Darrell Creswell-A Study of Christian Grace Reaches 1 Million Views-Redemption

grace by grace Ephesians 2 8 redemptionI want to thank all of my faithful readers and friends that have helped my blog, “Darrell Creswell – A Study of Christian Grace” reach 1 million views. Readers from every country in the world with the exception of Mauritania, Iran, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Chad have visited the blog. Mine is an independent blog on WordPress.com where I try to share the goodness of God’s grace. I humbly thank all of you for your support. The one million views really means nothing to anyone but me, but nevertheless – they make me smile. I am happy to be able to share the grace which saved me. 🙂 Unlike my humble blog, below are some of life and histories important 1 million events.

The World Christian Encyclopedia estimates that by A.D. 100 there were 1 million Christians in the Roman Empire. This means that by the end of the first century less than 1 percent of the population were Christian.

There are less than 1 million words in the Bible. The Old Testament has 593,493 words while the New Testament contains 181,253 words. That is a combined total of 774,746 words in the Bible.

The first 1,000,000 dollar salary in baseball was that of Nolan Ryan in 1979 when he was with the Houston Astros.

John Jacob Astor was the first American to be worth a million dollars. He was a fur trader. He created the American Fur Company, and persuaded Congress to pass trade restrictions against British furs, so that he could profit from the American fur industry.

On December 10, 1915, the 1 millionth Ford car rolls off the assembly line at the River Rouge plant in Detroit. It was the now historic Model T at a selling price between $300 – $850.

Recorded in 1907,”Vesti la giubba” was the first recording in the world to sell 1 million copies. It was sang by Caruso who was the first gramophone star to sell more than a million copies. It was recorded from the opera ‘Pagliacci’.

Every three days about 1 million babies are born around the world.

For every heart that is born in the kingdom by the blood of Jesus, millions times millions in heaven rejoice.
I want to gratefully thank all of you a million times. Thanks to all who shared my pictures, reposted the blog and shared it on their pages. Thanks for sharing grace with me. Darrell

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  1. ~ I LOVE YOU! ~

  2. Congratulations, Darrell, on this monumental achievement. One million views is a great goal to have reached in the name of our Lord and Savior….. You have done what Christ has commanded of us “go into all the world preaching my word and make disciples of men.”
    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continue to bless you and yours always, my friend.
    Again, my most humble acknowledgment and commandment of your achievement.

    P/S: Don’t stop now!!!!!! smiling

  3. Amen! God bless you! I enjoy reading your blog and have learned so much from your words. Write on…😊

  4. No readers in Mauritania? C’mon Darrell, you’re not trying!
    Seriously, congrats to you. Writing is its own reward, but it’s even better when people are receptive to your perspective. (Hey, that rhymes!)

  5. Congrats My Brother!!! Thank you for the words from God. We share God’s Word in different ways He have given us. But if one person is saved by His Word we have done what task God have given us. Heaven rejoices!! Love You Brother. Keep posting His Word!!!

  6. Darrell, this is amazing! May the Lord continue to use you to reach out to the world and grant a fantastic harvest for your labor. 🙂


  7. i am happy with you Darrell! YAHWEH bless you and Gracie and your ministry. In the name of our LORD and Savior YESHUA. Amen.

  8. How wonderful Darrell that you have shared your message of God’s Love, Grace and Eternal Hope with so many and in such a beautiful way with your living graphics that bring to life God’s Truth in Scripture.

    Have you ever wondered about comments, it would good to know how many comments we have made on other peoples Blogs when seeking to uplift, encourage and of course offer Loving correction if needed.

    Thanks Darrell for the many times I too have been blessed by your messages you are indeed a Solider of The Cross.

    Christian Men – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/christian-men-are-soldiers-of-the-cross/

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Thanks Anne, I know that your comments are much appreciate here with the wisdom that the Lord has given you. I need to l;eave more comments myself especially when visiting your page at http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/. Your work is a gift of God’s grace – Blessings Darrell

      • Wow I’m overwhelmed with the kindness and Love in your words Darrell, they are like ointment to a hurting soul and right now I am hurting and would very much value your prayers too. I have been going through a very painful time of rejection from my younger Sister and older Brother, now that Mum has died my Brother Alfred and I are not wanted as part of the family because we were Adopted, we are both hurting greatly.

        I want to continue to Love them Darrell and not let bitterness poison me, because I need to Pray with genuine Love that both their eyes and ears will be opened so they will know just how much God Loves them and that He will be a reality they will know and understand, my Sister believes in Buddhism and sadly my Brother listens to her. Of course it will still be their choice to accept Jesus and His Love and to come to heart repentance and so accept the free gift of Salvation He offers too.

        Alfred is not a Christian either and he is very bitter towards Mum too, she cut him out of the Will, but I’m not sure if was the right Will as there seems to be a cover up, Alfred’s Solicitor is checking it out for him but he is more hurt by what Mum done as he does not need the money.

        I have tried to explain to Alfred that Mum was hurting and in a lot of pain and hurt people hurt people and themselves but he won’t listen, although he was comforted by my assurance that I Love him and is now keeping in contact, we were never close before, he use to make fun of my faith in Jesus.

        What was amazing and wonderful Darrell, was when Mum was dying she spoke to both Alfred and me and also held our hand and kissed it and yet we were told by the Doctors and the rest of the family that she could not talk because of the clot on her brain.

        God also gave me assurance that Mum was saved, which I Posted about, He showed me the good seeds planted in her life by her Mum and others produced good fruit the same as with my older Sister Julie who died some years ago.

        Thank you for listening Darrell, I must have needed to share, it just flowed, I would very much value your prayers for us both and thank you again for your kind words.

        Christian Love from both of us- Anne

      • Thanks for sharing Anne and thanks for sharing grace at http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/. I am remembering both of you in my prayers that God’s grace will heal your wounded hearts – In Christ Darrell

  9. Hi Darrell, Praise the Lord. You have honored the Lord in your sharing. Now He has honored you by drawing your 1 million readers. .

    What a blessing you are by His grace – you have touched many lives.
    Keep up the great work of praising Him


  10. Congrats brother. Keep preaching the Gospel. Each and every hit planned by a sovereign God. 1 million is a tremendous yield at the harvest.

  11. HUGE Congratulations!! May God continue to bless you, as you bless others : )

  12. Congratulations Darrell! Praying God will continue to use your web site to bring much glory to Him. : )

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