Ten Commandments Plus One – Inspiration from The Bible

Commandment – 1

I am your God and Lord alone,

You will no other God beside Me own;

Put all you faith and confidence in Me

And love Me forever, eternally

Commandment – 2

To any man-made image do not worship or bow down,

Worship only the one true God with knee to ground,

His mercies are forever, His commandments are true,

Give Him the praise that only He is due.

Commandment – 3

Do not speak idle words or speak profane

Take not My holy name in vain

Praise My name which is holy and true

In My name blessings I will give unto you.

Commandment – 4

 Sacred is the day which God hath blessed

That you and your entire house may find rest;

Keep your heart and hands labor free

That God may spend the day with thee

Commandment – 5

 Give your parents their honor due,

To them be dutiful, and loving, too,

And help and love them in their latter days,

So that you will enjoy length of days.

Commandment – 6

In wrath or anger you shall not kill

Nor in hate render ill for ill;

Be patient and of gentle mood,

And to your enemies, do them good.

Commandment – 7

 Be faithful to your marriage vows,

Give your love only to your spouse;

Keep your heart pure, and do not sin,

Use godly temperance and discipline.

Commandment – 8

Do not steal for any reason,

But help the poor in every season,

Open wide your loving hand

To all the needy in the land.

Commandment – 9

Do not bear false witness nor bring shame

To your friends or neighbor’s name

Defend their innocence from blame;

With love and consideration pray for same.

Commandment – 10

Do not lust after or desire what others possess,

Not their spouse, or wealth or their address,

But wish them well and on them blessings bestow,

That the goodness of God you might know.

Jesus was asked, what is the greatest the greatest commandment of all? He replied

Mark 12:30 – You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.

You shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart – This means that you shall love Him with all you are, with all your faculties. He should be the supreme love of your heart, the object of all your desire. To love God with all our heart, we must direct our affections directly upon Him, stronger and more passionately than on anything or anyone else, giving up all of ourselves in love to Him in spirit and in truth.

You shall love the Lord thy God with all your soul – We should be willing to give up all of our life to Him, every aspect and every avenue. We are to be to be willing to completely submit our lives to him, devoting all lovingly to His service. To love God with all our soul is to be willing lay down our lives in His service if it be His will.

You shall love the Lord thy God with your entire mind – We are to submit all the workings of our imagination and intellect to His will. We are to love Him and His will more than we do the decisions of our own minds. We are to be willing to submit all our thoughts to His direction, and to devote to Him all our intellect – conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.

You shall love the Lord thy God with all your strength – We are to love Him with all the faculties of our soul and body. We are to be faithful to Him and Him alone, laboring and working for His glory, and make that the greatest object of all our effort in life.

 God gave us these commandments to show us how to live and to bring our open sin into light. It is only in Christ that we have forgiveness of our sins, knowing that we cannot in ourselves obtain salvation, but only by His mercy and grace.

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6 replies

  1. What a beautiful NEW “version” and view of “The Ten Commandments” (plus one!) ~ Thanks, Darrell! It brings a smile to my soul ~ a song to my heart ~ and such JOY! to see your heart poured into your “work”, His work . . . ♥
    Loving you,

  2. Blessings Darrell to you and Gracie.

  3. Hi Darrell, thank you for your website I just came across tonight. Sorry I’m unaware of your copyright plans…Are you happy if I print your “greatest commandment” image that you have designed above, & distribute to my church congregation of approx 30 people? Thanks 🙂

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