Are you _ _ _ _ _ ENOUGH for God?

Daniel Rocca

Daniel Rocca is a friend of mine here on Facebook. He is a man who loves God, and he is always seeking after the heart of the Lord. Daniel is an author and a poet, but mostly he is a man who loves to share with others the inspired writings that the Spirit lays on his heart. Daniels latest work is called Loves Crooked Road. It is full of poetry, lyrics, thoughts & wisdom. Love’s Crooked Road is a journey of fun and excitement. It is both happy and sad. It’s humbling and it’s fulfilling. It will inspire you, it will cause you to wonder and it will make your dreams take flight. You can find out more about his book at

Below are some thoughts from David that make you stop and say to yourself, wow that’s true about me. I know as I read these thoughts from Daniel I realized that in many areas of my life that I just didn’t do all I could or wasn’t being all I could be for God. I just wasn’t doing ENOUGH.

From Daniel Rocca….May the Lord touch your heart…..

 I don’t pray enough —I’m not always giving all of me. I’m not in His word enough —I’m not being all I can be.

 I don’t trust enough —often, I still try to drive. I don’t love enough —could be thriving, but I just survive.

  I don’t believe enough —for me, it’s not always His will. I don’t give enough —His requests, I don’t always fulfill.

I don’t look up enough —I look back, forward and all around. I don’t follow enough —I try to lead and get knocked down. I don’t care enough —I could be sharing and lifting His name. I don’t encourage enough —in His shadow I walk in shame.

 I don’t help enough —I try but I’m not always there. I don’t forgive enough —from within His love, living unaware.

I don’t have faith enough —sometimes doubt finds its way in. I’m not loyal enough —if I was I’d stop losing and finally win. I’m not sincere enough —I don’t always mean the words I say.

I’m not honest enough —lies still get’s in the way. I’m not real enough —sometimes I feel like a fraud. I’m not strong enough —I’m weak and humanly flawed.

 I haven’t surrendered enough —I still let me get in His way. I’m not willing enough —His love, so often I betray. I’m not compassionate enough —in me, kindness doesn’t always abound.

 In Him, I’m not lost enough —or I truly would be found. I’m not free enough —I keep holding onto my chains. I’m not sure enough —or He would be holding the reins.

I’m not wise enough —if I was, I’d no longer fail. I don’t seek Him enough —or the truth would always prevail. I don’t want Him enough —or He’d always be here. I don’t lean on Him enough —or He’d always be near.

I don’t give Him glory enough —or it would be Jesus, more people would follow. I’m not fulfilled enough —or I wouldn’t feel so hollow.

 I’m not in Him enough —or to temptation I would never succumb. I’m every believer in Jesus Christ —desperately seeking to become.

I’m not immersed in the Spirit enough —I’m spiritually poor. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ —desperately seeking to become more. I’m not selfless enough —or I would be completely His. I’m not in love with Him enough —there it is.

If you would like to read nuggets of wisdom from Daniel Rocca on a regular basis, look for him here on Facebook at  and send a friend request.

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3 replies

  1. Good Reading, it sounds like me also, It would be so nice to just be in the spirit all the time. Paul tells us to walk in the spirit and to do this we have to pray, read, and give ourselves wholly to these things. We are living in a world right now that we have never lived in before, even though we have been here all our lives, things are so different and the only thing that will get us through is doing more of what this Bro talked about and pressing in to the Holy Spirit of God. Blessings Nedia

  2. So simply, truly and completely put. Well said, indeed and stirs my heart.

  3. Amen, that is my kind of writing. Going there now………………………………

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