Wait my Child, Wait

I recently was told a story about a young man in Colorado. I will call him Wade. He was 30 years old. He had been laid off from his job and had been looking for employment for quite some time. He had put in application, after application, but despite his many attempts he could not find a job. He became depressed. One evening as he sat alone in his apartment he thought about his bills mounting up and no income to pay them. Wade knew he would soon be out of house and home. He soon would not have a car as he had no income to pay his car payments. As he sat and was overcome by fear, he abandoned all hope of a future. Alone, depressed and despondent, he hanged himself.

The irony of the situation was, unbeknownst to him that sad evening, was that one of his applications for employment had been approved. It had been mailed the day of his suicide and would arrive at his home the very next day. But it would arrive a day too late. If he had just waited one more day, he would have seen the hope for a future that had already taken place. He died not knowing that his desperation could have come to an end. He had been hired, but would never be able to take the job, as he had ended his life before he received the good news.

As I listened to this true story, I was brought to tears. I said to myself “If he had just waited one more day, everything would have been different; if he had just waited, and not given up hope, and a tragic end could have been avoided”. I think that this happens to many people every day. They may not hang themselves, but they give up hope and abandon their future. I see them sleeping in alleyways, standing by the side of the road, begging for change. I see them as they abandon their families, spouses, loved ones, jobs, and careers. There is nothing worse in life that not being able to wait on God, and losing all your hope for a future.

A person who has lost all hope is relegated to being destitute, without God. Without hope in God they will find themselves feeling abandoned, desolate, disinherited, displaced, and down-and-out. Those who cannot wait upon the hope of the Lord will feel estranged, exiled, forsaken, friendless,  uncared-for, unsettled, abandoned, alone, comfortless,  despairing, desperate,  forgotten, down  in the dumps, lost, miserable, solitary, tragic, unhappy, weighed down, woebegone, and wretched. These feelings will lead to many disasters in life; loss of marriage, loss of family, loss of social standing, and in extreme cases, as with Wade above, even loss of life.

I could write story after story about tragedies of people I know who have grown so depressed and hopeless that they have destroyed their lives. We cannot allow the enemy to convince us that we are hopeless, worthless, or good for nothing.

The Bible tells us in Psalms 42:5

Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and my God!

When we hope in God, it silences the enemy and lets us realize that tomorrow will come. It keeps the God’s peace our heart, which averts a feeling of hopelessness. A hopeless soul is lost, it cannot survive. It cannot find rest, and there is no peace, when hope is not there. Hope can heal a broken spirit when nothing else can. A mother can make her crying infant quiet and at peace by laying it to her breast.  David took his discouragement and sadness and he lays it on the breast of God’s promises “Why am I discouraged; Why am I sad; I will put my hope in God.” Here we see David, his heart and soul comforted, even as an infant is comforted on its mother’s breast. Hope in our Lord will fill our brokenness and feelings of sorrow with peace, joy and comfort. In His consolation we will be able to laugh while there are still tears in our eyes. Finding joy through hope in God is never more welcome than when we are broken by the disasters that are occurring in our lives. The grace and hope in Jesus Christ will fill our souls with joy. It is in realizing what Christ has done for us that we will find comfort.  Hope will renew life within us, if we will but rest on the breast of His promises.

Isaiah 40:31 

But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

There are times in life when we feel so tired, worn out, and stressed out, we that we think we are done. We think we cannot even take one more step. We abandon all hope. We simply give up. I imagine that is what happened to Wade. It is when our life is in crisis, when our circumstances have drained all our strength from us; it is then we need to hope and wait upon the Lord. God wants to give us a new tomorrow, He wants to bring a new tomorrow, renewing our strength. He wants us to have life, and live it in abundance. God intends a wonderful fruitful life for us. The key to that is stopping, and waiting on Him to accomplish His will in our lives. He is our hope for tomorrow and strength for today. He bids us “Wait my child, wait”

Lamentations 3:26   It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD

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10 replies

  1. i know the feeling of no hope. But no matter how bad i feel i turn to prayer. I still have no job and no money.

  2. This story I feel needs to be shared by far much more.See I am a christian author,my second book is called SUICIDE SPIRIT.See this story means allot to me because I not only attempted my life 5 times but now all around the world people are e mailing me and calling me asking for help.I have a minestry but to many people dont realize its not about me or my experiances its about JESUS CHRIST.See its meaning less to tell people I attempted suicide or I was a psychic unless I can offer them hope that last forever.See when my psycoligest took his life and I had 9 friends take their lives every one in the professional field and all my friends just said its a matter of time till Tim takes his life.Pastors wouldnt talk to me about Suicide and fellow christians just treated me like I was insane and once in a while some people had lip service.But I am hear to tell you that when you meet the real JESUS CHRST,he will restore,bring joy,peace,security,laughter and hope.So please dont give up.Read my testimoney on my web sight so you can see God restores.Tim

  3. This story is very deep because I attempted suicide 5 times and now I help people deal with thoughts of this.Ever sense I wrote my book SUICIDE SPIRIT I have discoverd so many people are hopeless and they just dont see that Jesus is much more than just a nice story or a wall figure to hang on a wall but he is ALIVE AND HE DOES RESTORE.

  4. My God,man!!! How could you know that this was exactly ME one year ago. God knew though.I was one day away from death one day,when i went on FB and called out for help.You were one of the first to respond to me.I ALMOST killed myself as well as my blessing oppourtunity.Thank God I DID wait just one more day AND make one more plea for help.Thank you for being there then,my friend.And still there if I should need. Or just still being my friend,Bro. It was encouraging to know someone understood,when I didnt understand myself. Someone finally quit yelling “You are crazy!!” And quietly spoke;”I understand,I will help you.”

  5. Bro Darrell like this song says: They that wait upon the Lord…..Shall renew their strength….They shall mount up on wings of eagles…..They shall run and not grow weary…..They shall walk and not faint…..Teach me Lord…..Teach me Lord to wait. Very good sermon today. God Bless You

  6. I am so glad someone approaches this in a Biblical stance. I have been suicidal many times and attempted more than I care to mention. Since JESUS I’ve asked Jesus into my life He has been working things out. He is healing me but it is a process and I am so glad He loves me so much that he is doing things I have tried in my own self and failed over and over. But with Jesus we can not fail.

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