1. By His grace He has blessed me with the life of being a servant,  helping those in need, and for that I am the most thankful. I thank the Lord for Romans 5:20..But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.
    2. 17347_1337464847465_1556443266_877685_1163651_aI was born the son of a Pastor/Missionary. I began traveling on mission trips  as a small boy and began sharing the message of salvation at the age of 13. During my life I have shared the message of Grace in different parts of the world. I was blessed in my youth to have been an associate pastor in some of Americas largest churches, thankful to work with and be mentored by my senior pastors  Dr.Tommy Barnett , and Dr. Charles Blair. I am especially thankful to Dr. Ray Wilkerson, who saw God’s hand on my life even as a very young man, and helped guide me into the ministry and was always my pillar of support and my example of a godly man. Thankful to God to have spent time with Pastor David Wilkerson in his home in Texas as a young minister and being taught love and outreach. Thankful to Pastor Forrest Gibbs for helping teach me faith.

    Over the years the Lord has enabled us to build churches and orphanages in Mexico.

    Email me at dadwcr@yahoo.com

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