Think You Got Problems?

Think you’ve got problems? Difficulties in life are nothing new. Sometimes when we are going through rough times, we feel like we have been deserted by God, or think God doesn’t care, or think He is unfair. There are going to be times when we are afraid for ourselves and our families. There are going to be times when we think we won’t make it. But I am here to say that we will make it because God will save us and pull us through. God wants us to know that no matter how hard the situation is, He is here and ready to achieve victory on our behalf. In His Word, the Lord shared a few difficult situations to show us He is God and the victory is ours, if we just trust in Him.
Think you have it rough? Really? Try these on for size:

  • Daniel had problems….
    Daniel had it so rough he was offered up as the main course for the King’s lions because he disobeyed the King’s decree. There were men in the King’s staff that did not like Daniel—they were jealous and wanted to bring him down. The Bible says Daniel was totally exemplary and trustworthy. The King’s men could find no evidence of negligence or misconduct. Knowing that Daniel was a praying man, they cooked up a scheme to make the King’s decree. The decree stated for thirty days no one was to pray to any god or mortal, except the King. Anyone who disobeyed would be fed to the lions. When Daniel learned about the decree, he continued to pray to God, just as he had always done. So the King had Daniel fed to the lions. But God sent His angel, who closed the mouths of the lions so that they would not hurt Daniel. The King ordered Daniel taken up out of the den. When he was hauled up, there wasn’t a scratch on him. In the face of what the world would consider certain death, Daniel had been delivered. Why? Because he trusted in God.
  • Joseph had problems…..
    Joseph was first thrown into a well and left to die by his jealous brothers. They then changed their minds and sold Joseph into slavery, where he spent many years. After being wrongfully accused of a crime, he was put in prison for thirteen years. Eventually, after these humble years of suffering, he was exalted to a position of honor with the ruler. Yes, having faced slavery, beatings and imprisonment, Joseph was finally delivered, and became a ruler over Egypt. Through all the bad and good times, Joseph learned to be happy where he was. He became the best person he could be throughout the situations God gave him. The Word tells us that in spite of all his troubles, God was with him—whatever Joseph did, God made sure it worked out for the best. Why? Because he trusted in God.
  • Moses had problems…..
    God provided an escape for the enslaved children of Israel, out of Egypt. But in that escape, they were hunted down by an army. Moses knew they were facing danger and could be killed by Pharaoh’s soldiers, but God told Moses to camp near the Red Sea. When the children of Israel saw the army with chariots and horsemen approaching, they panicked and were afraid, but Moses cried to God for help. God told Moses to go forward, but that meant going directly into the sea, which would be rough. But remember, Jesus told us in His word, that with God, all things are possible! Moses lifted his staff and God caused the wind to blow so hard that the waters were divided. There was a wall of water on each side as the children of Israel hurried through the middle on dry ground. When they were safely across, Moses stretched out his hands. They watched as the sea closed up around the army and drowned them all. With this miraculous parting of the Red Sea, God provided an escape for Moses and the children of Israel from Pharaoh’s army. Why? Because he trusted in God.


  • Jesus had problems…..
    The Bible tells us that Jesus was captured by Roman soldiers in the garden. Jesus was then severely thrashed, whipped, beaten and made fun of by the Roman soldiers, before they put Him to death. A crown of sharp thorns was smashed into His head. The soldiers hammered nails through His hands and feet to the cross and left Him to die. They stuck a spear through His body. They took away His clothes and bet each other to see who would keep them. Jesus was crucified along with common criminals. The crowds and religious leaders said a lot of bad things about Jesus as He hung on the cross. It was a terrible thing that happened at Golgotha, but unlike Daniel, Joseph and Moses, the reason was different. Why? Because God believed and trusted in you and me.

God knew we would have problems—just like Daniel, Joseph and Moses. So for our sake, He came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to be punished on our behalf and die as a sacrifice, for our sins. Having this knowledge, we are not to be like the spiritually blind people of this world who think Jesus doesn’t matter and that the cross is foolish.

As bad as things have become at times… I have never been fed to the lions, nor thrown into a well, to be left for dead. I have never been sold to slavery or chased by armed soldiers who want to end my life. At times, when it has really sucked and my faith has wavered, I have held on and not lost heart in my God, because I trust in Him. I know He will save me, just like He saved Daniel, Joseph and Moses. We can all trust Him to save us—He died on Calvary—for you and me.

Let Him perform His will, His way… When we are angry and face hardships, we may think He isn’t hearing our cries for help. But we must trust in Him and know He is carrying us. When the hurdle is over, we will be able to look back and see what He saw, to realize that He knew what was best for us, at the time. In the end, He always comes through to rescue us.

So just trust in Him, just trust… Trust Him, because we can’t fix our own problems. Through my own trials and tribulations, that is one thing I have figured out. When we let Him take control, make the memories and write the chapters in our books of life, everything works out for the good. Look to Jesus—He will finish it for you!

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4 replies

  1. Thank you Bro Darrell for that word of encouragement today. God knows I had a need for that word as I read I began to feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit it brought tears to my eyes and put a leap in my step. I feel God is working something in my life at this time. I have been praying about the situation for sometime, He has not showed me what the end result will be, but I know that He does have an answer. Please Pray for Me that I might learn what His will is and respond to His will with my whole heart. I love you in the Lord, Bro. Darrell. Be Blessed

  2. Greetings to you in the Holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Thanks Bro Darrell for your inspiring words. I am a Govt. servant and have the desire to preach the Word of Lord, therefore, thoroughly go through which you share to us, which are precious to us to understand the theme of word.

    Once again I thank you and your family for making us understanding the word of Lord more clearly. God Bless!

    arvind kumar topno

  3. hi pastor
    am very happy to receive this healing words from u am 19years in holland no paper no wife
    and childeren and am always praying to god to help me sourced so thanks for your encourragement and pray for me to have them before the year end .
    thanks joseph god bless you

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