Christian Movies Worth Renting

You ever get tired of renting films that you think might be good only to find out you have your money on a movie that stinks? I know I have. Lately, I have been renting quite a few faith-based movies lately and thought I would share some reviews with you. These are all worth watching and are well done, and will stir the heart. Many Christian films that have been done have been of poor cinema quality and looked cheaply made, but not these. These have used small budgets, but have done fairly well at the box office and rentals. The story lines are interesting, and in all these there is an “Andy Griffith Show” feeling I get from watching these taking me back to a time when morals and values were more prevalent in film. They are refreshing, uplifting and films every family and couple should take the time to rent and watch. In this writer’s humble opinion you will not be disappointed.

Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants is the story of a high school football team that has a poor record. Grant Taylor is the head coach for the Shiloh Eagles. They have endured losing season after losing season, and the powers to be are trying to replace Grant as the head coach. As it is with many of us, Grants problems on his job seem to mirror his own personal life. He is financially strapped, does not have reliable transportation and his wife and he cannot conceive a child. Fear and failure have taken ahold of his life and he is in turmoil.

In desperation he calls out to God in his time of need. He decides to begin to give God glory and praise after every game no matter the result. He also exhorts his players with a new coaching philosophy and urges every player to give 100 percent. With God at the foundation of his life and his team things begin to take a positive turn.

God is the God of the impossible and this film will stir your heart as the gifts and goodness of God are played out on the field and in the personal life of coach Taylor and the Shiloh Eagles.


There is a saying among firefighters that goes never leave your partner behind, at his job Caleb lives by that adage.  At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules. His wife Catherine Holt is the daughter of firefighter and married a firefighter just like her daddy. But after seven years of marriage they are looking at getting a divorce.

They argue over jobs, finances, housework, and their life is in shamble. Seeing all this Caleb’s father steps in and issues Caleb a challenge. He challenges Caleb to “The Love Dare” a 40-day experiment. Out of respect for his father Caleb agrees to do it.

While trying to stay true to his promise, Caleb becomes frustrated time and again. But is it too late to rescue his marriage? His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt is ready to face his toughest job ever…rescuing his wife’s love. Catherine doubts Caleb’s honesty in his attempts to win her back, because of his initial lack of effort in completing the Love Dare, but Caleb’s father and his friend Michael encourage not to give up. Michael is used by God to bring Caleb’s heart to the foot of the cross.

Catherine becomes ill and Caleb stays home from work and takes care of her. It is at this point Caleb tells her about the “Love Dare” at which time he then fully apologizes to Catherine for his past selfishness. God opens doors and performs a miracle in their troubled marriage. The couple then renews their wedding vows in an outdoor ceremony, this time as a marriage in covenant with God as the center. A wonderful love story that stirs the heart and shows the ability of God to save any relationship.

The Grace Card

Mac McDonald is a police officer patrolling the streets of Memphis. Seventeen years ago he lost his son to an accident and the bitterness and pain of that event has eroded his love for his family and those around him and has left him leaves him angry with everyone, including God. Mac’s anger is destroying his career in the police department, and his family life is in shambles as he constantly argues with his wife. His family faces financial difficulties and his surviving son Blake is hanging with the wrong crowd and troubles at school.

Mac is partnered with Sam Wright a rising star on the force who is a working pastor and a loving family man. Sam has started a small start-up church, and works as a police officer to provide for the church and his family. Sam and Mac have problems as partners but God will use these differences as a tool to reach Mac.

Enter the Grace Card….This movie shows the power of God’s grace to rebuild relationships and heal deep wounds, giving comfort and restoring joy. There is no greater power than the love of God which will change the life of Mac and everyone who watches this wonderful film.

What If…

Ben Walker was called to be a preacher. But he made a decision fifteen years ago to leave his college sweetheart Wendy, and desert his faith in God in order to follow a lucrative path in the business world. He is a great success in the business world and is a high paid executive with a luxury car and has not set foot in a church in 15 years, and is about to consummate a marriage to a materialistic fiancé.

He is enjoying a joy ride in his new Mercedes when it breaks down out in the countryside. A tow truck driver/mechanic comes to tow his car. The driver is an angelic messenger sent in the form of a mechanic who tells him that he needs to see what his life would have been like had he followed the plan God had for his life. Suddenly in a dramatic life switch Ben wakes up in a new life where he finds his luxury car and trophy girlfriend have become a wife and two children. He finds  himself married to Wendy, getting ready for church on a Sunday morning, where he is the new pastor of a church where he has to deliver the morning sermon. It is comical at times and there is a great theme that warms the heart.

In this new life Ben rediscovers the value of faith and family and God opens a path to restore the broken hearts of his past. This film has a of “It’s a Wonderful Life” theme at its core where Ben learns to appreciate the value of faith and the love in his life. This movie delivers showing that God is a God of love, restoration and reconciliation.


As police officers, Adam, Nathan, and their fellow officers protect and serve the public. In this heartwarming film they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared for, being a father, can they serve and protect their families.

Their lives interwoven in this film where fatherhood is at its core, and there are difficulties being a loving father with their children. Can they find a way to reach them with the love a heavenly father as an example? When tragedy strikes one of the fathers, these men bind together as men and fathers renewing their faith, and their fatherhood. They commit to draw closer to God and their children. Together they make a decision that will change all of their lives.

You will find yourself laughing, crying, and cheering as these men in a godly pact aspire to be the kinds of father committed to God living a life that will have a positive and lifelong impact on their children. Courageous is a film that reminds us all, that honor begins at home. This film will bless you.

So like me if you are sometimes is less than thrilled with the current selection offered at your local movie theater, you can watch these films from the comfort of your own home. I rented all these at Redbox, and I can say for the cost of $ 1.20 they are a bargain to say the least. I pray you enjoy these as I did- you will laugh at times, and be teary eyed at others, and be left with a good feeling at the end as you are entertained and God is glorified.


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8 replies

  1. The only one I have not seen is What If. all the rest that you mentioned are great and have seen more than once. thank you!

  2. There is another great movie and it is “The Secret of Jonathan Sperry” try this one and I think you will be pleased

  3. Something to Sing About is a great movie. It was put out by the Billy Graham Association. We’ve watched it more times than any other Christian movie.

  4. The movie “Time Changer” is another of my favourite Christian movies & well worth watching.

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