God This Isn’t Fair – Finding Grace – Inspirational Bible Verses

2 corinthians 12:9 in weakness there is Jesus

Life is hard and is full of hard times, painful experiences that sometimes leave us confused and bewildered struggling to comprehend and understand what has taken place in our lives. It is when we are in the midst of enduring these times that our lives and the experiences we endure can open doors to ministers to others who are in need, sharing the love of God. I have heard many people say “God, this isn’t fair”. Sometimes as we go through painful experiences there are no easy answers and life does seem unfair. As we interact with people our daily lives these situations happen all the time to us and those around us.

As we look for answers to understand our pain, or the pain of others there is no stock answer. In the midst of enduring heartache and tragedy God’s love by Christ Jesus is the more poured out in us and on us to strengthen us.

We read in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that our weakness, and in our pain, the power of the living God rests upon us. In our weakness, the strength of the grace of the Lord is manifested in us, even more. In the midst of our despair, we are fully conscious of being weak, broken, feeble, and in need of His strength. It is the times when we are desperately in need of His aid that Jesus manifests his power of grace in our lives to strengthen us, to uphold us, and impart to us His divine comfort. We are best where we are weak, because it is in our weakness we allow Christ to take over, be the center of strength in our lives. We connect with God when we are weak because in our weakness we can completely surrender our will to our Redeemer, as His grace supplies our every need. We are held in the palms of His hand when we endure heartache as in our weakness we completely surrender our will to our Redeemer and His grace supplies our every need.

Many times good can come out of the very worst of situations. Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard and difficult to understand, but God’s word tells us that life’s brightest moments can sometimes be found in the middle of our darkest hours.

The death of Jesus Christ our Lord teaches us this very truth. As Jesus died a seemingly tragic death on a cross on Golgotha, the best thing that ever happened to all of humanity came from the worst thing ever. What could be worse than the killing of the living Son of God? What could be more unjust and unfair than the torture and execution of a man who had never even committed a sin, much less a crime? What could be more unjust and unfair than killing the only perfect man who ever lived? I am sure as Jesus died on that day, the disciples were shocked and bewildered by what they had just witnessed and said, “God, this isn’t fair”.

What they did not understand as we many times do not ourselves, that this terrible tragedy was completely under God’s control. As Jesus died upon the cross sin and death were defeated; in his seemingly weakest hour the strength of God was made manifest. On that glorious day redemption was poured out for the first time upon all mankind. In all the weakness, pain and suffering that Jesus endured; the power of the living God rested upon the entire world bringing salvation and restoration to all humanity.

Jesus can give us comfort in our lives even when we feel we are lost, without hope and abandoned. We can find wonderful things out of even the darkest moments of our lives. Our Lord is present with us when it is the very darkness. He has planned that even the darkest of situations that we face will result in His redemptive good for us. He surrendered His very own Son to death so that we could have life. He will not abandon us.

When you find yourself saying “God, this isn’t fair”, be reminded that Jesus endured death for us so that even in the face of our darkest hours we would be able to live with hope, strength, and courage. Because of what Jesus has for done us, good things can happen even in our  weakness and struggles. We cannot let grief rob us of the beautiful life that God has planned for us. We can choose to live and experience and receive the wonderful grace that Jesus died to give us, and find the beautiful life that His grace destined us for.

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  1. Often when we are going through these difficult, what seem like unfair times, it is difficult to remember that everything in life that touches us, has to pass by God first. If we chooses to allow something to touch our life, it comes with great purpose. It may be a test or it may be to strengthen us or someone in our midst. We may never know the reason, but we can rest in the fact that whatever it is — it is a part of God’s plan for us.

    Thank you for an encouraging post.

  2. Thank you, Darrell, for sharing the message of the hour that GOD has so graciously given you…GOD’S WORD (JESUS) is our only hope in these last days…thank you for your obedience to HIS will and sharing it with others…GOD BLESSS YOU AND YOURS…ALWAYS AND IN ALL WAYS!!!

  3. …“God, this isn’t fair”…

    Thank God, He’s not fair. If He were, I’d be in Hell right now because that would have been the only fair answer for the sins I’ve committed.

  4. Stunningly beautiful post. I wish I could ever get to the point where I were as connected to God as during trials. He always manifests Himself more vividly because I am actually seeking Him more intently in times of crisis. Love the photo! Thanks!

  5. Yes, high school. A LONG time ago and never want to go back to those days!! Thanks

  6. Never again will i ask that question after being in the hospital for a week Darrell!! There is always someone worse of than you.

  7. What an encouraging blog you have. Thanks for stopping by mine. Blessings to you in joy!

  8. as usual you bring the LORD and hope in my life thx

  9. Hi Evelyn, don’t know what happened to the rest of the comment 🙂 but thanks for stopping by Blessings Darrell

  10. So touching…Excellent post!Thank you for this.

  11. >> “Many times good can come out of the very worst of situations”
    I can look back on my life and see the “very worst of situations” and sincerely praise God for them, because He used them to make me what I am, to “grow” me, and to give me a ministry to abused people, which I could not have otherwise related to.

  12. You’ve been nominated for The Shine On Award. Please visit http://unwalled.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/the-shine-on-award/ ‎ for the information and the image……keep shining!…….Kim

  13. Powerful! As I think back, I don’t think I’ve ever uttered those words concerning my life. Weird. I’ve uttered it isn’t fair for others. Hmmmm, I must be perfect. LOL


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