Jesus Is The Answer – But What Is The Question? It’s All About Him

Jesus is the answer cross Mark 10:27Questions can come in a variety of forms. Life is complex to the mortal observer, but it becomes simple in the eyes of the Divine.

Are there real questions to which the blood of Christ Jesus offers an answer and a solution?

Marriage, affliction, hope, sin, loss, depression, pain, stress, love, employment, troubles, fear and faith are but a few of the things we question God about looking for answers. Is Jesus the end all to be all for our solution? YES HE IS!

Let’s use the example of our car. In order to find answers and solutions to the things we encounter, we must let Jesus take the wheel and drive us in the journey before us. As long as we control the car, He cannot take us where we need to be; protect us from oncoming traffic, or keep us from making a wrong turn. If we are at the steering wheel, we are in control of our own fate; while leaving Jesus sitting in the back seat. We cannot reduce our Lord to a backseat driver looking at a map for directions; He must be in control of our destiny.

It does not matter if one has been a Christian for 5 minutes or 50 years, we never grow to the point that we can take control of our lives, thinking that we have all the answers. The answers and solutions to the journey before us remains in the Master’s care, and in our total submission to His will.

Many times in our quest for answers we turn to our friends and family looking for human approval and validation as we search for answers. We must tear away from our consciousness the need for human justification and let God reveal Himself to us. We receive our justification in His grace, and all the questions we need solutions for pale in comparison to Him. In his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ provided the answer to every question that we would ever have.

We must put our focus on Him and Him alone, saturating ourselves in His word for the answers to all the questions that clutter our minds and weigh us down. As we let His word come alive in us we will realize that the Bible is full of answers; not about the questions of the redeemed, but about the answers of our Redeemer. The focus in His word is not about us, even though the body of work in salvation by Christ was for us – it is all about Him.

The ability of God to give us answers and solutions for our life is far greater than our ability to mess things up, as we tend to make a tragedy of our own circumstances. Pursuit of answers outside God is foolishness; we must submit ourselves to His divine wisdom to relieve the weight and burden of the questions that invade our mind and soul. If we look to ourselves for the answers, we will suffer – we must look to Him, as He already suffered for us. The answers came at Calvary as God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life. Don’t find yourself lost and off track looking for answers in life, let Jesus take the wheel to get you where you need to be going.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Mark 10:27 Jesus said, With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

God so loved the world Jesus John 3 16 God gave His Son

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  1. WOW~! This is an amazing read, and a great comfort. May all those in need find the “meat” they so desperately seek in your words. They are POWER-FULLLLLLLLLLL!
    ~Your Gracie Girl~

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  3. Awesome piece, Darrell. God bless you, and thanks for posting a link to my site. I appreciate it.

    • Thank you Lyn, I enjoy it and . Thanks for stopping by and sharing. blessings in Christ Darrell

      • Thnx. Just an advance warning..we make a lot of posts with everything that’s going on. If frequent notifications bother you, you might want to adjust your follow settings 🙂 That stuff doesn’t bother me, but it does some people. Just thought I’d tell you! God bless and have an awesome week!

      • I know I see them in my reader, sometimes there are like 10 a day, but there is a lot of info and world news and I enjoy reading them. I see them under the God, and Christianity categories and read them all the time and thought I was already following till I went for the link to copy for the comment and saw that I wasn’t so I fixed that 🙂 Blessings Darrell

      • Oh, I’ll share something with you just in case. If I follow people using the dark gray wordpress bar right up top to the left of reblog, it’s 50/50. Some people, I will never get a notification, and some I will. So I figured out I have to hit the follow option in the widget area, or it doesn’t always work.

        And thanks, I’m honored by your kind words. Thanks for blessing me!

  4. Ooops…and for blessing everyone else who contributes on my news site. I’m sure they would be blessed as well. I’ll be sure and share with them what you’ve said. Sorry for two messages…I hit something on my keyboard..I don’t know what, and it made my message post before I was finished.

  5. Darrell, what a wonderful voice for the Lord you have through your photo graphics and writing. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will link some of your posts in the future and share the beauty of your ministry. Link ups are available every day so we can spread the chorus of our voices far and wide!

    May the Lord color your life beautiful today.

  6. Hi Darrell, I loved this post! I want to say a hearty AMEN!

  7. P. S. Thank you so much for sharing my blog post for Jesus Paid It All, under the Related Articles.

  8. Amen Darrell. Jesus is the Answer to my EVERY need.

  9. The ability for God to give us the solutions is far greater than our abilty to mess it up – I love that quote. Sometimes our problems become too big and our God becomes too small. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Praise God. Jesus Christ is the Only Answer to questions on eternal life for He paid the price Himself to give us the answer. This blog will appear  on ChristianBlessings on 10th March, 2013. Thank you Darrell for sharing. In Christ Evelyn


  11. What a great blog – I love the work you do with the pictures as well as your devotions. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog home, now I can be blessed by your blog home as well! Have a great day!

  12. ‘Pursuit of answers outside God is foolishness’.
    yes! when will be truly understand this?! God is more than enough to satisfy our thirst. stop drinking from polluted wells.

    Yah bless, brother.

  13. Amen Darrell, love the message, and yes we will never have all the knowledge.

  14. Wow… this is just what God was showing me today. Thanks for sharing!


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