The Body Of Christ…Know Your Place

The main purpose of today’s piece is to point out that a healthy functioning church is an expression of Christ to the world. Being healthy in the Body of Christ depends on every member knowing and fulfilling their Christ appointed role within the Body.

The following is a fable written by Ivan Krylov in the early 1800s. It is a fable with a message.  I will then follow the fable and apply the message contained in the fable to the Body of Christ. I hope you enjoy this piece.


The tricky Monkey, the Goat, the Donkey, and bow-legged Bear, determined to play a musical quartette. They provide themselves with the necessary pieces of music, with two fiddles, and with an alto and a bass. Then they sit down on a meadow under a tree, and prepared to enchant the world by their skill. They work with all their will; and they make a noise, but there is no music in it.

“Stop, brothers, stop” cries the Monkey, wait a little! How can we get our music right? It’s plain; you mustn’t sit as you are. You, Bear with your counter-bass, face the alto. I will sit opposite the second fiddle. Then a different sound of music will begin: we shall set the very hills and forests dancing.” So they change places, and start again; but the music is just as bad as before. “Stop” exclaims the Donkey; “I have found out the secret. We shall be sure to play in tune if we all sit in a row.”

They followed Donkey’s plan and settled in a row.  But even more so, the music would not go. More fiercely than before they argued then about whom should be sitting where. A nightingale, in passing, chanced the noise to hear. At once, they turned to her to solve their problem. They pleaded, “Please, nightingale, spare us some time to help us make music: We have our instruments and scores. Just tell us how to sit.

 The nightingale answered them back. “For making music, you must have the knack, and ears more musical than yours.”You, my friends, no matter where you sit or your positions, you will never be musicians.

As we see in the fable being seated in a position does not necessarily give one the talent or the ability to fulfill the seat in which they are seated. This is clear in much of the Body where we see many seated in positions that they have not been called to. The place that Christ has called you to is very important. You need to be in tune with God’s will that you can teach others within the Body according to how the Lord has placed you within the Body. If you are in the correct place within the Body you will be able to teach and instruct others with the gifts and abilities the Lord has entrusted you with.

We read in 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31 that the Body of Christ has many Members. They are all important and essential –

God has uniquely gifted you for functioning within the body of Christ He has gifted you to fulfill that to which He has called you.  Are you fulfilling your position within the body so that believers are benefiting from your ministry? Do you appreciation the contribution that other believers make in your life and in your local body? Are you envious of the gifts that others believers have? Are you content with your Christ-appointed place within the Body?

Recognize and see that the Spirit of God is present and working in his people; that He is committed to glorifying Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God working in us has given us work to do and the capacity and ability to do it. We as believers are to be united, in tune working together, each in the correct positions within the Body of Christ.

The work of every believer working together is to heal the broken-hearted in the world, and to give deliverance to the captives, to open the eyes of the blind, and to preach the good news to a lost and dying world. This is what the Body of Christ is in the world to do, to encourage, and help people.

There is nothing in the world more beautiful, more exquisite than the Body of Christ, finely tuned working together.

It’s very important for each one of us to know our gifts, to discover what they are, and to come to understand what our gifts fit us for. Where can we serve? Where can we make our best contribution? When we are confident of where we fit in the Body of Christ, we should engage in making that contribution with a whole heart. Each of us can contribute within the Body in our correct positions as the work of the Spirit is made manifest in us.

Let the Lord lead you as you are in tune with the Spirit to find your place within the Body. Don’t be one of those that sit on the sidelines or in the wrong position and squander the opportunity to invest your spiritual gifts to impact the lives of others. Make a difference in The Body of Christ…Know Your Place!

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  1. D…

    How’s life? We are here in Broomfield now. Let’s get together soon. Keep up the Kingdom stuff…!

    Greg G.

  2. God Bless You, Darrell. remember why we have Thanksgiving its not really about eating much but rememb ering to thank the Lord. I am happy we became friends here. Its been great! I also am happy your wife and I are friends. God Bless you two. I mean it! Great people like you and here are very rare. Love you both. Have a great week and a blessed Thursday.

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