Three Steps to Happiness

      1. Repentance

When we repent we realize that we have created problem in our lives that only the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ can fix. When we realize that we have done things and are doing things that hurt our relationship with God it is time to repent. The Greek the word for repentance means “to think differently, to change your mind”. Giving our heat to God in repentance allows His Spirit to work in our hearts and minds, and allows the blood of Christ Jesus to erase the effects of sin in our lives. Giving our lives over to Christ in repentance is realizing that we can’t fix everything, or anything for that matter. When we repent we have reach the point that we don’t have all the answers. Repentance is realizing that alone we are left wanting and that we need the love of God in our lives. Repentance is putting God in charge, humbling ourselves to the cross and becoming dependant on God. Repentance is letting go of our carnal nature in submission tom His grace and realizing that God is God and we are not.

   Corinthians 7:10 Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation    and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

  Paul says godly sorrow produces repentance (change) toward salvation, while worldly sorrow is like saying, “I’m sorry I got caught. I’ll be more careful next time I sin.” Two kinds of repentance are possible in human experience.  One is a human guilt and a feeling induced by the fear of getting caught. Many times we recognize the unpleasant consequences of our sin and know that we are guilty.  This results in a superficial sorrow that may lead to a temporary guilt but not to a genuine turning to Christ for forgiveness.  Godly sorrow, on the other hand, is accompanied by conviction of the Holy Spirit, showing us that we have offended God. The conviction by His Spirit brings true repentance.

Psalms 51: 1-2

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion, blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.

With the blood of Christ applied to our hearts and souls by faith, we are purified and forgiven. By the blood of Christ, which cleanses us from all sin, we are clean indeed. David prayed not to be comforted, until he was first cleansed of his sin. He prayed let me have a well-grounded peace, of thy creating, so that the bones broken by convictions may rejoice, may be comforted. Hide thy face from my sins; blot out all mine iniquities out of thy book; blot them out, as a cloud is blotted out and dispelled by the beams of the sun.

In the heart of every truly repentant believer there is a desire of renewal to holiness so that the joy of salvation can be restored in our lives. David saw what an unclean heart he had, and knew that he could not change it. He then prayed to God to create in him a clean heart. When we struggle with our sin it makes us weak. Sometimes we are ready to fall, either into sin or into despair, then as David did we must pray “Uphold me with your Spirit”. God is your God of salvation and Jesus is the Lord of your life, and He will deliver you from guilt and from sin. We may therefore plead with Him “Lord, you are the God of my salvation, therefore deliver me from sin”.

If we are truly convinced and sorry for our sin, we will spare no cost to obtain the forgiveness of our sins. We read here in David’s repentance that when we are truly repentant there is a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart within us, and sorrow for sin. Our hearts should be tender, and pliable to God’s sacrifice of His Son upon the cross. Oh that there were such a heart in every one of us!

God is graciously pleased to accept a broken and tender heart yearning for forgiveness. The broken heart is acceptable to God only through Jesus Christ; there is no true repentance without faith in Him. The world around you will despise that which is broken, but God will not. He will not overlook you in your repentance. Christ will never refuse or reject you.  God receives no satisfaction for the wrong done to him by sin, only joy and satisfaction when we accept the blood sacrifice of His Son Christ Jesus for the remission of our sins.

So enjoy true repentance, and let your joy today be full. May we realize that this is our joy, and the joy of all the redeemed, that we have redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ, and that we have the forgiveness of our sins according to the riches of his grace. It doesn’t get any better than that.

        2.    Prayer

As we go to God in prayer we began to learn as He teaches us through communication with Him that true happiness is the embracing of genuine love in Christ Jesus and awareness of life living with His grace. Through prayer God is able to teach us the royalty of inward happiness, and the serenity which comes from living close to Him. Daily payer will keep us close to our Lord and renew in us the sense of joy.

Prayer will unite us with our Creator and allow His spirit to dwell in our souls and bodies, filling every corner of our heart, mind and soul with His love and grace. With His love at the center of our lives as we fellowship with him in prayer our hearts will be of good courage, we will be full of the joy of life in our Lord, and we fill face all of our troubles and hardships with faith and high-hearted happiness, giving thanks to God for all things in prayer. This will in turn allow us to be all our Creator calls us to be as we connect to Him with our spirit in prayer.

                  Acts 27:17-18 God made us to search for Him, somehow reach for Him, and find Him. In fact, He is never far from any one of us.  Certainly, we live, move, and exist because of Him. As some of the poets have said, ‘We are God’s children.’

Here we read that in him we live and move and have our being, and that we are his offspring. Realizing that we are the sons and daughters of the Almighty God we can boldly and confidently call upon Him for help, guidance and rescue. Just as it was nothing for the father in the story above to remove the stone, it is nothing for God to move and remove huge boulders and obstacles that are in your way. He will reach out His hand and help you and remove whatever it is that seems too big, too heavy and too large in your life for you to overcome.

Prayer rightly plunges us into a world of grace—into the heart of Jesus’ own relationship with the one He called “Abba, Father.” How often, though, these words become part of a repetitious, habitual prayer rather than a mind-blowing revelation of God, and repetitious instead of an intimate conversation between a Father and His child. Prayer is the appointed means for obtaining what we need from our Heavenly Father. Pray, and be serious and earnest about it. Knock, as he that desires to enter into the hcxouse knocks at the door. Sin has shut and barred the door against us; but by prayer we knock. Whatever you pray for, according to the promise, it shall be given you. God explains his readiness to give to us by using a comparison taken from earthly parents, and their readiness to give their children what they ask.

God is all-wise; he knows what we need, what we desire, and what is fit for us. Let us never suppose our heavenly Father would ask us to pray, and then refuse to hear, or give us what would be hurtful. Our Heavenly Father is always faithful to us, His children.

Do you have things weighing you down in your life that need to be removed? Are you discovering that you don’t have what it takes to lift them? Your Heavenly Father is there for you, He is the only one who is always available to you and is always willing to give you the strength you need to be victorious in your life. We come before God in all our poverty and weakness, as children, and though we deserve nothing, God is never, ever stingy with us. That’s His promise…Believe it.

   3.    His Word in You

God’s word tells us in Psalms 1 that we will find delights in the teachings of the LORD and reflecting on his teachings day and night will bring us happiness and joy. There is a way to be happy it is in the Word. Begin to find joy in God’s Word working and living in you. Treat it like a companion, a best friend, a help in times of need. If you want happiness, get your roots down deeper and deeper into His Word. Let your heart become aflame with the love of God through His Word and use that fire to strengthen your faith and love of Christ. The best way to find happiness is to burn for the love of God; and to sustain peace joy and happiness in our lives we need constant contact with the fire of God’s Word. Scripture is the Word of the Lord made written for our eyes to read, giving us the roadmap to happiness for our lives.

               Psalms 119- Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. I take an oath that I will follow your Word. I have suffered much; preserve my life, O Lord, according to your word. Accept, O Lord, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me according to your Word.

His Word is a source of comfort and strength for us. Many times in life we take wrong turns and end up in strange places but, His Word will return us to the place in Grace where we will be at peace; His Word will bring us home. Every day we should carry the word of God in our hearts, and take it on a regular basis to remind us how His word rescues us, and secures our present, my hope, and future. The wonderful living Word of God.

His Word will bring you a greater sense of peace and well being. There is nothing on this earth that can inspire you like His word, and with His Word comes a new sense of freedom and joy.

As you find yourself in His Word you will find that you feel rested. You body will be more at ease, you will breathe easier. His Word will teach you to let go of your burdens, let go of the cares and worries that occupy your thoughts and weigh you down.

Without His Word, your life will begin to become a wilderness; your spiritual life will become parched and dry, thirsting for something that the flesh cannot supply. His Word is the only water that will quench the thirst in your soul.

If you will spend time in His Word, you will come to know Him better every day, and in doing so you will find Him, in you in a new way. This will be accomplished by just taking time each and every day to spend intimately with Him in His Word. Get alone, open His word. As you do new spiritual doors will open between your spirit and His Spirit. This will allow more of Him to flow into you, strengthening your spirit, and reducing your flesh, as His Word renews your mind in Christ Jesus.

The Word of God is more than a bunch of stories, or something that happened a long time ago. His Word is alive today. His Word is intimate and very personal. It is captured in great miracles and in very tiny moments. These tiny moments are waiting for you to give you life, and they have been reserved for you since the time that God spoke the words,” let there be life”.

If you will submit yourself, and take the time to find Him in His word and begin to fellowship with God in His Word, you will feel His Spirit, His love, His compassion, His glory, His joy and you will find yourself walking in step with Him. And if you will allow it, you will go to places only His Word can take you, as the Lord invites you to expand your spirit and see things beyond what your human eyes can behold and you begin to see things through your spirit. This is where the fullness and richness of God lies and awaits you, in His Word.

The Word of God is intended for YOU, that you might know Him. And in knowing Him, you be redeemed by the gift of His Son upon the cross, The Lord Jesus Christ. In that redemption there is happiness in His grace.

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  1. Amen Bro. Darrell, Good message When we are weak that is when Christ becomes strong in us even to casting all our cares and sins upon Him for He does care for us. Blessings

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