The Significance of the Resurrection – Jesus Arose Where He Died

ohn 11 25 Jesus rose again resurrection and lifeEaster is all about the resurrection, the rising again of Jesus on the third day after His Crucifixion.

Death is an all encompassing word, powerful by definition, feared by most, yet totally incapacitated by the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Blood of Christ revives our spirit, restores our inheritance, and renews our life. In Christ our rebirth is a great resuscitation that overcomes and redefines death; opening the pathway to an eternity with our Redeemer.

Physical death is but one way we face demise in our lives. We face bereavement from a variety of sources, in our marriages, in our friendships, and in our relationships.

Every year we celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the grave, undoubtedly the single greatest event in all of recorded history. The resurrection of Christ was the metamorphosis of God’s design for all of humanity, birthed in Adam and delivered on the cross – salvation.

Sad to say, His great sacrifice has become nothing more than a celebration of colored eggs and chocolate bunnies to many in this world. The truth behind the resurrection, which is the holiest of celebrations, occurred over 2000 years ago when humanity’s fate stood in the balance. It is a celebration of life, and an eternal rescue from certain death by Christ Jesus. He arose. Jesus was crucified and buried, but victoriously on the 3rd day after the crucifixion, He arose from the dead – the greatest second act in all of history.

Jesus died in Jerusalem, and when He was resurrected, He rose again in Jerusalem. The effectiveness of His resurrection would not have such an effect on the world if He had appeared in Rome, or in Athens where no one knew him. If He rose again in Persia or Greece, His disciples and those that had seen Him crucified; hearing Him say it was finished, would have kept thinking it was all over.

But Jesus arose in Jerusalem;

where they saw Him go down;

where they thought He was defeated;

where the enemy thought he had won.

When He arose, the minds of those who had been witnesses of the crucifixion were changed as they saw the Risen Christ. They knew then that all was not lost, and He was not finished. They realized then that it was not over, as they witnessed the mercy of God, redeeming the world through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. As the Son of God stood before them, they realized what had been accomplished—salvation. They knew then the victory was His. Redemption was done. Jesus arose where he died.

If in your life, you feel as though you have died, or some part of your existence is dead, the message of the resurrection of Christ can resurrect you. If all your failures are in full view, do not run and hide – let God resurrect you where you are.

Is there a bad situation in your life, and do you think you are finished?  Is there something you are going through right now and you believe that it’s all over for you? Do you just want to escape from it and run away?

Let God resurrect you where you are. Let those around you who think that you are finished, those that say it is over for you; let them see that God is not done with you. Let God resurrect you where you are, that Christ might be glorified.

On this Resurrection Day, let your heart shout with joy in our begin again-God. It is only God who can make all our failures regenerative. It is He, who is the God of risings again, and it is He who never tires of fresh starts. We stand assured in Christ Jesus, serving a God of starting over, a God of genesis and re-genesis. He will take all your life’s sour fruits, bear them in His blood and leave them dead and decomposing. God will freshen your world with spiritual dew, and hydrate your withered human heart with His renewing spirit. Even as God raised Jesus from the dead, He will restore you, and give you life anew.

Lamentations 3:58 – You, Lord, took up my case; You redeemed my life.

Failure as defined in Christ is nothing more than a prerequisite for victory. The second act of a person’s life can be far greater than the original. We see ourselves as failures; falling short. Many times God saves our best for the last. He knew that we would fail. In our failing, God knew that we would think we were finished; that it would be over, but He is never done with us.

The resurrection of Christ redeems us and teaches us that God will restore us; He will turn our helplessness unto the Hope of Hopes, our mourning unto His Mercies, our cries to His Compassion, our failings unto His Faithfulness, and our grief toward His Goodness. This is the power and message of His resurrection.

ohn 11 25 Jesus rose again Christ resurrection and life

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  1. Beautiful!!! i re-blogged….. Thank you!!!

  2. AMEN! Beautiful! Only in Jesus have we resurrection; new life, only in HIM! ” …He is never done with us,” God has no throw aways! Because Jesus lives there is HOPE! Thank you Darrell for the like on my blog. Have a great Resurrection Day!

  3. As we remember He arose, and keep our eyes open for His return, I pray you and yours have a beautiful day, Darrell!

  4. Reblogged this on The Founding Fathers Would Start Over and commented:
    This is a beautiful post from brother Darrell; I had to reblog it! If anyone drops by my blog today, read this if nothing else.

  5. Darrell, this is so encouraging . . . Everyday I let His refreshing morning dew rain down onto my soul. In His Word I find new life and hope and a new song to sing. Today is a day for rejoicing and renewal. A time to give Jesus all of your cares and burdens and be renewed in your faith and trust in Him. New life, new beginnings, old things have indeed passed away! God’s Blessings and Happy Resurrection Day!

  6. Reblogged this on Moonlight Reflections and commented:
    A great and beautiful post by Darrell Creswell to read on this glorious Easter Day… May it be as meaningful to you as it was to me!

  7. Wonderful – I believe eternal life is not just about the next life but about the quality of this one. Your call to move on from failure and problems talks strongly to this. Thank you!

  8. Wonderful said. I just start getting your wonderful words of encouragment.

  9. Free, at last, it is finished. Life hath triumphed over death. Jesus reigns, bless the name of, God Almighty, free. at last.

  10. Very beautifully written & quite similar to the message preached at our church yesterday. I love how God can take a word and lay it on the hearts of many all at once…confirmation of His power & goodness. Be blessed!

  11. Beautiful. To allow God to resurrect things in the midst of my circumstances, right where I am at. That way, for others all around, He gains greater glory. Thanks, Darrell

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It was so gracious of you to like my post. What an amazing ministry you have and it is inspiring to see what you are doing for God’s kingdom! God bless you!

  13. Our LORD and Redeemer. Blessings to you and Gracie!!

  14. Amen! I love the thought of failure being a prerequisite for victory. And letting God raise us where we are. The place I live (& have lived the last 13 years) was a place I spent the worst years of my life. After coming to Christ, the Lord brought me back here. I asked Him why since it had been such a negative place. He said, “I’m making you a testimony of the resurrection.” When I first moved back, I ran into all these people I used to know. They got to see me made new. And over the years, the Lord has redeemed this place so that it’s a place filled with His resurrection life instead of my sins & darkness. Good word 🙂


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