Jesus and Grandpa Knew – It’s a Small World After All

Grandpa Jesus It's a small world after allI have traveled a lot in my life, visiting four of the seven continents in my ventures. I remember a conversation in the 1980s, as a young man that I had with my then 70-something-year-old grandfather.

I remember telling grandpa that in order to fulfill his life, he needed to visit some exotic world locations in his golden years. I explained to him that there was so much of the world that he hadn’t seen and he didn’t know what he was missing. I expounded about all the different cultures, languages, and wonders of architecture that I has seen in different parts of the world, and offered to send him and my grandmother anywhere they wanted to go.

I further explained to him that besides his visit to a doctor’s office in Ft. Worth, 90 miles away, I had never seen him travel far from the county seat of Graham in Young County, Texas, which is but 25 miles deep and 25 miles wide. I assured him that there was much more to life than the confines of his small world. He smiled at me and said “Son, everything that I have ever needed to see is right here; all the people who I would ever want to talk to are right here. I built this house with my own hands and it has raised five children and a host of grandchildren, and it is an architecture of love that is greater to me than any wonder of the world.”

He softly spoke and said, “The Brazos River down the road fed my family during the depression when there was nothing to eat, and it is greater to me than any ocean or river in the world”. He continued saying “my small world, as you put it, is comprised of people who love me and have been by my side all my life; I have buried my parents here; have scratched, sacrificed, lost, and loved the friends here that I have spent a lifetime with, and this small world to me is so big that I could never experience it all”.

At the time, in the ignorance of my youth, I thought that he just didn’t get it. Looking back now, as my grandpa has passed on and I am in my 50’s, I am able to soak in the wisdom that he shared with me many years ago. I now realize that it is not world travel, seeing different cultures, or visiting the wonders of the world that constitutes the greatness of life in a man. Like my grandfather, Christ never traveled very far from the place of His birth. As an adult, Jesus never ventured more than about 90 miles from home. In the confines of His small world here on earth, Christ built an architectural wonder of grace in His blood that is the greatest the world has ever seen. That greatness is measured by His sacrifice of love spread in the area in which He lived, that was smaller than some counties here in Texas. The world that now He shares with us, His host of children, is so big that we could never experience it all. I have learned, like Jesus and Grandpa – “It’s a small world after all”.  🙂

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  1. Great family testimony and great point on greatness. Maybe we need to get “smaller.” The generation of my grandparents were the same. They farmed their land their whole life, went very few places, but had very rich relationships. With all the world travel and social networking we do today, we’re more disconnected than ever. Being connected in our relationships and the sacrificial love for one another are what matter in the end. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings.

  2. Beautiful tribute to wisdom.

  3. How beautiful Godly wisdom is!! I love this article with all my heart!

  4. It’s really a matter of perspective, is it not! 🙂

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    Great example of how families should be today. Gave me somethings to think about. You are blessed to have such great memories.

  6. Darrell, this is beautiful! Your grandfather sounds like an incredibly wise man. I loved it when you said, ” In the confines of His small world here on earth, Christ built an architectural wonder of grace in His blood that is the greatest the world has ever seen.” I had never thought of that, and for this born and raised small town girl, that gives me something to ponder. He truly can build through any one of us, no matter how ‘small’ our world, yes? Blessings–

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    grandpa was always right

  8. I am deeply touched by this, Darrell When I moved to the United States over 25 years ago, from a tiny town in Germany, I thought I was conquering the World. I did not know then, that I would encounter the One who conquered all. Since then I have come to understand the reality of Acts 17:26-27 … “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us,” Thanks for this powerful reminder!

  9. What a wise man. I see you come by it naturally!

    I’ve had the chance to do a great deal of traveling over the years…some because my family moved often – and half way across the country at a time…and some for vacations. Funny how exciting it is to anticipate the trip – and how empty one feels afterward. It was fun, but not really satisfying.

    Thanks for sharing your grandpa’s wisdom with me. I really enjoyed this article.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. Darrell, thank you for this story of thanksgiving and understanding. Truly our perspective is our reality, and hopefully as we mature we come to understand and are thankful for where we are and the people God has blessed us with in this life. Your article reminds me that if I never leave my part of the state, I will still run out of breath before I run out of people and places to experience.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  11. Grandpa sounds like he was a very wise man, Darrell. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t appreciate wisdom like that when I was young – it would have kept me from so many other regrets.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • You and me both Bill. Most lessons that I have learned have come the hard way. As I have grown grey at the temples I seem to listen to God better :)Seems to may life much easier. Happy Thanksgiving to you. In Christ- Darrell

  12. Darrell,

    This is your best post, i.e. testimony yet. (my thoughts 🙂 ) Grandfathers who have left us, very blessed Grandfathers that is, were full of wisdom and God’s ways. Those that made it through tough times and were able to share their testimonies with their grandchildren and those who helped others in and outside of their communities. I can testify to that. It is rare to find such greatly humbled men in today’s society.
    You have a torch to carry for grandpa, get to it my friend in Christ Jesus. Thanks for sharing this with us. Get you blessings!


  13. I related to this post. It could have been written about my parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. I was privileged to spend many happy times with all of them and none of them traveled far from home. As I read your message I could vividly see any or all of them saying something similar to me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. I loved your message Darrell and the Love and respect you have for your Grandpa, he may not be here in person but he is in your heart. I also appreciate your respect for the Elderly, which is something that God tells us to have.

    Do you know on December the 26th Midnight I will be 62, that makes me your Senior Darrell, which means that when I enter a room you have to stand up, yes God tells us this is the type of respect we are to have for the Elderly. Of course your as old as you feel, so right now I’m about 108 but Darrell because your a respected Blogging friend, you can just nod in my direction with eyes closed in reverence, instead of standing up 🙄

    Leviticus 19:32 “‘Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the Elderly and revere your God. I Am The Lord. (NIV)

    I’m going to be doing Voluntary work again with the Elderly soon, like I did in Sydney for many years. I don’t officially start until the New year but I will be visiting the Nursing Home from this Sunday, untill after Christmas.

    I find it hard some times to see the emptiness in their eyes and to hear the hopelessness in their voices, some even wish they would die and others welcome it as an escape.

    But one time when Ron took his Singing group to a Nursing Home, I met a woman who was 103 and she had known Jesus since she was 3, as I talked to her and she shared about her Love for Him, her eyes sparkled and she never stopped smiling, everyone in the room was memorized including me as she shared about her Friend Jesus and the many blessings He had given her over the years and His great Love for all of us.

    I created Power point about the Elderly, after receiving another one but mine has a Christian Focus, perhaps Darrell you would enjoy watching it, I will leave the link in case you have time to.

    The Elderly –

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    • Thank you for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you and Ron. It seems as the years pass, the Lord enables us to gain a small bit of wisdom to enable us on our journey. My grandparents were both a part of what the Lord has used to help along the way. Friends like the both of you also make it easier 🙂 blessings in Christ, Darrell

      • Thank you Darrell, we too value your friendship and it is True as we age we have life wisdom, that is why God refers to our grey hair but to have His wisdom in Christ Jesus, we ask and receive Jesus who is our only Teacher then leads us into all wisdom by the empowering of The Holy Spirit as He writes His Truth on our minds and hearts and confirms it with the Scriptures … How good is that!

        Love and Joy for Christmas from both of us – Anne

  15. cool post! I like how we “get it” on so many things when we are older….

  16. Thank you Pastor for the word of encouragement this morning ,just like your grand pa told you , you dont nee, to far to know more ,the blood of Jesus is sufficient to do all this in Jesus Name AMEN…………………………………..

  17. Much Love , Joy and many Blessings to you Darrell and your Loved ones for Christmas and the New Year from both of us, thank you for all we have shared together .

    How wonderful that the heart of Christmas continues all year, when we Love The Lord and each other from the heart.

    Christmas Love – Anne


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