My Prosperity is in His Posterity

Let me open by saying, when I wrote this piece I read it to my family and asked them if they understood what I was trying to say. There are two words I will be using here prosperity, and posterity. These two words sound similar, but two completely different meanings.My wife suggested that in the beginning of this piece I explain the meaning of the word posterity as she had never heard it used in connection with the Body of Christ, and neither have I. So I will try.
  Posterity is
1. Generations of people to come in the future;
2.  All of a person’s descendants, their bloodline 

In this story when the posterity of Christ is mentioned, it refers to all those who have been redeemed by His blood and all those who will be redeemed in the future; this is the definition of the posterity of the Lamb of God.
How many times have you heard someone say……If I just had 10 million dollars, that’s all I would need, or what I could do with just a million dollars?
But, when is the last time you heard someone say…….If I just had the power of the Holy Spirit working through me that all I would need, or what I could do with just some anointing.When is the last time you heard someone say…..If I could just show His love and lead someone to Christ that’s all I would need, or what can I do to show love and compassion to someone.
There is a mindset that the enemy has placed on the human condition that is of this world and not of God. It is the natural condition of our mind, the natural condition of the human spirit. The Bible says that the “love of money” is the root of all evil. We have convinced ourselves and conditioned our thinking that the love of money is being greedy or lusting after wealth, a grand act or Wall Street insider trading thinking.
Nothing is further from the truth.  I am here to tell you that the love of money is much simpler than that. If we, the redeemed, the blood washed, salvation rescued, spirit- filled, joint-heirs, and adopted seed of Christ teach and believe in our own prosperity above, foremost and rather than the posterity of Christ, we are under the condition of the mindset that Satan has on the flesh, and that is the “love of money”. If our goals are prosperity minded, rather than posterity lead we are probably influenced more by the “love of money”, than we are lead of the Spirit. OUCH!
Defined Again: Posterity simply defined is the future generations and bloodline collectively or all the descendants of one person.
We are the posterity of Christ, our birthright written in His blood. I find this fascinating. We are of the generation of He who was slain, buried and resurrected. We are the direct descendent of He who died on the cross. Our prosperity is only in His posterity. The Lord directed us in the “Great Commission” to bring others to the foot of Calvary for redemption, and His word tells us in Jude 22 that is those who have compassion that make a difference in the world.
Jesus tells us in Mark 12:28-31- The greatest commandment is to so love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, passion, intelligence and energy.’ And here is the second: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment that ranks with these.”

If we love others as we are commanded by our Lord, and have true compassion, we will reach out to a lost and dying world with the message of the cross, to bring the lost to Christ that they may join in the ranks of the posterity of the Lamb.
If we are truly His disciples, then we must prepare the way for our Lord’s second coming and for his kingdom, even as John the Baptist did for his first coming. If we truly are His disciples, and believe His Word, and long for His return, we must our follow our mission as laid out before us in the Great Commission until he comes, and that is to tell His message of salvation, to tell of His love and to lead the lost to Him.

But sadly there are many within the Body of Christ who think that their own prosperity is more important than the posterity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is one reason so many in the church have fallen astray and have been carried away by all kinds of weird and strange doctrine. We as the church are not doing our duty as we are commanded to do, and that is to lead the lost to Christ, and make disciples. Many Christians today have lost a sense of Jesus’ presence and purpose among us, and it is because we in the Body have lost sight of the mission our Lord has clearly given us. We are to tell others bringing them to salvation adding to the posterity of Christ which is our prosperity.
The Christians most fundamental duty is to lead the lost to Christ and preserve those souls redeemed for Christ’s posterity. (descendants, future generations)  God wrote His memoir in Christ’s blood for posterity. (the future, descendants). You and I are responsible and we have been commanded in His word to ensure the continuation of the bloodline (posterity) on Christ by leading the lost to Calvary, and showing compassion to a world in need a Saviour to save them, adding them to all those from generation to generation that have been redeemed, the descendents of the cross, which includes you and I, the posterity of Christ.

Posterity and Prosperity….Two different words, two different meanings.
Your own prosperity, or the posterity of Christ, which do you think is more important? More importantly, which do you believe that God thinks is more important?

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  1. Prosperity of Christ is the correct answer, but it’s a continual struggle to stay in that answer. I have to daily die to my own ambitions.

  2. Bro. Darrell Christ should be more important in our lives than the love of money or anything else. I found in my walk of life with Christ, if I put Him first in my life, then all these things will be added unto me. and I have found this promise, that God’s children will have no need to beg for bread. This is hard sometimes to apply it when you are facing bills and it doesn’t seem like God is any where around. or your children are hungry and there is nothing there to eat. No clothing to put upon your back , but He said He would supply all and I say all of your needs according to His and I say His riches in glory. All we have to do is stand on the promise and wait for the future. God will sustain us [No matter what] Simple Faith Believe when we pray and wait patiently on our God. He is here, hallelujah, Here is here Amen. Blessings

  3. we were first born God knew who we were before we became a child. we got older then we had to make a choice, A new life or well not a great choice the other way. I am Happy Jesus is part of mine. This is the important choice all of us have to make. Thank You again Darrell for this page you do every week.

  4. I was reminded of this moral when I opened my facebook this morning, and there was a response to my message from an old friend that I had not seen in decades and whom I became reacquainted with a couple of days ago. She is very successful it appears. Married, kids, nice house, lives in Mississauga, the good looking husband who also is well healed as well…the works. She has always been a dear friend from high school. One of those people that you would remember decades later.

    Well, I came to notice that everytime I meet up with an old friend from high school the first thing that they enquire about is they want to know about your life. So, I told my friend Anita about my life. I went into a lengthy description of what Christ had come to mean to me and how the direction of my life had been influenced by my belief in His teachings and not what I just accepted as right from society like friends, family, peers…etc. That I depend wholly on His mercy and He seems to provide without my taking matters in my own hands, just like He promised. This must have sounded very strange.

    After updating her I was apprehensive as to what she would think. A couple of days passed and I received no reply so I wrote back and asked her why she did not write back and if she still liked me? She wrote back the next day and said that she was busy at work and had no access to face book and that what she meant by asking about my personal life was if I was married or had family. She did not ask specifically, but also probably also was curious as to what I was doing for a living. I then wondered why are our priorities so messed up? Why don’t we ask if we’ve found Jesus Christ and not just wonder about the material things? It’s as if we take what really sustains us for granted and make no inquiry about it or just don’t have the courage to ask. Maybe we don’t want to seem too personal. Here was my reply:

    Vito D’Alessandro October 29 at 11:00am

    Ok, thank you, ****, I like you too as you can tell. Also I thank you for taking an interest in and enquiring about my welfare. No, I haven’t married nor have had children. I guess I just haven’t haven’t found Ms. Right. Come to think of it, I haven’t even found Ms. Wrong! lol I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I could even get myself arrested. lol. Poor little me, but all is not despair. However, I HAVE found the most important person to me of all in a major sense, and it’s not a beautiful woman but the Spirit of Jesus Christ. That sustains me more than all the riches and children on Earth! Lord knows I have been through so many difficult things in my life that probably only a higher power would be capable of bringing the inner healing that I need really more than anything.

    I’m sorry that I cannot not impress you better at this time, *****, and I wish I could, but obviously I’m just not the kind of successful person that you and many others are and have become. But I can be thankful just the same to God for your success because you really are a very beautiful person and deserve it very much and so much, much more. If it were within my power I would bless you infinitely, *****. Right to the top of the sky and beyond! Since I can’t do this personally, I will ask God in my prayers to bless you in this manner.

    Thank You for writing back, *****. It means alot to me. Please keep in touch now and then. That would mean alot to me too and more! Have a great weekend.

    With Love and Kindness,


  5. Christ spoke it – “Out of the abundance of the heart will the mouth speak”. Do we look for another mans wealth or our own selfish wealth. This day is the only day that you can choose to serve or be served. Tomorrow choices are yet to be determined, cause no man knows what tomorrow brings. We can plan and plan and yes it is good to have a plan of action, but a man that has not the ears to hear the Holy Spirit of change is like the blind leading the blind. Jesus said- The man that is born of the Spirit is like the wind and you know not which way it comes or goes. Christ came to this earth born from a virgin. He was lead to the barn for His life to begin and seated on the back of a donkey for His life to end. He has given all of us the power to choose! Prosperity for ourself or Posterity for Christ? My praise is to the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to my Saviour Jesus that gave all He had for yours and my Salvation. Now its our time to give, not out of debt but from our heart to help others to know the knowledge of His Grace. Without His Law we could not know about His Grace. There is no weapon formed against us that can prosper so we must choose this day whether we serve or be served? Keep it going Derrell, fight the good fight! “So Fight I” 1cor. 9:26

  6. I finally stumbled upon this website. i’m satisfied to convey that I’ve an incredibly good uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I most without a doubt will make sure to do not overlook this site and give it a look on a constant basis.

  7. Go back to Isaiah 53 and look at verse 10: Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush him; he has put him to grief; when his soul makes an offering for guilt, he shall see his offspring; he shall prolong his days; the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.

    Jesus’ offspring is the will of the Lord prospering in his hand. Jesus’ posterity is God’s prosperity!
    dinkum downunderwriter david

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