God Hit Me and I Was Captured by Grace

Psalm 42 8 Captured by graceIs it possible to pray, go to church, give an offering, recite a prayer and not have a personal relationship with Him, or experience His presence? You better believe it is. And that it what is so sad, that many of us practice “religion”, and completely miss out on a one on one personal relationship with our Lord.

I remember the morning it happened like it was this morning. It was a moment graciously given to me by God. It was the day that God taught me how to worship. I, like most of you, have had numerous times of worship and interaction with God in my life. I remember as a young man, being in San Diego in the late 1970’s. I was a part of the “Maranatha Movement” at Calvary Chapel where I experienced worship in mass with thousands of youth that took my interaction with God to a higher level than I had ever experienced before.

Even as a child, in my father’s church singing “I’ll Fly Away”, and “Prayer Bells of Heaven”, I experienced worship with God as we all sang, clapping our hands unified in corporate worship. But then worship for me changed as there I stood, almost 10 years ago today. It was a song that I had never heard before. And as I was reading the prompter and singing along with everyone else – it happened – God hit me. God hit me so hard that I was not sure what was happening. I was completely broken.

Have you ever had a moment where you are in the middle of a noisy crowd and everything goes silent? That is what happened to me. I went from singing, smiling, hands raised, to being reduced to a crumpled up heap; my legs would not support me as I knelt down sobbing uncontrollably. I did not know what was happening.

Looking back in retrospect I think that I had reduced my “worship” experience to a few moments in time during “worship” on Sunday mornings, or in passive quiet times with God, always making sure I gave Him a peck on the cheek to let Him know that I loved and appreciated Him.

It is almost like God was so tired of me toying with His emotions, that He smacked me to knock some sense into me to show me how much He loved me – because that’s what happened. I felt the love of God like I had never felt it before, even greater than when I first received Christ as my Savior. As I sang the words “capture me with grace”, God reached me in a place that I had never felt Him before. I have never been the same since that moment. It was as I sang the words “capture me with grace” that it happened.

You are the source of the life, I can’t be left behind,  No one else will do,  I will take hold of You – I need You Jesus to come to my rescue,  Where else can I go,  There’s no other name by which I am saved , Capture me with grace, I will follow You.   – Rescue, Desperation Band

Have you reduced your interaction experience with God to a few moments during “worship” on Sunday mornings; or in passive quiet times with God, do you always making sure you give Him a peck on the cheek to let Him know that you love and appreciate Him?

We must not take the opportunity to interact with God for granted. Often we don’t even take the time to even speak to Him in prayer or conversation, or even stop to praise Him for the love and goodness He gives to us in life. Sometimes through habit we find ourselves by saying “canned” prayers, having a one way conversation, as we rush off after reciting a prayer without taking the time to sit back and listen to our heavenly Father speaking back to us, sharing His heart with us.

Prayer was given to us as gift so we could have intimate conversations with Him. Can you imagine? The Creator of the universe, in whom everything exists and has always been, cares and loves us enough that He give us an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Him. He gives us an opportunity to be heard, and to receive and hear His voice in return, bestowing upon us the privilege of developing an intimate personal relationship with our Him as our God.

Prayer and worship was instituted by God that we could experience Him in His fullness and glory, and for us in turn to respond to Him with love and affection. But for many, being a Christian has degenerated into “religious habits, or being “religious” – Something that we do out of habit. God designed us to give freely to Him; so that as we worship, showing our love to Him, we might receive as He shows His love in return to us. But much of the time in trying to appease our conscience or playing church we diminish our worship experience with Him by following habits instead of making it a relationship on a “personal” and intimate level with our Creator.

It is imperative that we establish a healthy two-way communication and dialogue with our Lord so that a close personal relationship can develop our God and us. The way to develop a good personal relationship is through personal, free-flowing conversation and dialogue where we are able to express all thoughts, opinions and feelings with one another. This is what develops a”best friend” relationship that has been offered to us by our God. This relationship is special, unique and wonderful. We are able to have personal conversations with our best friend, as we relax and become intimate with our Savior. By having this intimacy we are free to be ourselves and are able to release God to work in our lives so that we might reach our full potential.

Psalm 42:8
By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.

Being a Christian means having an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Being a Christian does not mean that we have a set of man-made doctrines to follow and believe, prescribed prayers we must pray, or special rules we must act upon. Everything that God has commanded us in His Word is for our benefit, to grow and enhance the relation in love we have with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take the time to let Him respond to you in kind – He will. This is vital to a Christian’s experience with God, and when that happens, that personal relationship will completely transform your life. He is amazing in that He will reach out to you and talk to you in His wondrous love; walk with you hand in hand, guiding you through life.

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  1. Reblogged this on Clay Tablets and commented:
    I believe the title is supposed to read: “God Hit Me and I Was Captured by Grace” Reading further down in the post you will see that sentence.

  2. Wonderful grace of God chasing and reaching down to us when we did not deserve,
    What a difference personal relationship does to worship. No longer a duty, it becomes a pleasure to experience God 24 hours everyday.
    All must read your blog Darrell, especially those professing to be Christians who do not yet
    experience God and His power in their lives. With that in mind I shall share the message you have relayed in your blog, with ChristianBlessings readers tomorrow, as you concur. Thank you.

  3. Hi Darrell, yes it’s very True we can know God in our head but not our heart. Why do I always feel you have been reading my future Posts the ones I’m writing now, your messages always touch a cord in my heart, do you think it is because we have the same Best Friend… Thank you dear Brother, you are a blessing and you keep blessing, God used you today to reassure me of His will.

    I was asked if I would create a Power point about Carnations for a friend, it was my first one and I thought to myself Hmmmm red and white and both together how boring but half way through collecting the Pictures I broke down and cried, I was in awe with the incredible beauty and variety of God’s creation even with Carnations alone, I had taken it for granted. I asked forgiveness and with tears of Joy I continued creating the Power point. I have never been the same since and that was 5 years ago, every time I see a flower or even a Tree, I feel the awe all over again and often thank God for opening my eyes so I could really see the beauty of His creation. He gave us flowers to enjoy and some are also used for medicine, fragrance and food. I only wish I had smell a vision with my flower Power points to enjoy their beautiful fragrance that delights our senses.

    I will share at another time Darrell how Music has blessed me, even some songs that are not known as Christian and yet have God’s Truth, and melody, perhaps because His seeds are everywhere as you shared.

    God bless you,Darrell, Gracie and your family, I loved the pictures of you all, I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to share together with you in person our Joy in The Lord, like they did everyday in the early Church.

    Christian Love from us both- Anne.

    P.S I will be posting soon with your Inspiration pictures, if all goes well with the settings, I had so much trouble yesterday, thanks again for sharing willingly your gift.

  4. Thank you for articulating so well what I have been preaching–to anyone who would listen–that Christianity is not about a religion or denomination, but about having a relationship with God. Hallelujah! I thank God daily for our relationship–for His blessings and His correction!

  5. “…Have you ever had a moment where you are in the middle of a noisy crowd and everything goes silent?…”

    Yes, and it ended up breaking my heat so that I wept uncontrollably. Good points today. Thank.

  6. “Is it possible to pray, go to church, give an offering, recite a prayer and not have a personal relationship with Him, or experience His presence? You better believe it is.” Oh, so true! Been there, done that… but the end of that thought is this: “I am never going back to that again!”

    Thank you for another great post, Darrell!

  7. Great post! Thanks for this

  8. What a blessing to read this post today! Thank you, Darrell! How wonderful it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus and a hotline to God’s throne every day! \o/

  9. Thank you so much for this article. It’s encouraging to know that guys get “wrecked” like this too. In my sphere, it’s usually the women…none of the men have a walk like this with our Lord. You give me reason to continue to pray for them – and trust that God will be able to reach them! I appreciate that.


  10. This is a completely life-changing post with which I heartily agree. You came into “agreement” with God’s desires for and towards you by uttering that key phrase from that sweet song, and Abba was “released” by your permission to do in You what He’d always wanted! You expressed it beautifully, Darrell… God BLESS you for sharing the wisdom He’s given you regarding the “inner workings” of His marvelously tender and open heart. A true blessing which made my day! Amen.

  11. Darrell I accepted JESUS as my Saviour in 1982. The Word says that you must keep that fire burning. I woke up one morning with this awful feeling in my stomach, knowing that I have lost my love for the LORD somewhere along life’s way. Believe me it is just grace that can bring you back. I will never forget, it was one Saturday morning, I was busy drinking a cup of coffee. I had the radio on a Gospel station. Then I heard this beautiful song of a wooden cross. It felt like my heart was breaking into pieces, so much pain I had. I wept at the feet of JESUS. I stood up forgiven. I can never forget that day. Blessings to you and Gracie.


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