Heavenly GPS

I was recently in New York City where I discovered just how helpful a GPS navigation system is. From Manhattan to the Bronx there is so much traffic, so many streets, and so many addresses, that if you are not a resident, there is no way to find where you are going from a map. You need a GPS system to direct you.

When I first arrived I thought I could navigate my way with just a map. I soon discovered how fruitless that was and had to get a GPS for the car to direct me. I could then just plug-in the info to where I was going and the voice would direct my every turn and exit ahead of time for me making my commute bearable, as driving in New York is hard enough itself. Without the GPS I would not have been able to navigate my way around such a difficult city to drive in.

The same goes for life. It is hard enough to go through life, day-to-day, week in and week out without heavenly guidance. Going through life without letting God direct you is about as crazy as driving around New York without directions, you will never find where you are going. How do you get in touch with the heavenly GPS system? Prayer is your plug-in to heaven’s GPS guidance.

Just as the GPS systems receive data from satellites circling the earth, you and I have the Holy Spirit living in us. He is our receiver so we can receive guidance from God. The Holy Spirit does not walk beside us; He lives in us and directs our prayer so that we can be in tune with Heaven. When we pray we lock into the will of the Father. His will is the GPS system for our life.

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed to the Father, “Nevertheless not my will, but thine be done”.  Jesus said that He could do nothing of himself, but only that which he sees the Father do. Jesus recognized our partnership with God. Jesus operated here on earth by seeking the Father’s will, doing the Father’s work, and praying which kept Him connected to Heaven’s GPS.

On earth our GPS system keeps us from going the wrong way, warning us ahead of time when and where to turn. Heavenly GPS keeps us from making the wrong turns in life, and it keeps us from having to go back to the beginning to get where we are going. Heavenly GPS tells us how to get there quicker, avoids life’s traffic jams,  bad roads, construction zones, washed out bridges, and lets us know the conditions of the road ahead. Heavenly GPS guidance keeps us from heading into a dead-end, and guides us in the will of the Father.

No matter where we are located an earthly GPS can find our location and give us direction.  God knows where we are, where we are headed emotionally and spiritually, and how to calculate and direct us so that we can find our way to sanity, peace, happiness and joy.

It is unfortunate when Christians try to find their own way and not let God direct them. Our selfish flesh keeps us from consulting our Heavenly GPS. Pride tells us we can do it all by ourselves, and keeps us from reaching our proper destination. Pilots land huge aircraft in fog and in bad weather when they cannot even see because they have learned to trust their navigational equipment which can guide them in difficult situations. We in like manner need to trust in God’s navigation when our lives are in a fog, when we are in the midst of the storms, when we are in life’s difficult situations. He will guide us and bring us safely to our destination.

There were several times while I was in New York because of traffic conditions that I would miss my turn and the voice from the GPS  would keep telling me over and over where I needed to turn to get back on track to my destination. Once I was on a street where I missed my turn and because of construction I could not immediately turn around and go back to my turn. The GPS kept announcing annoyingly over and over that I needed to go right and kept showing and telling me that route to get back on the right path. It was annoying because it kept repeating the same instructions over and over again, until I corrected my path. It is the same with the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us and tells us the will of the Father. He reminds us when we go astray to return to the path of righteousness and guidance from God. Many times we get annoyed with God as He reminds us over and over when we get off the path until we correct our way that we may reach the right destination.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Heaven has the precise navigation for our life if we will seek the will of the Father in prayer. Commit yourself to set aside a daily time for prayer and devotion with your Father.  He will show you the direction He wants you to go. Prayer locks us in to Heaven’s GPS as we are empowered by His Spirit living in us and guiding us that He might be glorified in our lives. Turn on Heaven’s GPS in your life, and seek His will in prayer. Let His navigation direct your life, giving you hope and a future.

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  1. Bro. Darrell I have never thought of the kingdom of God in terms of a GPS. I have been in NY a few times, but did not have a GPS. Got stuck trying to go across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey for about 2 hrs. Cars were every where. I have found though throughout my walk with Christ, that the Bible is the road map to the Throne of God, prayer is the key that opens the way. The Bible is the spiritual road map just as the GPS is the physical road map. If the Body of Christ would only read the daily instructions, Study them out and Pray, they would surely find out the way and no man could take that out of our hearts. I have been struggling in the last few months with the spirit of error. I have been told that what I learned from the Bible is not right, that it is all traditionalism and my own opinion. I have sought the Lord and The Lord uses scripture as the Spiritual GPS to open my understanding of His word. I appreciate your post this morning. God will be our GPS on the right hand and on the left hand. He will be our front lets and our rearward. As you said all we have to do is seeking Him and He tells us if we seek Him early, we shall find Him. Blessings in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  2. Thank you for the messages you always send for me may God bless you.The messages realy bless my heart.Thank you God bless you.

  3. I would love to receive messages on how I can strengthen my relationship with God and my faith. My marriage was almost destroyed because we allowed the devil to come in and take away what God blessed us with. For many yrs I lost my way with God and my husband restored his relationship and now because he felt God didn’t answer his prayers to lead me back to him (I had an affair) quickly he has now moved on to do the devil’s work. I have repented for my sins and pray daily throughout the day for God to restore my marriage..I have also gone to church for the first time in yrs.. I want my relationship with God to be whole before he allows my husband to come home.. I will wait patiently for God time not my own but I do know that he will allow my marriage to be mended and for both of us and our 5 children to follow Gods word..

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