Top 10 Most Read Bible Verses- Part 2

According to, they have tallied the top 100 most requested verses on their site. They sampled 25 million Bible passage searches and came up with a top 100 list. I have decided to expound on the top ten verses in a three-part series. This is the second part of that series.

          4. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

This verse holds the key to us as believers overcoming adversity in Christ Jesus.

This verse does not tell us that we are superheroes able to leap tall buildings or fly through the air. What the scripture reflects here is our ultimate need of God.

I can do all things . . .

Does this mean that we act as though we are more important or special than is warranted, or seem to have an unrealistically high self-image or esteem of ourselves? Does the word of God make an unfounded claim here that we as believers can “do all things”? There are many of us that believe we can do “some” things through Christ, but the scripture here is very clear in its statement when it reads “all things”.

All things obviously means within the will of He who is our strength and the source of all our power to achieve the incredible or even the ordinary.  “All things” refers to the will of God for each and every one of us who are in Christ. This verse does not give us license to accomplish our own selfish plans or carnal desires. All things refers to whatever is the will of the Father, He will give us the strength to carry out His will.

The word “do” means to have strength to achieve; to have the power to prevail, to have the will to overcome; to have the courage to stand; to have the patience to endure; to have the wisdom to see the solution. It is God in the person of Christ Jesus that gives us the power to “do”.

The basis for any and all victories in our lives is the Lord himself. Many times we tend to depend upon our own strength. It is in our human nature to roll up our sleeves and say, “I can do this.” We then rely on ourselves and our own abilities we are setting ourselves up for certain failure.

God tells us in 2 Cor 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

When life’s trials and tribulations bring us down, and we are troubled, weak and failing; and when the road seems long and weary, His abiding promise reminds us that His love for us remains the strongest.

My strength is made perfect in weakness –for in weakness, the strength of the grace of the Lord is manifested in us, even more. When we are feeling strong and our days are full of sunshine and blue skies, we do not have the need for His divine aid. Yet in the midst of our deepest despair, we are fully conscious of being weak, broken, feeble, and in need of His strength. It is the times when we are desperately in need of His aid that Jesus manifests his power of grace in our lives to strengthen us; to uphold us, and impart to us His divine comfort. We are best when we are weak, because it is in our weakness we allow Christ to take over, and allow Him to be the center of strength in our lives. We are best when we are weak because in our weakness we are able to completely surrender our will to our Redeemer, as His grace supplies our every need. In our flesh we often become bold, brazen, and full of ourselves, but when tragedy strikes, our own pride and audacity is useless. We are best when we are weak because in our weakness we completely surrender our will to our Redeemer and His grace supplies our every need.

Herein lies the key to doing all things, as we are weak, He is strong. He is our source. As we decrease, He will increase. We should cheerfully stand strong in our Lord, and meet every obstacle that is before us leaning not on ourselves and our own abilities, but on the everlasting arms of our Lord Jesus Christ! We need not be afraid; we need not to fear, for in all circumstances, Christ is the source of all our strength and will uphold us. Let all the affections of our heart be fixed on Him as the source of our victory. We must only simply humble ourselves in prayer, believing in His promise to be our strength and our overcomer. For there will be trials that will surely come; there will be temptations that will surely assail us; there will be times when the weight of life itself and duty presses so hard upon us that we can barely even breathe. It is then, and most importantly then, that we must turn to our Redeemer and realize that He is our all in all, and we shall be safe, as in Him—and Him alone—we can do all things.

                5. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Trust in the Lord with all your heart…

“Lean on” is used here in the sense of relying upon or trusting someone or something for help or protection. The object of our secure trust should only be in the Lord, the most reliable object of confidence!

When we lean on something in life we usually do it as a means of support. We lean on a cane to help us walk, or we lean against a wall for support. We trust that when we lean upon something that it will support us. If the cane we are using were to break, or the wall we were leaning on were to give way, we would fall and possibly be injured. In the same way in life as we face the struggles and hardships of life we many times lean on people in our lives to help sustain us and hold us up. We lean on friends, spouses, and loved ones when we find ourselves weak and in need. We lean on them to encourage us as we seek out their love and protection. If we were to use a small thin piece of wood when we needed a cane it would not bear our weight and we would fall. It is the same with our own understanding and wisdom compared to that of our Lord. Our own thoughts and understanding are unreliable as they will fail us in dire straits as many times we are overcome and overwhelmed by circumstances we find ourselves in.

We are not to turn to or rely on any man or woman, no matter their social standing, or their wealth, or even their wisdom. We are to rely on God as our source. It is in our nature to many times look inward and try to figure things out ourselves. But as instructed here in this verse we are not to rely on ourselves; the feelings of our heart, or the thoughts of our mind. There is no righteousness found in us save Christ Jesus in whom we should trust. There are no practices of religion, or duties that we can perform or exercises of faith, no matter how well we may perform them in which we can trust. When it comes to trusting, it is on in Him we can trust, and it is only on Him on which we can lean. It is Jesus Christ our Lord, our foundation of grace that should be the object of all our trust as we lean upon His everlasting arms.

It is from God from whom all blessings flow, it is from Him that we receive the grace, the courage and the wisdom to stand against the wiles of adversity we face in life. It is upon His eternal supply that we must rely; it is He that will fill us with joy and divine happiness in the midst of our trials and tribulations. All we need to sustain us, to hold us up, and to keep us from falling is His eternal supply of grace which will bring about in us eternal happiness through Christ Jesus our Lord. We should be eternally grateful and thankful for all that He has provided, promised, and freely gives to all that will lean on Him and not unto their own understanding.

We should trust in Him in all times…

We should trust in God in times of sickness; in times of sorrow; and in times of heartache. We should trust in God when we are down, when we are lonely, sad, broken, confused, desperate, and in the darkest of all hours. There is a reason that He instructs us here in Proverbs to let Him be our source. All wisdom, all power, all strength, and all that we will ever need to overcome are found in Him and Him alone. His love gives us the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is by that mercy He bestowed upon us as unworthy recipients that moves Him to always be there a rock that shall not be moved to always act on our behalf for our good.

All of our trust should be in Christ Jesus as we accept the blood of His sacrifice for us as it is by His blood we are justified. He is our portion no matter the need; He is our supply. He commands us to look to Him as our protector and provider and to trust in Him and Him alone for our salvation and gift of eternal life. That which He began in us by Christ Jesus, as we lean upon Him He will carry it on and finish the working of that grace written upon our hearts by The Lamb of God; He will carry on and finish that work in our lives. We can be assured with all confidence that it will be completed.

We should never lean unto our own understanding; or trust in our own thoughts or what our own mind directs us to do, we should trust in the Lord. We should seek the direction and wisdom of that of our Redeemer, lest we find ourselves disenchanted, disappointed, disillusioned and defeated. And when we find success in life and all the skies above us and around us or blue, we should ascribe it not to their own intelligence and wisdom, but to the grace and goodness of God.

                  6. Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

In all your ways acknowledge him…

What the scripture is saying here is to Know Him, see Him, seek Him, always have Him in your mind, in your heart and let it be His consideration that you always turn to.

As you see things before you always have Him in view in front of you, in your side-view mirrors and in your rear-view mirrors; let it be Him that is in view in all that you see. The Lord is ever present with you. Let him be the ground beneath you as you step, and do not take one step without Him. Follow His lead, His wisdom, and His divine advice in all that you do.

Ask of Him to have the wisdom to endure and the strength to overcome in all situations. As you seek the Lord let His Word counsel and direct your steps as you walk in His providence. He will be your guide lest you stray. Let it be your mindset to submit to His divine plan for your life and follow Him wherever He leads as you walk not after the flesh in your own understanding, but in the Spirit as He leads you in the path of His righteousness.

So be still and know that He is your God; your Help in the time of need; your Rescue; your Guide and your Shelter. He will always do what is right for you according to his will and plan that He might be glorified in your life. So give Him the glory and the praise for what He has done, is doing and will continue to do in your life.

What we need to understand, that everything in our lives are completely under God’s control. As Jesus died upon the cross sin and death were defeated, and in His seemingly weakest hour, the strength of God was made manifest as redemption was poured out for the first time upon all mankind. In that weakness and pain and suffering that Jesus endured, the power of the living God rested upon all the world bring salvation and restoration to all humanity. We are the recipients of that grace.

It is by His hand you were created and it is by His hand that He will make your paths straight as all that you need in life flows freely from the throne of grace. It is the Almighty God that sits upon that throne acknowledging you, loving you and providing for you. All good things come from Him.

In the same way, Jesus can give us comfort, direction and victory in our lives even when we feel we are overwhelmed by the circumstances around us. We can find wonderful things out of even the darkest moments of our lives. Our Lord is present with us when it is the very darkness. He has planned that even the darkest of situations that we face will result in redemptive good for us. He surrendered His very own Son to death so that we could have life. He does not abandon us, He saves us.

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  1. Amen Bro. Darrell Great Sermon: All I can say is that Paul said that we must decrease so that Christ will be increased in us. This thought comes to mind: When Jesus ascended up to heaven, He left this message of hope. As you see me go up, you will see me return. Jesus did not just disappear into the clouds, but He rose up and as he kept going up ,He decreased into heaven and when He returns, He will increase. Scripture comes to my mind…..O, Death, where is thy sting!!! O, grave, where is thy victory !!!! 1 Corinthians 15:55 [KJV] Blessings

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