Top Ten Read Bible Verses-Part 4

Last week’s Blog, Psalm 23 covered the 7th most read scripture in the bible as Part 3 of this series. This is Part 4, the completion of the Ten Most Read Bible Verses series. Here are the 8th, 9th and 10th most read verses in the Bible. I pray they will bless you as God’s Word enriches and strengthens your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

           8.  Rom 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

And do not conform … – The word conform here means to be like, or adapt, the habits, outlooks, or appearance of others. It can be anything from their style of dress from their manners; style of living or personal habits

We as believers should not take on or adapt as part of who we are in Christ, the habits, and nature of a sinful and wicked world, a world that knows Him not. We are instructed to mold ourselves and our lives after Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  Our lives are to be directed by His Spirit and the precepts laid out in His Word. We are to follow the example of Christ and our principles and our values should be different from those that rule the world as our hearts and minds are guarded by our love for our Redeemer.

Following this is not as easy as it seems as many time we cannot see ourselves plainly, as we are on the inside looking out. Many time it is easy for us others that we perceive as not being “Christ-like”, or being “worldly”, but find it much more difficult to see it in ourselves. We can easily point out someone else’s pride, vanity, extravagance in dress, and unrighteous living, when we cannot see it in ourselves.

But we are all commanded not to become involved in these things; we must not indulge in the pomp and vanity that is the nature of the secular world. God wishes our hearts and minds to be stayed on Him which will produce in us the nature of Christ, in whom we move, live, breathe, and have our very being. We are to conform to Him, which will keep us from all the vain amusements, disgusting habits, and sinful pleasures of the world. In Him we find a sweeter pleasure in godly things.

 But be transformed by the renewing of your mind

We know that once Christ comes into our heart we are changed, we are a new creature. With salvation we have been transformed, metamorphosed, and changed by then blood of Christ. But as we walk in Christ, there is a progressive ongoing work in His by His Spirit that carries on the renovation of our minds. He renews our heart and mind daily as we allow Him to work in us. We should desire, pray and permit God to work in our lives for His own purpose. We are to read His Word, and spend time meditating on Him, while following His guidelines which re the opposite of the worlds that we might have a good end and have our names written in the book of life, penned by the Blood of the Lamb.

As our minds are renewed by His Spirit the inward change will produce the outward change for the entire world to see.

As we find our hearts and minds renewed in Christ we will take on the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. There is no secret to knowing the goodness of God. It is proven and easily obtainable to us. We are held in the hands of Christ, and in His hands there is only goodness and righteousness. As we walk in Him to the glory of the Father, we walk in liberty and freedom as we live by faith and are filled with His love.  His love will become our thoughts, walk and our conversations. We will no longer delight in our sinful nature but in Christ living in us. Our redeemed nature, sanctified by Calvary will glorify God allowing salvation’s work to be perfect and complete in our lives as we are conformed to the cross.

            9. Philippians  4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Be anxious for nothing…

This scripture has been misunderstood and misused many time in my opinion. God is not saying here that we should never be concerned about anything and just walk along with a la-de-ta attitude.

There are many things that we should be concerned with as parents, friends, siblings and Christians. We should be careful for our health and not expose ourselves to unnecessary dangers. We should do the same for our families and friends. We are to take care of our family and provide for them and the necessities that they have in life.  We are to fulfill the duty of our calling in life, in our work associations and home life. We are to stand for the honor of God, the honor of our local church and support and proclaim the Gospel.

What Paul is saying here is not live in such a way as to offend God, by being anxious for worldly things, or have excessive concerns for the things of life.  We as believers are to put or minds on the power, providence, and faithfulness of God. As we walk in Christ we should relax our hearts and minds and nor be overly anxious, or extremely distressed or concerned for the things of this world. In Him we are to be content. It does not matter if we have less or more, or are rich or poor. It does not matter if we feel we are on top of the world or feel like the weight of the world is on top of us. We should always cast our every care, weight, burden and fear upon Him, let go of them and leave them there.

In everything by prayer and supplication. Everything means what it says, every day, always, anytime, every time, whenever, whatever …He is always required. He is always required.We are to understand that every situation, no matter the case is to be brought to God; whether it be of a worldly or spiritual kind, whether it is to body or soul, ourselves or others, families, friends, even enemies…everything.

Prayer and supplication means include all kinds of prayer, both in your mind and out loud; Payers in public, prayers in private, great prayers, small prayers, prayers over the sick and needy, prayers over your supper. Supplication is an appeal made to somebody in authority. He is the only authority, He is the Great Authority. Supplication is the act of addressing our humble and sincere appeals to God, who has the power and authority to grant our requests.

We are to let our requests be made known to God. We do not need to let our request be known to the world, as arms of flesh and blood cannot supply our needs, and it is only the everlasting arms of God that can supply our needs. To watch over us and supply our needs is His will, bound by the covenant of His grace, and promised by His word. Our spirit connects with His Spirit, there is familiarity there, He is our best friend and we should openly share with Him as such, speaking freely as we pour out the needs and concerns of our hearts and souls.

This is what God desires of us. He already knows our needs before we ask but waits on us to connect with Him according to His word so that He move on our behalf as we make our petitions before Him as recipients of His Grace.  He will never be silent or unreceptive to our needs, and we have an intercessor in Christ who knows and supplies our every need.

          10. Matthew 28:19: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Many times we have the opportunity to share the gospel with an individual, and I believe we should do so every chance we get. You can plainly see in the verse above that we are commanded to do more than just share.

What much of the Body does not understand here is the Great Commission that the Lord instructed, and commanded us to follow. Instead many of us are following a “Stop and Go Theology” that requires no follow through. Many of us, “Stop, Drop the Gospel and Go”. Commitment and teaching is the foundation of the church and of our Lord’s instruction. Before you follow what’s in it for me, or name it-claim it, I’ve got a word for you, or I’m prophesying over you, we are commanded FIRST and foremost to make disciples.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,

What he is telling us here is to first go and lead the lost to the Cross, that they may obtain salvation. Then we are train everyone that receives Him through our ministry, be they far or near.” That’s where many of us run into trouble, and why many of us miss it. It is our (yours and mine) personal responsibility to teach those converted by our witness to be disciples. And yes Mr. and Mrs. (or Miss) Christian, we are ALL ministers of the Gospel by His commission and command.

Yes, Jesus’ instructions are a command, an order to follow, to the letter. Making disciples involves more than dropping off a tract, posting on a Facebook  page “Repent or go to Hell” , or getting someone to go to church, praying the sinners prayer with them, or even leading them to an altar;  it involves training them thoroughly, even as Jesus instructed His own disciples. That’s why He used these particular words to you and I, commanding us to “make disciples”, instead of saying “make converts”. Many of us have spiritual belts with notches…We say, ”Yep, look here, I’ve led 25 people to the Lord; see the notches in my spiritual belt”?  Much of the modern Church falls far short on this count. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a disciple, look what our Lord suffered through to teach His 12 disciples, He is our example.

There is special instruction here. Listen closely and hear the instruction of the Lord. We in the Body of Christ, (the members) and I do not mean the paid ministers, I mean the Body, we the individuals are to make and teach converts to become disciples. The reason that our Lord put this responsibility on each of us, individually, is to make sure that those who believe are “His Disciples” and not those of a particular church, a particular minister or a particular organization. We are to make disciples for Him and Him alone and not for ourselves or any other entity. We are to guide and protect new believers from those in authority and those not of sound doctrine, who could lead them astray. We are to teach correct and sound doctrine, and biblical principles. To teach it, you have to know it. To make disciples, you have to be one. It is time to stand up and be accounted for church. Let me say that again, it is time to stand up and be accounted for church. The Lord needs warriors not wishers that are always saying, Lord I wish for this, Lord I wish for that. Jesus is telling us he wishes for us to make disciples.

That is a lot more responsibility than just a “Stop and Go Theology”. This is one reason so many in the church have fallen astray and have been carried away by all kinds of weird and strange doctrine, they haven’t been taught to be disciples. There are many today that follow non-biblical, man-made doctrine. Who led them to the Lord, who was responsible for their discipleship?  We as the church are not doing our duty as we are ordered to do by Christ himself, and that is making disciples. Many Christians today have lost a sense of Jesus’ presence and purpose among us, and it is because we in the Body have lost sight of the mission our Lord has clearly given us. Making disciples takes our time and commitment. You can’t make disciples by just going to church for one hour a week, and letting that be the substance and foundation of your walk with the Lord. He requires so much more of us.

Just so you know, I believe in tracts, I believe in flyers, books, magazines, papers, chalkboards, anything to spread the Gospel. I believe we need to talk about Jesus, share our faith. But after all that is said and done then it is our responsibility to roll up our spiritual sleeves and get to the job of being a disciple, spreading the Gospel and making disciples.  Let me tell you now, and you may not like what I am about to tell you, if you are not making disciples, you are not being a disciple yourself. Many of us “preach” our beliefs from that which passes between our lips, instead of teaching His beliefs through our actions, making disciples and walking in the Spirit of the Lord, as actions require work and faith without works is dead.

If we are truly His disciples, then we must prepare the way for our Lord’s second coming and for his kingdom, even as John the Baptist did for his first coming. If we truly are His disciples, and believe His Word, and long for His return, we must our follow our mission as laid out before us in the Great Commission until he comes, and that is making disciples. Making disciples takes staying power, time, commitment, love and dedication.

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