Inspirational Bible Verses – Philippians 4:6 – Prayer

Philippians  4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Be anxious for nothing… Paul is saying, don’t worry, be happy  -just talk to God about it.

This scripture has been misunderstood and misused many time in my opinion. God is not saying here that we should never be concerned about anything and just walk along with a la-de-ta attitude.

There are many things that we should be concerned with as parents, friends, siblings and Christians. We should be careful for our health and not expose ourselves to unnecessary dangers. We should do the same for our families and friends. We are to take care of our family and provide for them and the necessities that they have in life.  We are to fulfill the duty of our calling in life, in our work associations and home life. We are to stand for the honor of God, the honor of our local church and support and proclaim the Gospel.

What Paul is saying here is not live in such a way as to offend God, by being anxious for worldly things, or have excessive concerns for the things of life.  We as believers are to put or minds on the power, providence, and faithfulness of God. As we walk in Christ we should relax our hearts and minds and nor be overly anxious, or extremely distressed or concerned for the things of this world. In Him we are to be content. It does not matter if we have less or more, or are rich or poor. It does not matter if we feel we are on top of the world or feel like the weight of the world is on top of us. We should always cast our every care, weight, burden and fear upon Him, let go of them and leave them there.

In everything by prayer and supplication. Everything means what it says, every day, always, anytime, every time, whenever, whatever …He is always required. He is always required.We are to understand that every situation, no matter the case is to be brought to God; whether it be of a worldly or spiritual kind, whether it is to body or soul, ourselves or others, families, friends, even enemies…everything.

Prayer and supplication means include all kinds of prayer, both in your mind and out loud; Payers in public, prayers in private, great prayers, small prayers, prayers over the sick and needy, prayers over your supper. Supplication is an appeal made to somebody in authority. He is the only authority, He is the Great Authority. Supplication is the act of addressing our humble and sincere appeals to God, who has the power and authority to grant our requests.

We are to let our requests be made known to God. We do not need to let our request be known to the world, as arms of flesh and blood cannot supply our needs, and it is only the everlasting arms of God that can supply our needs. To watch over us and supply our needs is His will, bound by the covenant of His grace, and promised by His word. Our spirit connects with His Spirit, there is familiarity there, He is our best friend and we should openly share with Him as such, speaking freely as we pour out the needs and concerns of our hearts and souls.

This is what God desires of us. He already knows our needs before we ask but waits on us to connect with Him according to His word so that He move on our behalf as we make our petitions before Him as recipients of His Grace.  He will never be silent or unreceptive to our needs, and we have an intercessor in Christ who knows and supplies our every need.

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  1. Yes Darrell, if only we can leave all the burdens at the feet of JESUS, but i sometimes take mine back….

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  3. This is one of my favorite Bible verses. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  4. i was inspired by d way u broaden the word pastor,,im a new born belivier and this kind of words explanation can help me strengten my faith,,God bless u more..


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