificent light in everything they are missing. The material, earthly, fleshly world will never save them, nor provide them with the harvest of God’s heavenly kingdom to come.

    How grateful am I to have risen above my own sinfulness and failure of drug addiction as a teenager. How blessed am I to have been saved and given a second chance to see and receive. How thankful am I to have the Holy Spirit flow through me.

    We are so privileged as God’s children, not only that we hear His Word, see His Glory, and receive the gifts of His Truth, but most of all, that we may be of service to share all of Him with others, that they might come to know Him as we do. Bless you, Darrell.

    • Bless you too Beverlee..You made my day….Sorry about your toe…Ouch :o( Bless you greatly and thanks again for a wonderful post, it blessed me

      • You made two significant points in your message I didn’t even address, Darrell–calling out to God for help and being personally directed to a message in His Word.

        When we call out (as you did, as I have) to God for help, He will always save us. The point is that WE MUST ASK, WE MUST CRY OUT TO GOD. For when we ask, we surely receive; we will be saved in that moment of despair. Another problem occurs when people begin to assume and stop asking; again, a trick of the devil.

        Secondly, when we realize that God uses the Word as His way to communicate directly with us, (as we use prayer to talk to Him), we will be led over and over again by the Holy Spirit, (as you were, as I have been), randomly pointing a finger on the page that opens and landing on the exact verse that applies to our very situation–the words that we need to hear at that specific moment. (Isaiah 356:4) To that, we can say amen!

      • Thats called my finger pointing theology…lol…The only time a finger should ever be pointed :)….Blessings again Bev, your words always bless me Darrell

  4. I think it is a wondeful revelation from the Lord. Ive been a follower of Christ for 27 years,and was a teacher in a 4 square church. I don’t ever beleve I have heard that interpretation before. The Lord is blessing you..He says that every step that we take towards him he steps towards us bringing us closer into the knowledge of Him and his wonderful love…Joan

  5. This is a mind opening post Darell. Thanks.

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