I often hear people within the Body of Christ complain about not having anything to do for God. They say I wish I could do something for God, or I wish the Lord would call on me for service.

There is a special little verse, in the only book of the Bible with no chapters…Jude.

Jude 22…There is some of you having compassion therefore making a difference.

Let me invite you to learn to extend your goodness. You say Darrell, what do you mean by that? The easiest way to do that is to look around you…. find a need and fill it. Compassion working in you by the Holy Spirit will open your eyes and be used by God to help those in need. Showing compassion to others is Christ working in us, through us and with us in love,  sharing His goodness that Christ might be glorified in our lives, and in the lives of others.

The Lord shows us His love and compassion by giving us blessings that we by our own works do not deserve. It is not by our own worthiness, but the blood of Christ that we obtain compassion and receive the good things of God. By love He gave His Son as a payment for our sins that restored a relationship that we were created to share with God. It is God’s compassion and love for man that made this possible.

We see that the love of God the Father has been extended to us by the gift of His Son Jesus. We see the love of our Lord as His arms were extended and nailed to the cross as forgiveness for our sins. Slow down and take the time in your life on a daily basis to offer compassion to others, as the love of God in God has extended in compassion it to you.

We need to share that compassion with others and give in love as we have been loved and given to.

2 Corinthians 8:9

You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich.

Christ Jesus in the greatest act of compassion that has ever been given gave up his throne in heaven to become flesh in order to die as a sacrifice for our sins. When someone gives us a present for our birthday or at Christmas it is customary to respond with a “thank You” card in turn. Let your thank you card to Christ be reaching out in live and compassion to those around you giving of yourself freely as Christ has given to you. It was not comfortable for Jesus to leave glory and die on a cross for you and me. Remember this when to giving to someone in love and compassion sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone – follow the example of Christ and give freely of yourself.

Giving of yourself, and your time is the compassion that is spoken of in Jude 22, a compassion that makes a difference in the world. That compassion working in us by the Spirit of God is the difference that the world needs. We are the one that have been called of God as extensions of Christ and His mercy to spread that goodness to a world that is suffering and in need of the salvation the is so freely extended by God through Christ Jesus to all mankind.

Compassion can be going out of your way to help someone. It can be helping someone you hardly know move their office or giving a helping hand in kindness where you don’t have to. Compassion means to offer ourselves, our time, our love, concern and goodness in a situation where the only person that will know is  us and the receiver. To me that is to  compassion. We see people in need every day, an elderly woman carrying groceries, someone changing a flat tire, a man hungry on the street, a person crying in sorrow, the list goes on and on. Compassion can be a simple act of loving kindness.

There are so many needs around us if we actually took the time to look and find the time to try to start filling those needs there would not be enough hours in our day to do so. So let Christ be alive in you extending your heart in compassion, therefore making a difference.

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  1. Thank you Darrel. Blessings.

  2. Amen Darrel – I needed this today! And everyday! Praise the Lord! Re posting to FB. Kim.

  3. Thanks for writing on this. As followers of Jesus Christ, we should simply remember Christ’s compelling compassion for the down and out and simply ask God for the grace to follow Christ by showing compassion to those we come to meet everyday.

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