Fear of Failure – Where is God Leading You? – Inspirational Bible Verses

Isaiah 41 10 fear of failureI like reading the words of dead men. Anyone can have a flash of brilliance for a moment, but it in the span of a lifetime one gains true perspective. A lifetime is filled with failures as well as successes. It is in those failures that we learn how to succeed. The words of people who have had lifetimes of success as well as failures helps me to understand better the journey that we call life.

Volumes of books are written on success, and being successful, but it is in our failures where we can find God’s truth for our life.

Fear of failing. I hear people who say, I have never failed at anything, yet they have never tried anything that they knew that they might fail at. Instead they protect themselves but only doing the things that they consider “safe”, where they know they have no chance of failure. If we attempt to limit our exposure to life, we put ourselves in a box. God’s plan is always outside the box.

There will be people around you that tell you that what you are doing is destined for failure. Ignore the naysayers, and trust God to lead you in life. God will break all the rules on your behalf, so never give up and never be afraid of failure. God teaches us through our failures. Many times we are so paralyzed by fear of failing that we do not step out in faith, believing that God is there beside us.

All great men and women have failed.

Colonel Sanders, who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken could not sell his recipe to anyone in the beginning. He was rejected almost 2000 times before the first restaurant accepted it to become the fast food chain it is today.

Thomas Edison as a young man was told that he was too dumb to learn to do anything productive in life. When he started working, he was fired from his first two jobs. Tomas Edison failed at his first 1000 attempts to invent the light bulb. But on his 1001 attempt, he succeeded. He invented things like the phonograph, electrical lamp, and the movie camera.

Henry Ford is an American icon, as cars with his namesake populate the landscape. However early in life he went broke 5 times trying to succeed in business before he founded Ford Motor Company.

The point I’m trying to make is this – We are going to fail –SO WHAT! In Christ, failure is nothing but a road-map for success.

Many times God places walls in our lives to invite what is failure in our own eyes, but is our eventual success in God’s plan for our lives. No matter how much you beat on a wall, you can never change it into a door. So when the wall of failure is in front of you, look for the open door that God has readied for your eventual success.

 Revelation 3:8 – I know your works. Because you have limited strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name, look, I have placed before you an open door that no one is able to close.

In the mind of the Spirit see the open door that God wants you to go through and trust Him to guide you to the place where you can rebuild the tragedies in your life through Christ Jesus.

The Lord is always opening and closing doors if we are following and trusting Him. Walls of failures will come, but we must recognize them for what they are, so the future can open up for us. Recognize the open door God has placed in front of you, and walk through that door. The safest place to be, is where the Lord is leading. So don’t be afraid of failing – Fear is a LIE – God is TRUTH.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

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  1. My pastor shared during his sermon, “Failing Forward.” We are imperfect and are not status is not based on our successes or failure — but by being faithful. So boldly fail forward as we live out our day for Christ.


  3. Out of the ashes of failure and regret comes the blessings of success if we but continue on the journey. Thank you for this uplifting reminder of the Rock on which I need to stand.

    Blessings Darrell

  4. Amen… Love this… “the safest place to be at is where The Lord is leading.” So true!!

  5. Great reminder. I think too, if we never fail we aren’t allowing humility to change us. If we are only choosing things we know we can succeed in, pride and self righteousness can reign. I like this quote from Andrew Murray…”the greatest test of whether the holiness we profess to seek or to attain is truth and life will be whether it produces an increasing humility in us. In man, humility is the one thing needed to allow God’s holiness to dwell in him and through him. The chief mark of counterfeit holiness is lack of humility. The holiest will be the humblest.”
    In failing, shrugging your shoulders in surrender to God, and then getting back up to move on will produce so much fruit, if not immediate, then in clarity of hindsight.

  6. All right I shall build on faith.Amen.

  7. Failure as a road map for success…I like it! I know I needed this reminder to step outside my comfort zone and follow hard after God.

  8. This particular message is meant for me, i almost give up but God has just encourage me through you never to remain where i have falling. Some time when demand is higher than supply in life you may even give up on God’s work as a minister of the gospel if not careful. But thank God for the abundance grace released into my life right now, God continue to bless you.

  9. Lovely message thanks Darrell! Blessings brother to you and Gracie !!

  10. Once again Thank you Pastor!!! After one year of unemployment, unanswered Cvs & cover letters, dragging on an overloaded feeling of being useless,…The very least I can say is that I’m BOOSTED!

  11. Another great post Darrell. Keep hitting those keys.

  12. Hi Darrell, I have had to close a door myself recently which many do at some point in their lives due to new circumstances happening but mine is not closed permanently but was needed temporally, with Ron being diagnosed with Cancer he will be and needing care if he has to have Chemo or an Operation, my studies for a Counseling Degree is now on hold, although I have planned to do it on line in the New year, I was going to do so now but have decided with Christmas on the way too, to wait till I can give it my full attention.

    God does not close doors that He opens but He will those that present danger that we have opened but not by causing us or our Loved ones to suffer, when He closes a door we will be at Peace about it.

    Christian Love -Anne


  14. I stumbled upon this great post looking for something else but it was exactly what I needed to read right now and is very appreciated…. It is such a walk of faith to learn those doors or apparent disappointments are just as valuable as the open ones if not more so… So well said and true thank you!!

  15. Great thoughts and another fabulous image Darrell… so glad I stopped by today.

  16. You have some beautiful posters, great Scripture verses and I appreciate your devotionals. On this one were your aware that “right hand” is repeated. Just thought you should know. Thanks for your ministry. I send these out on my FB page. God Bless!!!


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