Lord, Be My Voice

I found myself in a situation a few days ago when I had some negotiating to do, and it was imperative that I would say the right things in order to carry out the task at hand. I was under some pressure and really needed some supernatural intervention as the task I saw before me was humanly unattainable.  It was crunch-time, and I was under a time deadline. I walked outside to a corridor where I was alone and raised my voice toward heaven and simply said, Lord be my voice. As I prayed I asked that every word that left my lips be His words. I asked that every sentence, and every phrase that I uttered by His and not mine. I submitted my mind, my will, my desires and thoughts to Him, and asked Him to completely take over for me.

At the end of the day when everything was said and done, more had been accomplished than I could ever have imagined. I sat that night amazed at all that had taken place, and I said to myself “Wow that prayer really worked”. Not that one should be amazed when our prayers are answered but in this case, the preciseness and exact success that went farther than even I would have imagined boggled my mind. I found myself jumping up and down, with my fist pumping in the air yelling “Yes, Yes, Yes”, and thanking God for being so amazing.

You and I know that we pray for this and that all the time, asking God to work on our behalf. But on this day, I did not ask Him to help me, I asked Him to be me, take me over, and to let His Spirit take over my mind and speech. I asked God to make my tongue mute and my mind blank, and let only the words that preceded out of my mouth be spoken by His Spirit speaking for me.

I have served the Lord most of my life, and I have prayed for His help in many matters. More and more have come to realize that I am at my best when He is not only working for me but in me.

Philippians 2:13 tells us….. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

What a powerful revelation here in Philippians. When we submit ourselves and allow God  to be our voice, and to work in us, this in turns gives us the power and desire to do that which is pleasing in His sight. God has committed himself to affecting our “obedience” for His own good pleasure.

If I try to be the master of my own destiny, and set aside God’s job as master planner of my life, I am destined for certain failure. It is ingrained in us by our own human nature to take control of our own lives. This is more innate in us than we realize.  We must submit our flesh to Him, which in turn allow Him to accomplish His will in our lives. This in turn releases the power of the Spirit to accomplish things in our lives that lead to success and we are in turn able to do that which pleases our Master.

Ever patient and always faithful, God delights when we turn to Him in faith, submitting ourselves. By doing this we receive his grace and mercy and reconnect with his loving plan by placing our confidence in Him. Our heavenly Father gathers all of our thoughts, formed and unformed and aligns them into His proper channels.

As He unfolds all our will, thoughts, mind and emotion into the proper channels, it is like a beautiful flower as He opens the petals of His design in us so that His divine purpose may appear.In this we should all be encouraged, for what a glorious encouragement it is to have the arms of the Great Omnipotent One stretched out for our support and our success!

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  1. I will let God be the voice and if I am a guy who does the right thing, I know I am in Heaven for eternaly.

  2. Bro. Darrell, WoW God does know how to lift us up. It seems like I am up against a brick wall. I have been praying about some things and your post just blessed me so much. This chorus sort of fits your message. I will say to this mountain that stands in my way….Be removed and cast into the sea….And I believe that whatsoever I say…….Shall be added unto me. A lot of times when situations arise, we act like God is nowhere to be found and we try to do everything and work it all out in our own way, but The Lord wants us to let His will be done for us and everything else will be added. I think sometimes God gets tired of us just saying and wants us to just listen to His still small voice speaking to us. {Be still and know that I am God] That is all He asks of us. Blessings Nedia

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