Momma may love you, but Daddy loves you MORE

Ever feel like you have been totally rejected? You probable have, probably more than once, we all have. Do you ever feel forgotten, misplaced, or feel like no one cares? I know I have.

It is human nature to sometimes become preoccupied with the day-to-day activities that consume our attentions, our time and our thoughts. I want to let you know that there is comfort and solace in the knowledge that God will never leave you; He will never forget you, He will never forsake you, He will never neglect you, He will always answer, and He will NEVER leave you hanging….NEVER.

Many times we are overwhelmed by the circumstances that life brings us and we instinctively reach out in need to those that are the closest to us, our friends, our family members, our co-workers and many times, other believers. But as is often the case, the dire straits that we find ourselves in, and the object of our concerns are too overwhelming for even us to face, let alone even our closest acquaintances. Often, what ends up happening is both you and those you reach out to become overwhelmed by the adversity that you face, making the situation seem even more and more hopeless which in turn causes you to become even more desperate in your  search for comfort, support, encouragement, and the resolution to your problems.

Isaiah 49:15   Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
       and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
       Though she may forget,   I will not forget you!

Our God never becomes so busy or preoccupied that He is not attentive and caring toward the needs of any of His children. We read here in Isaiah that it would be easier for a nursing mother to forget her infant child at her breast than for God to forget one of his children that He holds dear and near to His own heart.

There is a special bond that a mother has with her newborn child. It is one of the wonders of all creation, the special bond between a mother and child. She is in tune with every need, necessity and desire that her child has. Nothing can preoccupy her or take her away from her child’s needs. We read in God’s word that our Lord feels the same way toward you and I. He makes this promise here in Isaiah that He will NOT forget us, we are always on His mind. It is amazing that God wants us to realize that his love exceeds that of an attentive and loving mother. He anticipates our every need, even as a mother does her infant child. The Word goes even further, showing us that it is possible for a mother to forget the care of her child, but that is impossible with God. When God says ” I will not”, you can take that to the bank. He promises us,  I will not forget you.

God takes it even a step further than not forgetting you. He lets us know that the thoughts and cares we have, the things of concern and need that we are going to share with Him, He is already aware of.  He hears them before the words from our mouths are even spoken to Him in prayer.

Isaiah 65:24    Before they call out, I’ll answer.
Before they’ve finished speaking, I will have heard.

How would you like your needs to be answered even before you ask? Sound impossible? Maybe with mankind, but not with God. God is so attentive to our needs that here in Isaiah He tells us that He is answering us before even before we ask. As you began to vocalize, He already knows what you need, knows when you need it, understands where you need it, and realizes how small, or how great that need is. He does all of this even before you finish your first sentence. That to me is incredible, amazing, wondrous, and extremely comforting. Realize that He is always paying attention to you, listening to you, hearing you, and answering you. Take it to heart, believe on it and your life will begin to change. There is power in the realization that He knows.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you to reach out to someone as a friend?  After you explain your situation, and they became fully aware of your situation and what you need, does the phone suddenly becomes silent at the other end? They say, “Let me get back to you on that”, and then when you try to call them back, suddenly there is no answer, and  your calls keep  going to voice mail. Does this sound familiar? Has this ever happened to you? This will never be the case with God. You will never wonder if He got your message, or received your email. If your lips are moving, He is receiving.

He gives us assurance that he will answer our  call….Call 1-800-GOD. He is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We read in
Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

What God is saying to us here, is dial me up. I will always answer, 100% of the time. You will never get a voice mail or a busy signal. He is always ready and willing, even desirous of hearing your cry for help that He can be your God, your Heavenly Father who will love you as His child, caring for you and nurture your every need.

Do not let the cares and concerns of this world worry you to the point that the enemy convinces you that your Heavenly Father has forgotten about you, because that will never happen. God is no respecter of persons, which means that God has equal concern for all His children. Don’t ever let anyone, including Satan whisper in your ear that God is concerned with the needs of others who you or others might perceive to be “more spiritual” than yourself. That is a lie of the enemy. God sees us all the same. God will answer you just as quick, and be just as attentive to you as He is with Billy Graham.  He cares for all of us equally with the same love, concern, and attention that a mother does to her newborn child. There are very few things in this world that give you that kind of assurance.

I want you to know, and to rest assured that there is only one love that is greater than a mother’s love for a newborn child and that is the love that God feels and demonstrates toward us as His children. His love was, and is continuing to be demonstrated toward us, as He gave His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins that we might be nestled next to His heavenly bosom by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that’s assurance. He remembered you before you were ever born by offering you His Son to die in your place. He did that for you in love. He will never forget you in this lifetime or in that lifetime to come. God promises us and declares to us in His Word…. I will NOT forget you, and I WILL answer you.Isn’t it good to know that our Father loves his kids, (that’s you and me).

Momma may love you, but Daddy (Abba) loves you MORE.

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  1. Today is a great day for me after reading your blog about how much our Father loves us. It is so easy to forget that with all the earth rumblings we hear everyday. It is so refreshing to have this bit of wonderful news come into our eye gates. Thank you so much Darrell

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