Top 100 Inspirational Quotes – Think on These Things

Need for a great God Ephesians 3 20This week is the 3 year anniversary of my blog and I have gathered my 100 favorite quotes that I have written in my articles to share them with my readers. For all of you that faithfully follow my blog, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing God’s goodness and grace with me. I pray these a blessing. If you have a favorite number please feel free to let me know in the comment section. Feel free to copy and share these at your pleasure.

  1. If we take ourselves at face value, we will take all of our own glory and throw it in the garbage. What good is all that we have done, compared to that which Jesus bore on the cross.
  2.   Millions of hammers have been worn out on the anvil of God’s Holy Word.
  3. Many times the second journey in God’s will for a person’s life is far greater than the original. God sometimes saves the best for last, as He knew we would fail. The best is yet in store.
  4. Satan wants you dead, and God wants you dead too.
  5. The taste of restoration is sweet. There is nothing so great. Do not allow the bitter taste of past failures to defeat you. Give them over to God.
  6. Grace has not been so wonderfully poured out in our lives for us to use it to seek our own profit. We are not to use our salvation as an instrument to obtain worldly profit, riches, or wealth.
  7. Forgiveness is the virtue of the weak, and adorns the strong. Nothing exists that forgiveness cannot subdue.
  8. We have all had times where we thought we were in God’s will only to find things coming apart on the broken wings of good intentions. Many times in life our hopes are dashed, promises broken, and our way seems lost. It is in realizing that we are but humble pilgrims lost without God’s direction that we can find our way.
  9. There are many things in life that can steal our hope and leave us shattered and broken. As we abandon God and struggle with our pain alone, the enemy tightens his grip. Without reliance on God we are helpless and vulnerable.
  10. God’s Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defence, laying us open to listen and obey.
  11. It is finished. Three fragile, yet powerful words offered up to God, changed everything from the beginning of time throughout all eternity.
  12. There are people who dress themselves in thousands of dollars of designer wear clothing, but they are still ugly on the inside. Wearing Christian Dior doesn’t make you a Christian, only salvation covers ugly.
  13. I will not work for salvation. I will not stress when I struggle. I will not beat myself up when I fail. I am saved by grace and grace alone, there is not one single thing that I can personally contribute or add to that. Jesus paid it all. Done. End of story.
  14. We must set aside our own aspirations and let His will and direction be fully implemented in our lives. By doing so, our lives will be full of great and wondrous feats for God, and we will exceed all we ever imagined or hoped for.
  15. If you feel like the world is on your shoulders, and there’s nothing in the world that can be done—that’s okay.  He has overcome the world, and His Grace is not of this world.
  16. His grace is the only good thing in us.
  17. We must not flatter ourselves into thinking that we have insight into God’s mind. Only God knows His thoughts toward us, and only He can deliver them in our lives.
  18. Every one of our lives has a story; and our Redeemer’s blood is the ink in the pen that writes the script for our lives.
  19. There is nothing in life that can put wings to flight like the promises of God.
  20. Redemption falls like rain descending from Heaven with grace and mercy—through God, by the blood of Christ—with life and salvation by Him, and Him alone.
  21. Even when this life is at its dimmest, and we lay at death’s door, we are assured that our soul will rise to meet our Savior.
  22. We have no purpose, no cause, and no message save that of the cross.
  23. Many times we take our “faith” way too serious. Many of us are a little too spiritually haughty where we can’t even see others viewpoints without acting all sideways and offended. We should listen, and in maturity, teach and guide without offending and spitting out 200 verses to prove the other person wrong.
  24. We are but instruments in the hands of the Master — all credit, all honor, and all glory belongs to Him—and Him alone.
  25. When someone asks me, “How much does God love us – my answer is always “enough”.
  26. There is nothing greater than the forgiveness of God in Christ Jesus. The crucifixion of Christ on Calvary is history’s clearest and greatest “I love you”.
  27. There is no greater beauty than one who has been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and been changed into a new creature – a child of God.
  28. God does not promise that He will supply all our desires or wishes, but He promises that He will supply all our needs.
  29. God helps those who cannot help themselves.
  30. God’s grace in Christ Jesus cannot stand alongside with man’s own merit. Consider well the price that was paid. Ransomed at Calvary.
  31. It was with His hands that He rewrote upon the sands of time giving us life eternal in Christ, and with His hands He makes all things new.
  32. People wonder what tomorrow will bring; a better life; a better situation; a more prosperous job; or a happy marriage. It is in God that we can find the hope for our future. If we put our hope in God, there will be no surprise ending in our lives.
  33. I am asking God to help remind me daily, what true beauty is. The beauty that each of us shares is that we are wonderfully made by His hand, each one of us His own personal masterpiece, transformed by Christ Jesus – It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.
  34. We must surrender to God even our most intimate secrets and vulnerable places that we hold most dear.
  35. Grace is God’s gift from start to finish! We did not make ourselves, nor can we save ourselves. Only God does both the creating and the saving.
  36. God does not keep score.  In Christ, it is done.  Finished.  Over.  We are justified, validated, and given God’s stamp of approval by the Blood of our Savior Jesus.
  37. Acknowledge and rejoice what God has done in Christ Jesus for our salvation, there is nothing we can add to that which has already been done.
  38. When we lift out hands to God, we lift our hands toward his holy oracle –  we lift our hands to the throne of God where he sits in His mercy-seat awaiting our praise.
  39. There is nothing so honorable, and that will bring more joy, both in heaven and here on earth as sharing Christ and the gospel. We find our greatest purpose and honor as we stand near the Son of God, leading the perishing to His cross.
  40. When we laugh in His joy, everything in our mind that can bring us down, or bring us sorrow, is removed. Laughter itself is so powerful that it will engulf all of our senses when experienced, overwhelming us with its presence, submitting us to its delight. Thank God for His wonderful gift of laughter.
  41. Prayer rightly plunges us into a world of grace—into the heart of Jesus.
  42. The love of God is not based on what we have, what we do, or what we achieve in life. His immense love is not determined by our behavior, our attitude, or our conduct.
  43. The love of God is not dependent on our personal background, our birth status, or our social standing. God’s love is not influenced by anything that we do in and of ourselves. In all of creation, His love is like no other.
  44. A husband and wife are one body, two souls in one, spirits entwined—with a complete union of interests, an indissoluble partnership in life, in fortune and misfortune, comfort and despair, desires and inclinations, joys and sorrows.
  45. Never has a greater love been so mistreated, abused, rejected, forsaken, and trampled upon than the love of our God.
  46. We cannot let the enemy rob us of the beautiful life that God has planned for us.
  47. Do not plant your dreams in the fields of indecision, where nothing ever grows; but, in the fields of grace, where dreams are fulfilled.
  48. When we base our choices in life on Godly principles, 99% of our decisions are already made.
  49. The choices we make are the hinges of destiny upon which the doors of our future are opened. God has doors open for a promising future for our lives. Making choices directed by His will opens those doors in our lives.
  50. Most failures in my life can be narrowed down to three prevailing reasons – Me, Myself, and I.
  51. All my hopes of heaven; all my energies; all my success in life; all my virtue; all my blessings are because He lives in me.
  52. There is no sweeter smell than the smell of grace in Christ Jesus. In Christ, we are the ointment poured out at Calvary, dipped in His blood, and offered as a sweet odor to the Father redeemed by His love.
  53. We are the offering of His righteousness, set forth by His death and sealed by His resurrection, an eternal sacrifice of a sweet fragrance in His blood which He is continually making to God on our behalf.
  54. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, we are given fresh supplies of grace.
  55. It does not matter how grave or momentous the circumstance, we must take all of our plans, along with our problems, and roll them up along with our doubts, and fears, and lay them at the feet of Jesus, and ask Him to be the one to handle our distress.
  56. When our entire world is shaken, knowing that we know we don’t have to face it alone makes all the difference. Knowing that He is there helps us survive another day.
  57. Hope in God will heal a broken spirit when nothing else can.
  58. God’s love is a salve for every wound, and a relief to every heart that is burdened.
  59. Live a righteous life, no one knows you exist—sin a little, the whole world knows your name.
  60. If you constantly imagine the worst case scenario for your life, and it happens, you have lived it twice. Stay your mind on Christ—think on the good things.
  61. Jesus is the signature on the note that guarantees the payment to supply all our needs. He is the signature at the bottom of the check of redemption and need.
  62. Jesus is the guarantor of grace, and without Him life is worthless with no redeeming value.
  63. We may be very surprised at the people we will find in heaven. You see – God has a soft spot for sinners.
  64. The Word that saves is right here, as near as the tongue in your mouth, as close as the heart in your chest. It’s our faith in the Word that welcomes God to go to work and set things right for us.
  65. God’s yardstick is the only one that counts when measuring success.
  66. We cannot successfully repair and paint over the cracks and damage in the foundation of our lives, but God can, and He will.
  67. In Christ we are a beautiful flower, as He opens the petals of His design in us that His divine purpose may appear.
  68. Forgiveness is the very breath of God.
  69. God’s greatest glory is not in us never falling, but in our rising every time we fall, in Christ Jesus.
  70. The love of Christ comforts our every pain, and heals the broken cry in every one of us.
  71. The safest place to be is where The Lord is leading.
  72. God is not limited to working with our weakness, He also helps us with our strengths.
  73. Living a life that has been redeemed is far greater than anything that happened in our past.
  74. Let your heart shout with joy in our “begin again” God. It is only God who can make all our failures regenerative. He is the God of risings again, a God of genesis and re-genesis.
  75. Prayer is our breath—drawing in the air of mercy in petitions, and returning it in praises.
  76. In Christ, ours is such a tremendous love story, it would make even Shakespeare jealous.
  77. In Christ, we are the handiwork of God the Master Sculptor, a thing of beauty that even Michelangelo in all his glory could not even come close to creating.
  78. Heaven is not a place for “Good People”: it is a place for “Forgiven People”.
  79. The Word of God is more than a bunch of stories, or something that happened a long time ago. His Word is alive today. His Word is intimate and very personal. It is captured in great miracles, and in very tiny moments.
  80. God’s Word is a place of refuge. It is a place where our spirit feels at home. It is a place where the longing of our soul is assured of being able to connect with God.
  81. Let God make the memories, and write the chapters in the book of your life.
  82. Trust God to lead you where you have never been before. You will not be walking in someone else’s footprints—you will be making your own.
  83. Salvation is a love story, written in the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ on a cross over 2000 years ago.
  84. God prepares us in our deepest character to be ready in a moment of crisis, in a moment of need, to be a servant of the Lord.
  85. We have the new DNA of God the Father, by Christ Jesus. DNA, Divine Nature Acquired. The Blood of Jesus has redeemed us. New DNA . . . the DNA of God, it’s in the Blood.
  86. But we who are redeemed have a heritage greater than that of Moses, David, Elijah or Solomon – we are the very bloodline of the Living God, in Christ Jesus.
  87. With God the impossible is the ordinary.
  88. We do not need not think of ourselves as small, insignificant, or unimportant; we simply do not need to think of ourselves at all.
  89. Humility is the understanding of our own insignificance, in light of His significance.
  90. If we are going to share God’s love and reach out and touch people’s lives, we need to make sure our life mirrors our testimony.
  91. Mankind’s thinking is always changing, while God’s truth remains the same.
  92. As a servant of love, let us lift others up, putting them before ourselves, standing not in judgment; such is the example given to us by our Lord, that we are commanded to follow.
  93. What a comfort, what a blessing, what joy it is to know that nothing—not hardships, troubles, or lack of finances, nothing we can ever experience—no matter how hard, trying, or terrible things get—nothing can separate us from the love of God.
  94. Hardship, distress, pain, trials, sickness, and sorrow. These are all conditions in which the love of God will increase as we experience struggles in our lives.
  95. Forgiveness in Christ Jesus subjugates everything in this world.
  96. God alone is “Abba”, dad, daddy, papa, and Father in every sense of the word. What a glorious blessing we have to have Him as our parent, and how precious and wonderful it is to be His child.
  97. God’s view of our lives far exceeds our own short-sightedness, as many times we can only see the obvious right in front of us. God works on the larger picture.
  98. God is never overwhelmed or inadequate to supply your needs.
  99. Faith connects us to God. By faith, the universe was formed. By faith, humanity was saved. By faith, blessings are given. By faith, we have escaped death and have been given eternal life.
  100. Before God gives us the greater things in life that He has for us, according to His will, we need to learn to thank Him for the small things first.

Philippians 4 8 Think on these things

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  1. Praise God and congratulations to you Darrell for your wonderful witness of God’s grace through you and His ministry through you all through these three years. May His face always shine on you and may you find His grace enough for every need. Thank you for sharing your blogs and blessings on ChristianBlessings. Indeed we serve a faithful God.

    My favorite is number 19: There is nothing in life that can put wings to flight like the promises of God.

    Yes, everything we have in faith is based on His unchanging Word – His precious promises. Praise God and glory to His Name.

    Praying all the best in God for you, and ministry in the future.


  2. “…Live a righteous life, no one knows you exist—sin a little, the whole world knows your name…”

    How sad, but this is true. Thanks for this great stuff.

  3. thank you for sharing. God bless.


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