No Microwave God -Waiting on the Lord – Inspirational Scriptures

Psalm 62:5

Waiting – It has become something that we as Americans are all too unfamiliar with. Let’s face it – what in life is there that we have to wait for? It seems all aspects of our society are built to accommodate consumers so that they don’t have to wait. Our food is instant. Our media is instant. We have every avenue known to man offering us instant gratification in almost every area of our life.

Things that have changed a lot over the last 50 years in the world. Goods and consumables have been developed by mankind so that they are readily available at our fingertips at a moment’s notice.

This writer believes that many times the pampering we have in the secular world leads to frustration and struggle in the spiritual world. We do not serve a microwave God by which into we can pop our problems and have instant results. God wants us to seek Him, praying and at times fasting as we sometimes await an answer from on high.

It was not so long ago that the entire nation was hungry. During the great depression we found out when people are hungry they will wait. Food was scarce in the 1930s as financial ruin gripped our great nation. Soup kitchens were developed to keep millions of Americans from starving to death.

The need for soup kitchens was so large because almost 25% of the adult workforce was unemployed. Parents could barely feed themselves, and then they had to feed their children. There were no jobs as the depression ravaged the United States and people were out of jobs everywhere, and unable to pay for food. So when soup kitchens came into play some families were saved from starvation. There was a cry for help and everyone helped by making soup kitchens. Men, women and children would stand in line for many, many hours just to have a meal.

Depression Soup Lines

The Great Depression was terrible, but could have been much worse without soup kitchens. Millions of families did not have food, and they would have starved and most likely not make it through without the soup kitchens. Soup Kitchens were the fuel in all the empty hearts of many Americans. They enabled those that were devastated by the depression to stay alive, and kept them going and helped them to never give up.  Waiting became a way of life for them, and they were appreciative of being fed.

Lamentations 3:24 – I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”

The Great depression showed that when we are hungry we will wait. Our souls cry out in hunger for answers from God as we struggle through life, and we are impatient wanting instant gratification from a God that instructed us to wait upon Him that we might be fed.

In our lives as we face distress and temptation, waiting on God is how we can survive. No matter how bad sometimes are, it is only by the mercy of God that they are not worse. God’s love and compassion will never fail us; of this we have fresh instances every morning. Instant gratification here on earth is things that will perish, but God is a portion forever. It is what we are commanded to do, and will be our comfort and hope, to quietly wait for the salvation from our Lord. The problems that beset us many times will work for our good. As we see the hand of God working in even diverse circumstances we find it good to bear a burden and hand it over to God. Trials and tribulation have made many humble and has saved them from the world, when they were trapped by vanity and pride.

If struggles and trials work patience, then patience will work experience, and that experience will become a hope in which we will never be ashamed. God is our spiritual “soup kitchen”. He wants us to wait on Him in order to be fed.

Waiting on God is one of the things that He most desires as we seek after His heart. We are to take the time and sit before the Lord. God is our confidence, and we are to have complete confidence in Him in every aspect of our life. We are to trust Him for guidance and instruction, for help and defense; for victory over our enemies and vindication for deliverance from trouble and destruction. He alone is our refuge from treachery and oppression. He will always be our source as we wait upon Him for His divine forgiving love.

Sometimes however there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on God. Nothing tries our faith like waiting for answers to our prayers. Waiting on God tests our submission to His divine authority. Waiting on God does not mean that we just stop everything that we are doing and just sit; it is simply submission to God’s better idea. As we wait on God and submit to His will, all aspects of our life are brought under God’s covering of authority and direction. When we run ahead of God, we will be painfully learning the pain of stress, exhaustion, and ultimately – failure. We are to never take matters into our own hands, but in all things put our trust in Him.

Psalm 33:20 We wait in hope for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.

All hope must come from God. We cannot rely not rely any person; we cannot rely on ourselves. Only God alone can deliver us, and we must believe that He will do it. How many times when we are we in diverse situations that we feel our only hope – is in God. Times when all our strength fails; all our resources are exhausted; and our friends cannot or will not aid us.

It is when all our own efforts seem to be vain, and we are powerless, our own dreams dashed, broken and disappointed, that we realize our only hope is in God – a sovereign God – and that the whole case must be left in His hands.

As we wait upon the Lord, We learn God Himself. God will reveal to us perfectly His ability to intercede and heal our lives even down to the smallest detail.  By His mercies working in us, He gives the grace to await His purposes until the precise moment when He gives us the evidence that He was working all along.

Psalm 33:20

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