If You Are Not Making Disciples – You Are Not Being One

Great Commission Matthew 28We should share the gospel and the goodness of grace in our life every opportunity we get. Sometimes, there may be but a moment to say or do something to share the Lord, but we should always plant that seed. Before we follow what’s in it for me, or name it-claim it theology, we are commanded FIRST and foremost to bring the lost to Christ as we share His grace.

Matthew 28:18-20 …..Then Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me. So go and make disciples of all the people in the world. Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey everything that I have told you to do. You can be sure that I will be with you always. I will continue with you until the end of time.”

Jesus is telling us here in Matthew to go and lead the lost to the Cross, that they may obtain salvation. It is our personal responsibility to reach the lost, as each and every one of us are we are ministers of the Gospel by His commission and command.

We in the Body of Christ, and I do not mean the paid ministers,  are to be Christ’s conduit of grace to the world. We are to proclaim grace for Him and Him alone – and not for our own profit or any other entity. We are to guide and protect new believers from those in authority not of sound doctrine, who could lead them astray. We are to teach correct and sound doctrine, and biblical principles. To teach it, you have to know it. To make disciples, you have to be one. It is time to stand up and be accounted for as the redeemed of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord needs “warriors” not “wishers” that are always saying, Lord I wish for this, Lord I wish for that. Jesus is telling us he wants us to make disciples.

There is a lot more responsibility than just praying the “sinners prayer” with someone. This is one reason so many in the church have fallen astray and have been carried away by all kinds of weird and strange doctrine – they haven’t been taught to be disciples. There are many today that follow non-biblical, man-made doctrine. Who led them to the Lord, who was responsible for their discipleship?  We as the church are not doing our duty as we are ordered to do by Christ himself, and that is make disciples. Many Christians today have lost a sense of Jesus’ presence and purpose among us, and it is because many of us have lost sight of the commission our Lord has clearly given us. Making disciples takes our time and commitment. You can’t make disciples by just going to church for one hour a week, and letting that be the substance and foundation of your walk with the Lord. He requires so much more of us.

I believe in tracts, flyers, books, magazines, papers, chalkboard, anything to spread the Gospel. I believe we need to talk about Jesus and share our faith. But after all that is said and done then it is our responsibility to roll up our spiritual sleeves and get to the job making disciples of those we have shared the gospel with. If you are not making disciples, you are not being a disciple yourself.  Many of us “preach” our own personal opinions from beliefs that pass between our lips, instead of teaching His truth through our actions, making disciples and walking in the Spirit of the Lord. Actions require work, and faith without works is dead.

We must prepare the way for our Lord’s second coming and for his kingdom, even as John the Baptist did for his first coming. We must our follow our Lord’s instruction as laid out before us in the Great Commission until he comes, and that is making disciples. Making disciples takes staying power, time, commitment, love and dedication –  Everything that Christ did for us on Calvary.

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  1. Amen Darrell, God asks us to plant a seed, not grow the tree. Blessings to you and Gracie!

  2. I love the message, the messenger and the illustration. I shared the gospel message with my 6 year old grand daughter on Easter and yesterday she asked how Jesus could live in her heart. I asked her if she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to live in her and she simply said she’d think about it. So I said a simple prayer for her to listen to and I await a time when her little soul is ripe for harvest.

  3. A great message Darrell and powerful in it’s Truth, I find it hard not to talk about God’s amazing Love for us and the wonderful things He does , my brag book is the Bible and I’m passionate about my Lord Jesus’ He is my Spiritual Husband and I long to tell others that they are greatly Loved too.

    I’m sure you have heard Parents or Grandparents talk about their children and seen their photos on noticeable places in their home or heard someone who is in Love share how wonderful their Loved one is, Wow they can do no wrong and as they talk their animated and excited, their eyes are aglow and smiles are plentiful and all of them do so freely not because they feel they have to but because they can’t stop themselves, their hooked.

    It is very True we will want to plant seeds that bear good fruit and when we do so not because we have to or out of fear but because we want to and this will be so when Pentecost comes in our heart and the tender shoot starts to spread it’s branches.

    To be a Disciple is to Love God and others and to give freely of ourselves without counting the cost, to rebuke, to correct error and warn when needed in Love and for Love and to encourage and uplift, to offer help and to always be willing to go the extra mile.

    Thanks again Darrell you are a blessing, may God bless you and your Loved ones greatly now and always..

    Christian Love from us both- Anne.

  4. Amen Darrell. We are born to reproduce – disciple + disciple in obedience to the Great Commission. Thank you for your reminder which I shall extend  soonest possible tomorrow to ChristianBlessings readers, for these end times. Blessings Evelyn


  5. Love this…you are right, spreading the gospel of Jesus the Christ is imperative and exactly what we’re on earth to do. Success rate means nothing- it’s the EFFORT that is important. Being a light wherever you are, speaking to people without fear of whatever consequence might follow- both these things make The Way a proactive relationship with God and not just an abstract one. I’ve met people who can quote chapter and verse- and don’t want to have anything to do with them due to arrogance and pride- and I’ve known people who barely know there’s a difference between Old and New Testament and are righteous, loving, HOLY people. Everyone we meet is a potential “convert” (of HIS, not OURS); but only God can work in that individual’s life- like you said- it’s about PLANTING not HARVESTING- That’s God’s job alone. God bless you- this was wonderful to read.

  6. This is really good & well said. I hear the care for the Lord’s people He has given you. That is God’s heart beating in you, & it is precious!

  7. Amen, I was raised in a faith based church, but my faith was never really built until I actually made Jesus Lord of my life and starting seeking His will and going ‘about my Father’s business’. (Matthew 7:21-23, Luke 2:49). From experience, it just takes that initial step of bringing up Jesus with someone, then the Spirit works through that conversation and God blesses it tremendously.

  8. We are reborn to reproduce.
    Considering the enormous change in my life when I became a blood-bought, adopted child of the living God, and considering the abundance of blessings received from Him over the last 55 years and all He has done and continues to do for me . . . how can I *NOT* tell others?

  9. Your post has inspired me! One thing I do believe: before we talk we should first listen. Where is this person at; how much do they understand? Otherwise we run the risk of overshooting them with religious jargon. (A bit of good example goes a long way, too.)

    We attended a funeral one day and the Pastor kept saying, “You need Jesus; You need Christ in your life.” but I’m wondering if the unsaved family members this was aimed at had any idea WHY they needed Jesus. If the Lord doesn’t guide us in our building we can hammer away with all our strength and “labor in vain.”

  10. And that my fellow Believing friend, is why I write. God told me to “tell the world with your mouth what I have done for you.” My mess is His message and those who see my redemption are sharing in the desire to be disciples – to live out that relationship with Christ.
    I am glad to have found your site!



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