Reach out and Touch Jesus – Healing -Inspirational Bible Verses

Luke 8 44 Touch JesusJesus has provided healing for us, and by His stripes we have received that healing. Whatever the issue in your life is of sickness, or maybe you are dealing with financial, marital, personal or spiritual issues – Jesus is your healing. The following is paraphrased from Luke 8.

Jesus was traveling and speaking to a large gathering of people. In the crowd there was a woman who for twelve years had been afflicted with a hemorrhage that caused her to have an issue of blood all the time. She had spent every penny she had on doctors and cures that never worked and nothing had been able to help her to stop the bleeding. She saw Jesus and believed if she could touch Him she will be healed.

She made her way through the crowd and slipped in from behind Him and touched the edge of Jesus’ robe. At that very moment that she touched Him her hemorrhaging stopped. Jesus turned and said, “Who touched me?”

When no one stepped forward, Peter said, “But Master, we’ve got crowds of people on our hands. Dozens have touched you.” Jesus knowing that someone with faith believing had reached out and received healing again repeated – “Someone touched me – I felt power discharging from me.”

The woman who had touched Jesus realized that she couldn’t remain hidden, so she stepped forward and knelt before the Lord trembling. As the crowd looked upon her there, she told Jesus her story, why that she had reached out and touched him and how at that same instant that she did – she was healed.

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a chance to trust and believe in me, and now you’re healed and made whole. May your life be filled with joy, live blessed!”

Reach out, trust and believe in Him, and touch Jesus today for the healing you need in your life.

If your heart is sad and lonely, there’s no joy anywhere.
If there’s no one left to comfort, and there’s no one left to care.
Just cast your cares on Jesus and upon His arms rely,
And reach out and touch the Lord as He walks by.

All along a dusty roadside, on His way to raise the dead.
Mighty was the crowd that followed, hungry for that Living Bread.
“I must touch Him”, cried a woman, “I must touch Him or I’ll die.”
So, she reached and touched His garment as He passed by.

Reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by.
You will find He’s not too busy to hear your heart’s cry.
He’s passing by this moment, your needs He’ll supply,
So, reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by.

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  1. I am recovering from major surgery. Thank you for this timely post.

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    Do you have a need today? Reach out and touch Jesus as He passes by! Darrell Creswell’s writes one of my favorite inspirational blogs! God bless you, Darrell for sharing this!

  3. No matter what I may go through I know as long as I can touch the hem of His gament I and healed. His wounds heals me with His Blood that was spilled so I will be healed in Him. No one can do that that even the best world doctor on earth but I know a doctor that can heal everything only if you believe and have faith with all your heart. That’s my Brother Jesus!!! Healing Blood from Emmauel Veins.

  4. Yes, become as a young child, as Jesus said. Faith is just taking God at His Word; that simple! And faith ALWAYS brings God’s power, no matter if we feel it or not. Believe when you pray, and the manifestation (showing up of the healing, financial help, etc) WILL COME! However long it takes to show, don’t doubt!! (Mark 11:24) “When you pray, what things soever you desire, BELIEVE (right then) you receive them, and you SHALL have them!” God LOVES us!! He is soo good!!

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    Yes, become as a young child, as Jesus said. Faith is just taking God at His Word; that simple! And faith ALWAYS brings God’s power, no matter if we feel it or not. Believe when you pray, and the manifestation (showing up of the healing, financial help, etc) WILL COME! However long it takes to show, don’t doubt!! (Mark 11:24) “When you pray, what things soever you desire, BELIEVE (right then) you receive them, and you SHALL have them!” God LOVES us!! He is soo good!!

  6. I need to have faith like the woman hemorrhaging with blood because if she had been wrong, Jesus would have been defiled by her touch. That’s called faith!

    Thanks for reminding me of this story.

  7. Awesome entry, Darrell! What a way to start my day, thank you!

  8. Darrell, many have been the times my family have experienced Jesus’ healing touch. Most significantly and memorable to this day is my dad’s total healing and deliverance from epilepsy, smoking, gambling and drinking alcohol on his baptism day more than 50 years ago. His deliverance is permanent, Praise the Lord.

    May all those who need healing and read this blog be encouraged to reach out and touch the Lord in faith to receive their healing and I would like to include the readers on ChristianBlessings in English and Tagalog too with your approval.

    Blessings as you continue to bless.

  9. Hi Darrell , you always get me pondering and praising God what a wonderful vessel you are. Yes our faith even as big as a mustard seed can move a mountain of hurt, fear, doubts, worry sickness, hunger etc why because it is based on fact, we believe God can do and does do the impossible, we see it all around us… Wow look at your belly button Darrell, no Animal has ever had one the same, that’s right your great, great Granddaddy was not an Ape, Wow did you see that beautiful flower in your garden, it was created on the 3rd day of Creation, it grows with water and the Sun Hmmmm the Sun was not created till the 4thday and the bees till the 6th how could one day be a 1,000000 + years from morning till night, yes Facts, did you know Darrell the world is round, God told us when everyone believed it was flat and some still do, that was thousands of years before they even had big boats and for sure no Space rockets, How did He know, yes Faith is based on fact but all the evidence will mean nothing unless we believe like a Child and don’t doubt our Abba Father in our heart.

    I believe as you do Darrell that all good things come from God including Healing, both emotional and physical regardless of how He chooses to do so. Some of my conditions were healed Miraculously and some through natural remedies or Doctors who God gave knowledge to help us but whatever He uses I give Him the thanks, praise and glory not them. Did the blind man thank the mud or Jesus’ spit, or the others He healed, the water, did they thank the loafs and fishes that kept many from being hungry, did the bleeding woman thank Jesus’ robe. God promises to provide our real needs and even our good heart desires.

    All my Doctors except one, have been non -believers and each one of these when my life threatening or limiting condition has disappeared and they are all documented with ultrasounds and ex -rays etc, could not explain how, most just said…. well we will see if it returns, none have, yes I still have some physical disabilities but I have no doubt even though my body is wearing out, Jesus will keep me in His care and I will soar like an Eagle Spiritually.

    I have also experienced genuine signs and wonders, most were witnessed by others and all were impossible for man to do, so they were not counterfeit, am I better and more wanted by God then anyone else No, He has no favourites, He Loves us all greatly and others have also experienced simular to what I have, I don’t ask why anymore, I just say thank you Daddy, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and Eternally, He is the only healer, all good things come from Him .

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    P.S I know my Comments are long Darrell, so please post if wanted, I will understand, I just can’t keep quiet about our Awesome God of the impossible and when and how do I stop, when He has been so very, very good to me.

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    These are words fitly spoken and in due season.

  11. i see that you have the song im lookin for..reach out and touch the he walks by…but what is the name of this song?

  12. Reblogged this on Freedomborn … Set Free Eternally and commented:
    When I read messages that touch my heart like Darrell’s do, I have an overwhelming desire to share them with everyone but sometimes it is the second time I read them that they bring full light and so once again I want to thank you Darrell for your openness to The Holy Spirit as you share God’s Truth, I will take some time to catch up with your links on this message too……..

    I have also attached below two Links from Ron’s Corner where he shares is feelings and thoughts about my healings and the signs and wonders that I had experienced in my Blessed life…. Yes God is unchangeable He still heals today!

    Ron and myself are going to have a break away from work and enjoy our part of Aussie land next week but I will still spend some time Blogging, even if not Posting although I can do this now, the problem has been resolved. For those who don’t know I do all Ron’s Posting and commenting on Blogs for him when he writes them, so sometimes my workload is very full too but I hope to share with you about our holiday in the Countryside close to us we are not going to a Holiday spot, when I’m Blogging again fully .

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    • Sorry Darrell about this Reblog but it was a mess on my Blog and once again I cannot Post or edit but was able to yesterday and didn’t check again before I Reblogged your massage but I will contact WordPress and also try to Reblog or find another one of your messages with the same focus to do so.

      Blessings – Anne

    • Sorry Darrell, I tried all afternoon but I’m being stopped me from Posting and correcting, I wanted to confirm your message that God does heal today, there are so many that don’t believe this even Ministers we have known, the Links I posted are Ron sharing on his Corner how God healed me but they don’t work on the Reblog and it’s a mess and I can’t Reblog again.

      I was also going to correct this and also that we still can’t Post again, so I may not be able to share about our Holiday but I can’t do it and it seems to be WordPress or at least someone who has access to their controls is stopping me, I have eliminated everything else but they say it is not them, yet I have had problems since they changed the Dashboard, anyway I will try again let’s hope it’s just another one of their Tecnicial faults like the Likes that can be fixed.

      Take Care Blessings -Anne

    • Hope the break from every day life was enjoyable in Aussie land, it is always nice to revisit our roots. I would love to hear about your holiday – IN Christ Darrell

      • Hi Darrell, I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I only received your reply through Ron’s emails today , it did not come to Freedomborn, my email address. I’m still having trouble Posting, the last one took me a very long time, but I still have not heard from WordPress so sharing about our holiday on our Blog will have to wait but we had a relaxing time, which is what we planned.

        We went sight seeing but we didn’t go to tourist places, just the places around us, it really is a beautiful Country all over. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking the water on Bribe Island and then went treasure hunting in second hand shops, Hmmmm what people throw away is amazing, anyway we both love a bargain so it was fun. We played board games and read a few Blog messages but our Blogging was limited.

        Ron cooked all our meals which was great, he is a very good cook, I just enjoyed them and he even washed up. We use to cook for Teenage Church Camps years ago which we loved, yes it was hard work but it’s surprising how many came and shared with the Cooks, we were blessed over and over again by how God was speaking to them in their quiet times. The rest of the time on our Holiday we read or just talked, it was a healing time for both of us and a special time we won’t forget.

        Thanks for your interest Darrell and God bless you both greatly.

        Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

      • Holiday is a good time to rest soul mind and spirit – Thanks for sharing – The love of Jesus back at ya 🙂 Darrell

  13. To reach out and touch Him, and say that we love Him. Open our eyes, … Open our hearts, Lord, that we might receive You, Open our spirits, and teach us to worship.

  14. I needed to read this today and I bet I’m not the only one. Thank you for sharing God’s love and for inspiring us to reach out to him and those around us. God bless.

  15. Thanks Darrell the story of Jesus healing the woman , is such a lovely story . What a great faith she must of had to know for sure, that only needing to touch the robe hem was enough . And sure enough that’s all we need , I’m afraid some times my faith is such , that I need to grab it with both hands.! Thanks for the reminder , its as much as a grain of mustard seed , is all we need, she knew it.


  16. Darrell, I have been seeking God for healing for chronic pain and illness for quite a long time. Your message was very refreshing and I know that I can continue to hope and trust Him with my health, no matter how the answers come.

  17. Lovely poem and lovely story Darrell. Blessings to you and Gracie.

  18. i see that you have the song im lookin for..reach out and touch the he walks by…but what is the name of this song?

  19. Reach Out And Touch the Lord” written by Bill Harmon is one of the sweetest songs that we have ever sang. But the next time you sing it think about this: while reaching out to the Lord why not reach out to others in need. Afterall isn’t that the true work of our Lord and savoir. We should teach others how to reach out by touching them with their needs. Maybe God places it on your heart to talk to someone, shake their hand, give them food, give them money what ever God puts on you to do trust me you will never regret the “Reaching Out”.


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