Forget and Let Go

Philippians 3:13

Brothers and sisters, I know that I have not yet reached that goal, but there is one thing I always do. Forgetting the past and pressing on toward what is ahead.

Paul is stating here there is but this one thing I do; there is this one thing I am intent upon; that I constantly attend to, and that I earnestly pursue. He is showing us that it is to be the main principal thing that we are to set our hearts and minds upon, and we should let it permeate every fiber of our being. It should be at the center of all of our thoughts, desires, affections, time, and efforts.  It is more important than whatever gifts, or honors we may have receive. Paul is showing us that we should consider everything as incomplete till we have finished our course, received our crown, and have our bodies raised and fashioned after His glorious body.

This one thing I do – This is to be as it is the sole business and purpose of our life. We are to forget those things which are behind us, things we have been through, good and bad, and press forward. Our purpose is not influenced by that of others as we consider our calling, our Lord, and our end. As the world around us wastes its time in frivolous affairs and trifle pursuits, we are to have none of it as eternity is at hand and at stake. The past is gone and eternity with Christ is before us.

The one thing- Forget the past.

 Forget and let go of past heartaches

Forget and let go of past painful relationships

Forget and let go of past memories that sadden and hurt you

Forget and let go of old attachments that bind and restrict your heart

Forget and let go of thoughts from the past that bring you bitterness, pain and anger

The Psalmist said it best in Psalm 27:4 I have asked one thing from the LORD. This I will seek, to remain in the LORD’s house all the days of my life in order to gaze at the LORD’s beauty and to search for an answer in his temple.

In the secular world people will tell you that what has happened to you in the past is the determining factor for the direction of your future. If you came from a broken home, a home of alcoholism or drugs, that these factors will determine the future for your life. We are told if we had abusive parents, found ourselves in trouble with authorities as a youth, these conditions and action will decide our future as we struggle to deal with our past.

But we as Believers, those who have been redeemed by the blood of the precious Lamb, live in liberty and freedom from the conditions of our past because Jesus Christ through His sacrifice has overcome our past. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17-This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.

There is such a revolutionary change that occurs inside a person when they are redeemed, that they cannot just “add Jesus”, and carry on with their lives doing thing the same way they have been. It is no longer business as usual. When Jesus becomes Lord in a person’s life, everything, and I mean “everything” changes. If you were not expecting good things to come your way before you accepted the Lord, that is about to change. You can begin to look forward with excited optimism to more. To feeling more, experiencing more, living more and sharing more. Your life will become more of a blessing to those around you. Why is that you may ask? Because a life in Christ Jesus is a richer, fuller, more fulfilling, and satisfying life.

Instead of the old weight of sin that used to weigh you down, and cause chaos and heartache in your life, you can now begin to look forward to, and expect blessings in your life. And there is an added bonus. When the blood of Jesus takes hold in your life all of a sudden your life begins to bless others lives. As you begin to interact with those on your job, interact at home with your family, and interact with those in your church, the love of Christ and the power of God will begin to be demonstrated in your life affecting everyone around you.

The miraculous event of salvation in our lives means that in the eyes of God the sins we have committed he has completely wiped away they have been totally forgive. This tremendous gift that God has given us through His Son Jesus Christ is so powerful that all our sins are completely removed from the memory and knowledge of our Creator.

Isaiah 43:25“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins.

The author of this, the greatest of all gifts, the eternal blessing of grace is the Lord, is the great I am, “I, even I am He”;

I am He who has been so mistreated by humanity

I am He whose commandments have been broken repeatedly;

I am He and who is the Lawgiver that is able to save or destroy;

 I am He and who hates and abhors sin, and yet who is fair and just; and yet freely forgiving all sin

We are the recipients of the greatest honor ever bestowed; God gives us forgiveness and it is an honor to Him to do so, for none can forgive sins but Him. God forgives sin for his own sake; it is not procured by anything that any one of us can do, or by anything we deserve. It is not by our riches, not by our righteousness, not by our works or good deeds, not by our obedience to any laws or commandments; it is not for the sake of these things that the Lord forgives sin, but it is for His own sake, and the sake of His Son, our Lord and Redeemer Christ Jesus. His gift to us is unmerited and distinguishing grace; it flows freely from the grace of God; it is through the blood of Christ Jesus. To read these words here in Isaiah make my heart leap with joy, for we are forgiven according to the riches of His grace and mercy.

We as humans are not able to wipe away the memories of our past as easily as God does, but we are not to be controlled are motivated by the sins or conditions of our past as we are a new person in Christ and our future is filled with hope in Him.

The eyes of the world and the secular community focus on overcoming. We as Believers need to focus on what we are becoming. As we follow Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives we are being conformed to the image of Christ. In Christ as the Holy Spirit works in our lives; all hurts, injustices, pain and abuses of our past will eventually be addressed, healed and comforted by our Lord. What a wonderful blessing this is. As we now walk in Christ our future shines so bright and is full of hope, richness and the excitement. Living a life that has been redeemed is far greater than anything that happened in our past.

If you have problems dealing with and overcoming your past, simply pray and ask the Lord to open your eyes so that you may be able to see the wonderful and incredible future that lies in front of you, here in this life and the life to come. May your vision of your future be transformed and be as Paul’s as he wrote in the beginning of the piece…. Forget the past, let go of all the things that would take away your joy and happiness and set your mind upon Him and let Him give you all the happiness you so richly deserve as a recipient of the greatest gift ever given, God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

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