Suicide :-(

    Do not be a fool–why die before your time?” Ecclesiastes 7:17b

• Worldwide there are more deaths due to suicide than to accidents, homicide and war combined.
• Every year approximately 865,000 Americans attempt to  take their own life
• A person dies by suicide about every 15 minutes in the U.S.
• A suicide attempt is estimated to be made once every 40 seconds in the U.S.
• Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students and the third leading cause of death among all youth 15–24 years old.

After grace,  life is the most precious gift that humanity has been given.  We are privileged  to be alive on this earth and to be a part in the grand scheme of God’s eternal plan.  Yet,  there are many times life becomes hard and difficult and we feel overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. Many times things get so unbearable that people wish they were dead or had never been born. This is the plan of our enemy, Satan. He wants us to feel alone, separated and without hope. If we do not reach out and receive comfort and strength from God we can become desperate. If feelings of desperation linger long enough, in some cases suicide seems to be the only relief for these feelings. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death worldwide with about a million people dying by suicide annually. According to 2007 data, suicides in the U.S. outnumber homicides by nearly 2 to 1 and ranks as the 11th leading cause of death in the country. Worldwide suicide rates have nearly doubled in the last 100 years. The suicide rate is rapidly increasing in the U.S.

When a person is so far gone that they take their own life, there is injury that is done besides to their own body. Suicide hurts the heart of God, as we are His children. Suicide also leaves behind a great pain in the hearts and minds of the friends and family of those who loved the deceased.  I want those who might be having feelings of desperation and might be contemplating suicide to know that there is a way out. There  is hope and life for you, and God is that hope. He is the restorer of that which has been lost and He can heal any wound, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Studies have shown that as many as 50% percent of the general public have seriously considered suicide as a solution to their problems. That number is staggering. That means that most people at one time or another has at least,  the passing thought of suicide as an option to what they are struggling with. When we are depressed and allow thoughts of depression and despair to overwhelm us, our minds are clouded, and all our heart feels is hopelessness. That is when we are in danger,  when our thoughts and feelings are trapped in our clouded brain. If 50% of society contemplates suicide but far less actually go through with it shows that inside ourselves we have the ability to find a source of strength to overcomes feelings of hopelessness and despair. The grace of God will keep you here. The love of Christ makes life worth living. When life gets to the point that all seems lost, we have to ask ourselves if there is anything in life that makes it all worth while, and to find happiness. We all want to be happy. We all want to enjoy life, have fun, and live life to its fullest.

Knowing this and retaining the hope of a brighter tomorrow is one reason why many people who consider suicide don’t go through with it. Having that hope grounded in the Blood of Christ makes all things possible. There is something and someone out there which will make all the pain go away. His name is Jesus Christ and He offers a love and peace for a broken heart that exceeds all human comprehension.  Death to some may seem like a simple answer; wanting to die may sometimes seem easy or the only way out .God wants you to give life a chance, and to live your life to its fullest potential.

In God’s word we are shown may great men who also faced overwhelming depression and wrote that they wished they had never even been born. Men such as King David,  Jeremiah, and Job. Each of these men reached a point where they despaired of their very lives. An example of this despair is shown in
Job 7:15-16 So that my soul chooses strangling, and death rather than my life. I hate this life! Who needs any more of this?
Yet, David, Jeremiah, Job and others persevered through their trials and their victories over their depression are given as examples to us in God’s word. Like us today they faced suffering and heartache and had thoughts of death rather than life. What saved them was their faith in God and His love and compassion. He sustained their minds, and healed their wounded hearts.

I believe that we all get depressed from time to time, and I also believe that when it goes past depression into thoughts of suicide, that it is the effect of demonic influences driving one to take their own life. Suicide is the opposite of what the Grace of Christ gave to us on Calvary. Our Lord shows us this in  John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly

Suicide is directly contrary to the will of God, and originates from Hell itself as we read it is Satan who comes  “steal, and to kill, and to destroy” When we are overcome by heartache and deep dark depression the enemy  may try get us to kill ourselves, but we have the power of the living God and the blood of His Son Jesus to guard our hearts and minds from these attacks. We as believers we have power over the devil and when he tempts us to have thoughts of suicide if we sincerely call on the name of the Lord, God will rescue us.

Under attacks from the enemy and in depression we sometimes feel that God is far from us. But the truth is He is much nearer than we think. He yearns for us to reach out to Him. It is His desire to show us how valuable our life is. It is for times in which we are the lowest that the blood of Christ is the strongest. He will work out your situation no matter how unbearable it may be  for His glory and that we might have an abundant happy fulfilled life.
When depression has a stranglehold on us and us and we can’t seem to escape, we need to call on God and ask for His help.  We cannot can overcome these things by ourselves. We all need the grace of God to set us free. His Word tells us that we must be “transformed, by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).” The Spirit of God working in us renewing our minds and comforting our hearts will break us break free of darkness, depression and heal our deadly hurtful emotions.
When we are overcome with emotions that are hurt and lost we need to confess God’s Word to heal to the places in our hearts and minds where we are wounded. When we are so depressed that the enemy begins to put thoughts of suicide into our minds we need to take the living word of God believe on them and literally hold on to them for dear life. The devil simply cannot stand against the Word of God. When you get depressed as we all do from time to time we must look to God for our hope and our rescue. If you depressed and in despair I ask you to pray this prayer with me.


“Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before, I am deeply depressed and in need of You. I am in trouble and I am crying out to you from the bottom of my heart. I humble myself before you now, and I present myself to you  honestly. I am weak and hopeless and I am despairing of my very own life. Father I ask you to cleanse me, heal me. Father I ask for your Spirit to bring hope, faith and love into my heart.  I cast all my cares, my sorrows, my depression, my darkness and emotional wounds onto You, and I ask you to carry them far away from me. I believe in You, and You are my only hope  and cure. Your Word says in Jeremiah 29:11 that You know the plans that you have for me; You say they are plans for peace and not disaster, You say they are plans to give me a future filled with hope. I stand on Your Word and ask You to rescue me now in my darkest hour. Thank You for rescuing me. Thank You for taking this burden I cannot bear alone and comforting me, and giving me the strength and will to live. I am thankful that I can call on You and I know You will draw near to me, and I will find comfort in Your arms. Thank You for bearing my sorrow and weaknesses, and thank You for healing my broken spirit and heart. I ask this in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ who bore all my pain and suffering on Calvary that I might have life. Amen.

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  1. wow…this is so powerful…..and i am speaking from experience on suicide. I shot myself n the stomach with a 22 hollowpoint and i was DOA when they got me to the hospital…because the man i lived with was an alcholic and was so hung up about my wieght, telling me i was fat, making me wiegh myself 3 and 4 times a day, i was on the verge of anorexia, i wore a size 00 and was suffering from severe malnutrition at the time i shot myself..i was using drugs and throwing up anyting i ate just to stay skinny so that this man would love me….the drs later told me i was one of the worst cases of malnutrition they had ever seen. My electroylites were so out of wack that i was hallucinating at the time of my suicide….one thing i do know was i remember saying oh Jesus No! as i pulled the trigger…..i was so tired of the life of pain i ived…of everything being my fault and of never being thin enough or good enough or smart enough or loved enough…..enough enough enough….to anyone.

    i had lived with an alcholic for 6 years and all i had ever wanted was a home for our kids and his grandkids,, marriage, a man who would love me and go to church and serve God with me……how had it gotten to this point?

    i spent almost 3 months in the hospital and i was told at first i was bipolar, scince then i have been told that i was misdiagnose because i am not suicidal….only if i live with an alcholoic do i get depressed like that. what i have been diagnosed with is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Firbromalgia…both of those do have depression as sypmtons but not bipolar.

    My suicide woke me up …it was alot more that a cry for help ….i became a living testimony… put me on a faith walk of tremedous proportions. I died twice in the hospital. I was kept on life support …..i saw angels and i survived tremendous odds…..God taught me compassion and now when someone talks aobut suicide i know where they are coming from.

    i didnt plan my suicide ….i didnt tell anyone….i just did it . and i was dead when they got me to the hospital.i went thru 8 and half hours of trauma surgery and then was put on life support….no one knew if i would life was in Gods hands but thats where its always been anyway.

  2. I just want to take this to a more personal level here.I am not going to preach to you or try to cram religion down your throat as an answer to your problems.Just straight to the heart of the matter.This blog was written by a person who knows what hes talking about,but let me,give you my story,my testamony. I am a survivor of 2 serious yet unsuccessful suicide attempts.The only reason I am still alive was because God didnt want me dead yet,and stepped in.I should not have survived,according to several doctors,and they are probably still calling it a miracle.They should be. Both times,I took enough drugs and poison to more than kill a person. I did not leave any note,o call anyone or anything.I just did it. There were reasons why ihad no desire to live,and they were many.Again,just last year,my life took a bad turn and stayed that way for a while. I sat at my computer ready to type out a letter to my wife,and kids telling them goodbye,and why I thought i had to die. I had several vials of insulin and needles ready(I am diabetic),but instead,i went on Facebook,and I began to call out for help. It was my first time there,I had no friends yet,nobody knew me.They probably all thought I was crazy.People wanted to quote scriptre and preach at me,which I did not want to hear. It just did not help. But someone did respond who understood. I was already a Christian,so knew the Bible. I needed to be told something i did not know.This man here who wrote this blog was one of the first to really show me he really cared and understood where I was. He reintroduced me to Jesus Christ,someone else who understood.I am saying this to say that a real honest reaching out of a human heart,who knows can be a powerful thing.No preaching,no scripture quoting ,just real honest caring. Someone who has been there,and understands from experience is a far greater influence than anything else. Make them understand that they are not alone,and that it is worth another try at living,and you are living proof.That paves the way for Jesus to take it from there. someone did it for me.I hope I can do it for someone else. Jesus can help you,and make you a new life,if you just give him a chance. not the church or the preacher,but JESUS. Been there,almost done that,I KNOW.

  3. i know exactly what you mean…THATS what i felt when i read his blog!!! ……i was raised in church and i was saved when i was 16. At times I had a very close walk with God, i had let troubles and things of this world draw me away….and in the end it was my desire to be in a relationship come between me and God. I knew that i needed to get out of the situation i was in but i stayed anyway ……and what it led me to do was the consequences of my sin.

    I also have a reminder of what God brought me thru…..the bullet that went into my stomach was a 22 hollow point and it hit something solid because it mutshroomed out ….but it didnt explode! on the end where it musheroomed out there is a triagnular shape….to me that represents the Trinity, God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit….and that biullet after bouncing around thru so many of my internal organs passed within a fourth of an inch of my spine and came out my back…..and i have it today….they coluldn’t remove it for almose 5 months afterwards and when they did i got to keep it.

    when i show ppl the way it is mushroomed on the end no one can believe it didnt explode on impact……but the hand of the Lord was upon me. I am His and He alone will decide when its my time to die. God let me know that if i made the choice i would be like the israelite children who cried for a King…..He was raising up a King for them but they were impatient and they didnt want to wait upon the Lord……so He gave them Saul…..and Saul was a hard king….and brought them grief…..tried to kill the king that was beloved in Gods sight.

    So i want to abide in my Father’s Perfect Will and I told Him i will be the testimoney of what He has done for me,

  4. WoW That is so awesome, I have known several people in just the last few years that have taken their own lives, some were relations, some were acquaintances but they did take their life. I have oftened thought about these people. Like Bro. Darrell said it is a spirit that causes people to end their lives. I have often said to myself as Martha told Jesus when Lazarus died, ” If you had been here, our brother would not have died. ” I am not saying that we can be with all the ones who have tried to commit suicide or have, but Our prayers can be with the ones who like Bro. Paul and Sis. Diane made it through. In other words, that is our job as ministers and teachers here on this earth to spread the hope of Jesus Christ, to tell them and show them the way to eternal life. To encourage them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts. God Bless you all. In the Mighty Name of Jesus. N

  5. So true. Suicide attempts and fatalities are the result of Satan feeding doubts and insecurities into our minds. He is especially intent on getting to those of us whose paths are set, ultimately, in the direction of serving and glorifying God. We must pull to our Lord even closer for protection.

    Drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, mental illness, and displaced anger—addictions and abuses of every kind—are doors unlocked by Lucifer to draw us in, change who we are, and bring us down to his level.

    What we need the most in life is validation and to know that we are loved. Sadly, many of us don’t feel loved by anyone at precarious times in our lives. But Jesus Christ is ALWAYS here to love us, refresh us, transform us, and renew us with the gift of the Holy Spirit. We need only call to Him.

    Tell someone today that you love them. Give a stranger you pass by a smile. Spread the love, and most of all, plant the seeds of Jesus.

    Blessings to you, all.

  6. Thanks Darrell for an evidently well timed and well thought out post.

  7. It is terrible that there is so much suffering in this world. One consolation to suffering is that we then can be a comfort to others…we can intimately understand their pain and relate.

    Being a Christian is not about religion, but about a personal relationship with Christ. If our inner-communion with Christ is good and growing, then we are reaching out to others in need, we are edifying others, etc.

    My son experienced the suicide of his best friend and still is haunted by it. To anyone seriously considering suicide…no matter how grim your circumstances, do not do it. Like those above, reach out to someone.

    One of my favorite characters in the Bible is King David. He wore his emotion on his sleeve. He also was a powerful leader over a large empire. Despite his strength, he often was overwhelmed. David said, “…my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” He was crying out from the “end of the earth.” He felt alone and wasn’t hearing from God.

    How often do we feel abandoned by God when we are crying out for help? Honestly, more often than we care to admit. We all face wildernesses of trials, tests, and circumstances that challenge our resolve. Some storms of adversities are much worse than others. We can use our circumstances, however, to learn and grow. There are ways to overcome and be victorious…but we cannot quit. If we keep putting just one foot forward, we will eventually win.

    Mark Kuhne, author, artist, speaker,
    “Giving God the Helm, Overcoming Storms of Adversity” (paperback and ebook)
    “Tree of Life, A Contemplative Prayer” (DVD)
    see OvercomingForLife and KuhneGallery
    I am not spamming here but trying to help…for anyone reading this and who emails me I’ll send you both my book and DVD for $15 (these retail for $16.99 and $8.95 respectively, and shipping is included). $15 covers my cost. Find my email at those web sites, but don’t order from the website if you want these for $15.

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