Should Christians Defy the Government?

I was recently asked by a friend on Facebook to respond to this statement…

The Christian faith and our beliefs have been under attack ever since Obama took office.  

Your thoughts Darrell? During the revolutionary war, the pastors in the pulpit not only preached but took up arms to fight for Liberty and the freedom of faith…never has the christian faith or our liberties been under attack since Obama took office..Yet the christian leaders are silent????? The unrighteous are successful only when the righteous keep silent…The pastors of today could learn from the old…

Here is my answer. It is a little drawn out, but indulge me please….

Romans 13:1-2 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

When the laws interfere with the rights of conscience; when they command false worship or interfere with our freedom to worship, or any moral wrong, then it is our duty to refuse submission and we can freely rebel against those in authority over us, including the president and/or congress.

Then you might ask; If the president be an immoral or recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources, and does he not prove worthy of his high office, and should he not be removed? My answer is no. If the president is ruling according to the constitution, nothing can justify rebellion against the authority given him by God and voted on by the people. He can be immoral in his own private life; he can be an immoral man, and even disgrace himself by an improper conduct, like Bill Clinton did: but if he presides over these United States according to the law; and does not violate the constitution, he does not break the contract between him and the people; there is no legal ground to oppose to his civil authority as shown in Romans 13:1-2. If we rebel openly against that authority it is not only rebellion but is unlawful and absolutely sinful.

Now if the president and/or congress attempt to change the constitution, and/or to rule contrary to law, then they dissolve the contract between themselves and the people of these United States. This is my opinion makes their authority no longer binding, and illegal. The reason being is they are committing acts that are contrary to the laws of our constitution, according to which by their oath of office, they swore to obey and uphold. Conduct of this kind is then justifiable to be opposed as they govern. Our leaders are accountable to the people for their political conduct, but for their moral conduct they are accountable to God, their own consciences, and the men and women of God under their government. Even as men of God spoke out against immorality in God’s word, it is our duty as children of the living God to speak out against immorality in the world, this includes our own church and also includes our government. In doing so we are to be reminded however that they have been placed in authority by God and should respect the authority of their office and be in submission to the law.

The powers that be through our elected officials are ordained of God. It is of his ordination and appointment. The several forms of government are of human creation, but government itself is an order of God. There may be men in power who abuse the power that is entrusted in them, even they are by divine permission.

God created government to be under His divine jurisdiction, and there is no other power but God. He is the foundation of all power and authority; he has power over man and all creation. It is the God of heaven that sets up presidents and rulers, and it is God that takes them down; he is the King of kings, and the Lord of Lords, from whom all leaders receive their authority. It is God that gives them to right to govern, it is by him that men of power sit in office and rule.

So my answer to your question is, we as men and women of God should ALWAYS speak up and not be silent about our faith in god, but in doing so respect the authority of the office of our leaders. I am very conservative and right wing and did not personally vote for Obama. I do however respect him as my president and respect the authority according to Romans given him by God. Having the freedom of speech that we do, men of God with positions to speak out should never remain silent if directed by God to speak. They should be reminded however that it is their main and primary objective to Shepard the and lead the lost to Christ. If the Body of Christ feels that the christian faith and civil liberties been under attack they should speak out.

With the power of the internet every believer has the power to make their voice heard across the world, and millions of Christian shouting out in unity is far more powerful than a few men or women of God on a soapbox.

Here in America we should remember that it is “We the People” and we have the proper civil discourse to vote someone out of office when their term is up if we disagree with their policies, all the while remembering to respect the authority that God has place in the office of the government and the presidency.

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  1. I do not think I shoulld contribute money to our govenment who is backing up paying for abortion…and paying for rediculus studies….Killing these babies with my tax money is not right….

    So what do you suggest we Christians do….?

    • Hi Linda, If you mean by contribution, paying taxes….that is the law. If there are practices which need to be changed, and I believe there are many, we have the ability as constituents to have laws changed by our elected officials and the voting processes. The system is far from perfect, but we must obey the laws of the land according to God’s word.

      • It’s very hard to justify paying taxes to a government knowing those taxes pay for the murder of innocent civilians, abortion – which only encourages further sexual immorality within society, and all manner of other things that, if put to our Lord, He would surely rebuke those whom demand Christian money to pay for outright lawlessness and sinful promotion. Can you imagine Jesus handing over to Cesar what is Cesar’s to watch Cesar perform an abortion with the money Jesus just gave him?

        I take nothing that Paul told us with more importance than what Jesus told us and demonstrated to us.

        Paul after all was a born again believer like the rest of us and I do not see why Paul has more understanding or authority than you or I.

        “we have the ability as constituents to have laws changed by our elected officials and the voting processes.”

        This is nice in theory but the reality is that this is very rarely possible in most western countries, more so in the US every day.

        We have seen in no uncertain terms that the US governments of late have been doing absolutely abominable things to the rest of the world but also to the people of the US. With Congress losing the peoples trust due to their silence and seeming inability to protect the Constitution from government run amok.

        The lies, false flag terrorism and eroding of civil liberties and privacy has LONG since given US Christians good reason to disobey their government in order to obey God if you ask me.

        Federal income taxes are not even legal by the Constitution as they have never been ratified by Congress. this has been proven to be absolutely true to the letter of the law and was first discovered by Federal Tax Collection Agents who when challenged, actually quit their jobs and stopped paying federal income tax.

        Congress stays silent.

    • .I am VERY unhappy with some of the policies of the current administration, unhappy with Obama-care, dislike the $$$ spent on the stimulus..the list goes on and on for me, but there is a process given us by the constitution by which we can change the current administration. The attack on our Christian liberties started way before the current administration and the government has been slowly chipping away piece by piece, not at only the Christian faith, but many parts of our civil liberties.

      But it takes a people who are dedicated to committing themselves to changing the state of affairs of our country. We did not get here overnight and it will not change overnight. It will not be the voices of Christian leaders that will change the course of history in our nation but if change is to come it will be believers and non- believers standing up for the values that America stands for and the principles on which this nation was formed. We have that ability provided to us by our Constitution. It is a powerful living do0cument that empowers us the people to change. The problem is getting people from just talking about it, to taking action.

      I believe that there is a change and a new awakening taking place where people are getting more involved, stepping up and speaking out, like in the Tea Party for example. We control the future of our country, it is up to us as to how history will define the rise or fall of the United States. We are the people, we have the power,until the Constitution changes, and if it does then we have the right for civil discourse and war against those in charge. But until that happens we have all we need to change any direction we feel our country is headed. We just have to speak out and vote, and become motivated and united for the change necessary.

      • We need leadership. The “other side” is systematically squeezing Jesus out. They have all the top spots in Government. Congress, The Senate, all the way down to local City Governments. These times we live in are not conducive to change. God has it all set up a certain way, and its going to be very tough to love Christ and get along in this World very soon. It already is.

  2. You didn’t make any mentions of how people in the Bible stood against corrupt rule …

    • Hi D.A. Feel free to share any examples that you wish. There have to be basic principles that we as believers follow according to God’s word and those have been listed in this piece. Thanks for stopping by. Many blessings Darrell

  3. I want to believe that that things can change by speaking out and voting, both of which I do, but obama was re-elected for a second term. It seems to me that there are not enough conservatives to make a difference. This administration is clearly for abortion, which is murder. Now isn’t that evil? Aren’t all these executive orders he signs, contrary to the Constitution? I know he can use this power, but with discretion. He is wasting taxpayers dollars on abortion, giving to terrorists and whatever he wants to. I don’t even know why we have a Senate and House of Representatives when obama will not co-operate with them, and goes around them with executive orders. He comes off as a racist and has divided this country. There are too many things to say about this administration and the people he has in high government positions, I just can’t go on. It hurts to see this country declining into a third world county.

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