Springtime of Hope and Winter of Despair

Ecclesiastes 3:1  To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

 I have begun to notice the change in weather here in Colorado. Summer is on its way out the door and fall is arriving. It has begun to drop into the 50s on some evenings and I enjoy the cool crisp air once again. In the next month or so, snow will return to the top of Pikes Peak. I get a beautiful view of the mountain as my home sets in the valley below the peak and the beauty of the seasons is no more evident anywhere else than it is here in Colorado.

The beauty in which God created, designed and implemented the four seasons is a beautiful thing to see and behold as they work together bringing life growth and wonder to the earth. We watch as in the spring everything is alive refreshed full of new life and renewed. This life grows and becomes more productive through the summer. In the fall we began to reap the harvest of the labors set forth and implemented in the spring and summer. In the winter things are closed in, healing, recharging, and remain dormant awaiting the new life of spring once again. God has created a unique beauty in the four seasons that significantly contribute to our lives.

There is structure in everything that God has made. Just as he planned and created the seasons in nature, he planned and created seasons in our lives as well. We all have experience the beauty of spring in our lives, the time when we began new things. These new times are when we had new ideas, new ventures, new vision and we began to implement these in the springtime of our hope as we looked with anticipation toward the future.

Then the seasons change in our lives and a form of summer comes and we begin to work diligently on the ideas, dreams, and visions that we started in the spring. We work long and hard trusting God to accomplish that which He has planted in us, given to us, as we labor to see His will fulfilled in our lives. With the advent of fall, we begin to see the fruits of our labors that we started earlier in the spring of our hope and desire. There is a time of reaping and harvest when all that we have strived for comes to pass and we enjoy the fruits of our harvest.

But as is in nature there always seems to be a winter in which we see an end to a particular season in our lives. I have personally enjoyed great seasons of harvest where things were bountiful in my life. When things are going good, it seems that they are really going good. When everything is great and running smoothly, it seems that many times the winter of despair is following right around the corner. In the times of hardship and despair in the winters of our life, there is always the joy knowing that the spring of hope and new life is right around the corner.

Just as God designed and created the season by which nature and creation adheres to, He has designed, created and implemented the same for our lives. There are times that we will plant, be fruitful, and enjoy the accomplishments of our labor. There will also be time in which it seems that everything in our lives will come to a standstill, as our Lord wishes as to regroup in a time of rest. There will be seasons in which we will labor, remaining faithful doing that to which we are called day after day as we see His will implemented in our lives. As we remain faithful we will begin to see the harvest of that faithfulness as God will bring forth fruit in our lives that will enable us to have new beginnings, with doors that will open as we enjoy the harvest of our labor. There is an excitement that comes as we begin to see the great things that God has in store for our lives.

When things are not at their best, and you feel that your heart is burdened and it seems that everything around you is at its worst, know that there is a season to all things. Know that we serve a gracious God, and He will reach out to us in love, sustaining us in our winter of despair, heartache and grief. We need to keep our faith and trust in God strong, knowing that all things in Him work together for our good end and purpose. We need to not only believe, but know and understand that spring in God is always right around the corner. Just as it is in nature without winter, there would be no spring.

If you are in the winter of your life and see nothing but dead withered leaves, know that God sees sweet flowers growing in the springtime of your hope and promise. The day the Lord created winter and the cold was the same day spring was created and the same day in which hope was born. This hope was later fulfilled and renewed unto salvation upon the cross by the Son of God so that spring might come forth in our lives eternal in Jesus Christ our Lord.

You can’t see the UK across the ocean from NY, but you know it’s there.  It’s the same with spring.  You have to have faith even when you cannot see it because winter in your life has set in. There is a springtime that awaits you. Even if you cannot see it is there. Await the harvest and remain faithful as God’s will is perfected in your life as hope springs eternal in your life, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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2 replies

  1. Amen Bro. Darrell, Here on earth the seasons change, but I had this thought in reading your message, When we get to heaven, like the song says ” It will be Springtime forever there. Be Blessed

  2. hello pastor
    i greet you in the name of jesuse
    am very happy to have you as friend i thank you for your blessings
    every day may the lord bless you
    thanks bte

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