Are You Loyal to God?

2 Chronicles 16:9

For the eyes of the LORD are looking and seeking throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are loyal and fully committed to him.

Are you in your heart, in your mind, and in your life and your activities loyal and committed to God?

Here in His Word we read that He is searching for someone just like you. Our Lord is so desirous of an intimate relationship with His creation that He searches out those who are loyal and committed to Him. If you are someone that falls into that category, you do not have to look and try to find God, He is already looking for you.

God wants to make His wonderful powerful presence a part of your life so that in turn you might be strengthened, renewed and comforted by the presence of the living God as a part of your life. God’s eyes are on you, He is never distracted, His attention is always on you. He never rests or sleeps. He is looking for men and women that are sold out to Him, men and women who are loyal to their God.


Faithful to lawful authority; faithful and true, as to faithful to a king or to whom one is subject; unswerving in allegiance.

Being true to any person or persons to whom one owes fidelity, especially as a wife to her husband, lovers to each other, and friend to friend; constant; faithful to a cause or a principle.

Are you loyal? Is God the authority in your life? Are you faithful and true to Him? Are you faithful, even as a servant unto their King, pledging to honor that loyalty, even with their own life? Is your allegiance only to God?

Allegiance is one of the most important parts of loyalty. When you pledge your allegiance, as in “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America”, you have made a statement that binds both parties. As a citizen your allegiance is the oath which binds you to the government, and in return the United Stated of America is bound by your pledge, to give you the protection which the government affords you. This is our allegiance as a citizen of the USA.

We are also to pledge allegiance to God, even before our country, even before our wife, husband, friends, family, or even our own children. We owe our allegiance to God. And under that allegiance we have protection and comfort as He watches over us and protects us, loving us as His own.

The second part of being loyal to God is very close to my heart, as I equate my love to God as I do that of my love for my wife. I want to be true to my God. I am thankful and honored that He would send His Son Jesus as a sacrifice for my sins. I have asked Jesus to come into my heart and become an intimate part of me. He is a friend above all friends and His friendship encompasses all friendships. He is always there, always ready, a constant in our time of need.

Sometimes life’s challenges and difficulties seem impossible when we look at them from the human point of view. Sometime we feel helpless and it seems that we do not have the strength to endure and face the battle that is ever before us. That is when we need to know that God is there watching over us and becoming the strength we need to overcome. But in order for this to happen we MUST be committed and loyal to Him.

Remember all the times when you have called out to Him and need and He has demonstrated His faithfulness becoming your strength, your courage, your overcoming alliance defeating them enemy that ever stands before you.

There is NO question as to whether God is looking over you and watching over you that is guaranteed in His word. The question you must ask yourself is are you loyal and committed to Him, in your life, in your deeds, in your thoughts in your actions, and in your heart of hearts. God gives us the choice and the  freedom to choose Him, and the strength to be loyal to Him.  Set your heart and eyes only upon Him.  Love and cherish Him.  Let it be your heart’s desire to be loyal to Him, give Him all of you. God is looking to show His might and strength for those who do.  Let it be you that He performs His glory for, His might for and His wonderful Grace changing your life and the lives of those around you. As he is looking let Him notice you because of your love, loyalty and commitment to Him.

He wants us to attain victory in all circumstances and live a victorious fulfilling life. All He asks in return is that we are loyal, faithful and committed. That is not too much to ask, from a God who is constantly watching over you, looking for the opportunity to be the strength we need to overcome any obstacle that comes before us. Be loyal, be committed and watch God perform miracles in your life. His eyes are upon you; let Him be pleased in what He sees.

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