Thankful for Grace and Salvation – Inspirational Bible Verses



How can I thank You Lord,

For all Your loving-kindness,

That You have patiently

Shown me in my blindness?

When dead in many sins

And trespasses I lay,

You offered me dear God,

Your mercy every day.


 It is by Your hand alone

That I am now converted;

Over sin did your blood atone,

Your grace was applied and asserted.

Your mercy and Your grace

Arise fresh in me every morn

You have turned my stony heart

Into a heart new-born.


 I could but grieve You Lord,

And with my sins displease You;

Yet to atone for sin

My works could not appease You.

Though I could fall from grace

And choose the way of sin,

I had no strength to rise,

A new life to begin.


But You have raised me up

To joy and exultation

And clearly shown me the way

That leads me to salvation.

My sins are washed away,

For this I thank You Lord;

And with my heart and soul

All dead works are abhorred.


 Grant that Your Spirit’s help

To me be always given

Lest I should fall again

And lose the way to heaven;

Please grant me strength

In my infirmity

And always renew my heart

To serve You willingly.


Guide and lead me Lord,

While here below I wander

That I may follow You

Until I shall see You up yonder.

For if I led myself,

I would soon go astray;

But if You lead me,

I will keep the narrow way.


Father, God of Love,

Hear my supplication;

Savior, Son of God,

Grant me Your full salvation;

 Holy Ghost,

Be my faithful Guide

That I may serve You here

And there with You abide.


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6 replies

  1. Amen! Thank you Darrell, this is great.
    Your encouragement to the faithful is appreciated.

    Many blessings to you brother.

  2. Thanks for the reminder regardless of how long the relationship with Christ.


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