Are you a Sour Grape?

Isaiah 5:4   

What do you think is going on between me and my vineyard?
Can you think of anything I could have done to my vineyard that I didn’t do?
When I expected good grapes, why did I get bitter grapes?

This scripture here in Isaiah illustrates the story of a man that built a vineyard on a hill. He took great care with the land, he cultivated it, removed all the weeds and stones so there would be nothing to hinder the growth of rich full grapes for his vineyard.  In preparation for his vineyard he took great care to select and plant the best quality seeds that would yield the best quality of grapes for his wine.

In preparation for his harvest he built vast vats to hold the grapes that would produce the wine. But in spite of all his efforts, planning planting and preparation his vineyard did not yield quality grapes. In fact he yielded a very poor quality grape for his wine.

I believe that there many parallels to draw from this story here in Isaiah in relationship to the believer, the Body of Christ and our Lord. God has gone to great lengths for you and me. He has cultivated, planted, and prepared the way for the seed of Christ to have an abundant harvest and fruitful production in their lives.

God has removed the chains of the curse of sin that had weighed upon the backs of mankind since Adam fell in the garden. The weight of sin that the world had to bear has been removed once and for all by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary. Mankind was lost, burdened by the law given to Moses, stuck in the law sacrifice for the temporary forgiveness of sins. Christ in His love and with His life gave us a gift in the ultimate sacrifice to permanently remove sin’s stain from humanity as He bore upon Himself the sins of the world as he was nailed to the cross.

Before the advent of salvation and the cross we were compelled to obey God’s law, and forgiveness was given by animal blood sacrifice for breaking that law. We are now free, saved by the Last and Final Sacrifice of our Lord on the cross that issued in a new age of forgiveness called Grace. This Grace in Christ Jesus has given us the freedom from sin to serve Him, and to have a personal relationship with Him. By God’s grace we are saved, there is nothing we ourselves can do to obtain forgiveness; it is a gift from God.

Since that day on the hill of Golgotha over 2000 years ago, God has increasingly given us more and more.  In the last 100 years his abundance has overwhelmed us, his most intimate creation. The current age in which we live is blessed beyond measure in our ability to serve God, share God and learn about God.  Just as the gardener did everything to prepare his vineyard, God has done everything necessary to prepare His people for an abundant and fruitful harvest.

He provided salvation where we had no hope through His Son Jesus. He provided us truth, intercession and comfort by the Holy Spirit working in our lives and dwelling in us. In these last days we have access to technology and advancement that no other age of believers has ever had.

We have His Word translated in every language in the world, and we have different translation versions of the Bible such as the KJV and the NIV. We have many things that no dispensation of believers has ever had. We have Christian movies, Christian TV, Christian Radio, the lists of media goes on forever. WE have podcasts, broadcast, seminars, webinars, etc., again the list goes on and on. There are churches basically on every corner to meet whatever type of need you might have. There are more teachers, preachers, apostles, and evangelists than ever before in history.

His Word declares that He is going to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days, and I believe that this is the first time in history where a man can stand at a podium and speak in the name of God and in the same moment be heard instantaneously in every nation upon the earth as it is broadcast through the millions upon millions of different avenues and venues and channels around the earth.

God has prepared this vineyard in this time for harvest. This crop of a lost and dying world needs to know and accept Jesus Christ as Lord. This last day’s harvest is ever ripe before the Church. We have been given the tools to reap the Final Harvest preparing the way for the second coming of Christ. There has never been another time in the history of the church that a world harvest has been possible by a united, unified and connected Body of Christ.

God is the manager and overseer of the vineyard. He planted it with the choicest vines in Christ Jesus; gave it a most excellent grace, instituted proper ordinances. God expects fruit from us that enjoy the privilege of salvation. Good purposes are good, but not enough; there must be vineyard fruit; with our thoughts and affections, with our words and actions, and in line and submissive to His Spirit. If we do not use all that God has provided for the harvest, we will bring forth bad fruit. Sour grapes are the fruits of a corrupt nature and a disobedient church.

 It is sad in the Body of Christ, when, instead of the grapes of humility, meekness, love, patience, and compassion for the world, for which God looks to see in every believer’s heart, there are the sinful and sour grapes of pride, self-importance, lust, and malice, and contempt for God. Instead of the grapes of praying and praising, the sour grapes of loose tongues and corrupt language is seen in many believers. Let us bring forth fruit with patience, that in the end we may obtain everlasting life, and reap a harvest of souls. Let us gather in the lost for the kingdom of God, as we honor the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, that the harvest might be ripe as we utilize the tools he has given us in these last days.

Jesus tells us in John 4, Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.

There will be a day when God will hold us accountable for all that He has done for us to prepare for the harvest. He wants us to utilize all that He has provided for us to reach a lost and dying world.

Luke 12:48

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.

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  1. Everytime i read God’s word it nourishes my soul. IT brings out the best in me.. May we be content on what we have rather than desiring what we dont have and be Thankful..
    There was a time i became a sour grapes that i feel really upset of my hubby the way he treated me(i want him to treat me that way i treated him) , but i was so wrong..The Lord talked to me and reminded me LOve is kind,love is patient and he told me that , in everything u do do it whole heartedly dont ask anything in return.. So now i said to myself I have to walk in LOVE the way my Father(GOD) taught me.

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